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12 Ways to Avoid Diabetes

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  • 12 Ways to Avoid Diabetes


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    Pretty good list, except encouraging cereal, and discouraging fast food.

    I think the article should explain HOW and WHAT to order thru drivethru. There's lot of good stuff at almost every driveup and some of us RELY on fast food in our busy days. is what it is...


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      McD's now has oatmeal with fresh apple chunks, purty goot stuff!


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        Their salads are always good, especially the side salad on the dollar menu!

        I'm hooked on the McDoubles sans ketchup and then I eat them without the bun....along with a LARGE sugarfree vanilla iced coffee...order one every single time I'm in town. Cannot beat the price at $2.29 for a LARGE!

        Taco Bell has their FRESCO taco lineup, burger king will serve you a low carb burger (with extra lettuce leaves instead of a bun), Wendys and Arbys have lots of healthy Subway (love the new flatbread), and really, I can't think of a single fast food place that doesn't have healthy options. is what it is...


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          Yup yup yup! Drink water, not the sodas, not even diet sodas!

          People that get hooked on water see health improvement within weeks.


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            Yes, and water is FREE at most of these fast foods.

            Not to mention that when I was seriously HOOKED on water, I was losing weight every day!!
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              Diabetes is consider a Yin Disease and associate with the planet Jupiter (medical astrology

              A good diet with complex carbs and lots of insoluble and soluble fiber. Also keep proteins levels normal (dont eat too much) and remove all diary products. Also a good quality natural multi-vitamin & mineral with at least 200mg in it


              ^as it relates to the eyes

              Aloe Vera - 500mg
              Cinnamon - lowers blood sugars and is dependant on your levels
              Fenugreek - 2-5 grams twice per day
              Grapeseed Extract -100 - 300mg per day
              Austrialian Plant - 400 mg per day
              Astaxanthin - in 2-4 mg per day
              Taurine (which is an amino acid) - 200mg-500mg

              Avoid pasta, rice, and white bread. Rather embrace ones instead like whole wheat pasta,and whole wheat bread. also keep an account of how much you eat and how much that effects you

              also if you are a diabetic you ph balance should remain in the neutral zone
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                Sources! Sources! LOL

                Yes, protein should be in a normal range, and encourage good fats...but you need to avoid all processed carbs...and brown rice is too toxic! Sources to follow.
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                  My aunt had diabetes and this is what she use (and she doesnt have it anymore)

                  try youtube and looking for dhealth
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                    Sources are to be posted, not searched for.

                    Toxicity of brown rice:

                    Cutting back on all processed carbs:

                    The controversy:

                    And contrary to cutting out dairy, there is a component in dairy foods that helps prevent diabetes:
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                        Really? WebMD and aren't to be believed??

                        Your post went downhill from the medical astrology line...does that have any scientific basis whatsoever??

                        I've mentioned this before, if you searched through the handful of diabetes threads here - my dad suffered and died from complications of diabetes all while following the ADA's recommendations at the time, and they haven't changed much.

                        They don't seem to think that Americans can bite the bullet and cut carbs out of their diets, which would hurt the Department of Agriculture as well. So their spiel is to that you can go ahead and eat carbs, just shoot yourself up with more insulin.

                        Other experience with diabetes: my mother was borderline diabetic and controlled it with diet and exercise, my older brother is suffering from years of diabetes and denial. My young neighbor refused to treat her diabetes and soon went into a diabetic coma and died. I know a hundred diabetics personally....some who control it with diet and exercise, some who take meds, shots, or totally go against all medical advise and suffer the consequences.

                        Although I am overweight, my blood sugar levels (and cholesterol, I might add) are I hardly ever eat any high carb foods.

                        Here's another great article..however outdated it may seem.
                        What if the American Heart Association endorsed the trans-fat diet? Problem, right? Look at what the American Diabetes Association is spoon-feeding people with diabetes: sugar. Not to worry: We've got the solution right here

                        Check out websites and books regarding low carb and diabetes: Atkins, Protein Power, and Marks Daily Apple for going Paleo. I have a good friend who is losing weight and lowering insulin meds from eating Paleo and doing Crossfit.

                        Other experiences with diabetes I would like to forget - seeing amputations, blindness, kidney failure, nerve pain, many friends and family members.
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                          I guess I should have quoted your post since you went back and changed it.... *note to self.
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                            Avoiding diabetes

                            I am doing without processed foods and going gluten free, Rose, and I really hope this will help me avoid meds for diabetes (type 2). I have to lose my excess weight.

                            Also, I had gestational diabetes when I was carrying each of my children, so it went away when the baby was born. They gave me insulin to shoot, but I was stupid and not very good at remembering to shoot it or told myself, no biggie, the diabetes goes away, and it did.

                            Well, my DH passed away due to complications from diabetes. He wasn't in the best control. And then after he died, my 8 year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But her diabetes is different and she is under very good control with a pump and checking blood sugar often. She is at a healthy weight.

                            So many of my relatives have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and most need to lose weight like me. Needless to say, the pancreas is not the family favorite organ. YET, I look back in the family history several generations, and many lived long lives, some even faced off small pox--yet, diabetes seems to be the achilles heel in modern times. It makes you wonder what has changed that so very many have diabetes or are at the brink of it, like me.

                            Thanks for your article!


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                              Oh, I am sorry to hear that. My brother is not in control either and I'm afraid he'll face the consequences soon.

                              I am TRYING to cut out most carbs, but easier said than done. In my eday to day routine, it's easy to forget that I am trying to avoid diabetes and TRYING to lose weight. I must not be trying hard enough.

                              There's something in my brain that is set in the "who cares" mode right now. So I guess in that respect, I'm in no better shape than my brother...he's just got a few years on me.

                              Actually my day starts out fine, but I binge and throw the diet out the window in the evenings. I know I need to plan, shop, and just cook the right foods. NOW!! And always! OK, self....take this to heart!
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