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  • prayers

    i already posted a thread in "chit-chat" but i really need some help,
    im having a jingle dress made but im putting the jingles on myself(for the prayers) and i dont have 400 prayers to do so if you need any one to pray 4 you or your family or whatever let me know.i wanna make my dress right.
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    Ok little one here are a few to start with .
    Pray for my surgery to be soon an a swift recovery.
    Pray for help for our elders this winter .
    Pray for all the children that are hungry an have so many needs .
    Pray for my sisters heart to be healed so she wont leave us so soon.
    I cant think of many more yet but give me a few days.
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      A prayer for my father fresh out of the hosp from a stroke and seizure,

      A prayer for my grandmother who nearly had a heartattack over my dad.

      A prayer for my brother that he won't have to go back to Iraq.

      A prayer for me, cause I'm pregnant again after losing my baby in July I don't want to lose this one and haven't told my Dad yet.

      I know I sound selfish I'm sorry but family comes first.


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