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Dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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    hey wardancer, I just wanted to check back in and ask how you are doing. The weather is changing everywhere and I wondered how you are doing.


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      Hey wardancer, Sorry to hear about the RA. I have sjogrens with mixed connective tissue disease and positive RA factor, along with other more serious organ stuff, and know the pain. Have you tried using Arnica gel or cream? I find it works well and being a topical med it doesn't get absorbed into the liver and body so much. It works fast too. A study showed it works as well as diflunac (sp?) brand name Voltaren gel. I have tons of that and use it too. It is a prescription and pricey and you can put in on your spine or anything just on limbs and hands and arms. For me, the arnica works as well just only last about two hours vs four to six. so I put more on. And I can use it on my neck hands wherever my arthritis is.

      I had to be careful of some meds, sometimes those pain meds like celebrex and gabapentin can make pain worse. They affect levels of gaba which affects nerve function, some people have to low and some too high and the meds don't always work.

      I hope the Enbrel is doing okay and not being awful. I take plaquenil, a quinine based medication. It seems to work for me, but my liver is toast and it doesn't take much of anything to work.

      I hope you feel better and are getting out of pain.


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        Oh, and I forgot, if you are somewhere and cant do a hot wax treatment, heating up milk, soaking a piece of white bread, any bread is okay but white bread gets gooey, and wrap that hot wet bread around the joint and cover with a shopping bag and old towel to keep the heat in. The milk flushes poison frmo the cells, the heat is great and the bread holds it in. Great for stings and stuff like that too.


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