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umm I kinda need some help

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  • umm I kinda need some help

    this is kinda embarissing.
    can anyone give me some help on doing push-ups . I can barelly do them and my ROTC instructer has threatened to chew up my a$$ and spit it out in a used spitoon.

    'i believe I can fly'
    Rob Young

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    i started out with pushups on my knees (aka girl style) and did like 20 a day, sometimes 2 times a day

    Then i found it built up my arms and i could do like 5 regular style.

    and I kept that up for awhile and next thing I knew I could do a little more than 20 regular pushups at a time. But I quit after I made it through basic training. hehehe

    I also know that the farther you spread your arms and feet apart it makes it easier. but it depends on who's watching your pushups... if its the TI aka DI then he'll be telling you to put your arms together etc... but if its a teammate then spread them arms! hahahaha
    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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      Sounds like a good plan, Super!

      Just thought I'd add that if it's too hard to start with 'girl' style, you can start doing pushups against a wall. Just stand back a little bit, then increase the distance every day. Then go to the 'girl' style.

      You should do some other exercises for your arms also. If you have handweights, use them or use cans of corn or something. is what it is...


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        Good advice! You might also try the bench press to strengthen your arms and shoulders. Good luck!!


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          well i can do push-ups on the "barrely getting there level" It's just not perfect .. and since I'm the platoon sergent.... I have to be the identity of a marine . my commander tolod me that I can be smart or strong. good quote .. my main problem is mostly speed I was told by my dad who is a former army combat engineer(qualified in demolition, sniper, airborne, submariner, diver and alot other things ) that a good quality push-up can be done in 2 seconds if you're not on a beat. thanks for the advice guys .

          semper fi

          'i believe I can fly'
          Rob Young


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            just tell your instructer to grab them cheeks and start chewin :ready2eat


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