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N.C. Dept of Health Flu Season Video

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  • N.C. Dept of Health Flu Season Video

    FLU SEASON VIDEO...What you think of this one?
    .<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    IMMEADIATLY upon viewing it....i sneezed twice! no really....but it was because its cold this mornin and i got a little chilled!
    you know..THIS is really why its healthier to take the stairs!! **laughin**

    all kidding aside...yeah, i got my flu vaccine...just because i am so allergic to antibiotics cos i was over loaded with them as a child. so i really have to watch it. and i do. its just when in this short vid, who dont care and TOUCH you! ewww! um....who was the guy in da middle? the fella without the shirt....they really shoulda gotten JD or TECHNO to pose.

    but i get it....they just wanted to show “joe shmoe”...”you”....the consumer. that elevator sure looked like it was full of californians. SEE, thats why i live up here in the tennessee mountains. no elevators!
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      What about the historical fact that many Natives were killed off by the viruses imported to the Americas by europeans/outsiders?

      Kind of "edgy" for a flu season warning?


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