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Backpack weekend food program for kids

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  • Backpack weekend food program for kids

    I'm getting together some backpacks for weekend food for some kids so they won't be too hungry on the weekends, away from school breakfast and lunch.

    Any suggestions? I don't want to fill them like they do in town, with lots of stuff that needs cooking.

    I'm having trouble coming up with things for 4 breakfast, lunches, and dinners, (and SNACKS!!)for things that are portable, no refrigeration, little, if any, microwaveable. AND affordable. is what it is...

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    A couple ideas off the top of my head:
    Maybe for 1 of the lunches & for those WITHOUT peanut allergies, I'd go with good ole' PB&J sandwiches!

    For snacks:
    The Walmart by us always has good cheap prices on bananas. They keep for several days too. (When they go bad, I'll stick them in the freezer & then when I have enough, I make banana bread with them.)

    I also make my own Trial Mix for snacks.


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      Oh, thanks for the scary food flashback territory. My mom was certain that any sandwich other peanut better and would go toxic in a lunch box before noon. PB&J on her homemade 60 grit whole grain, seeds and sticks bread, an apple and celery sticks for 12 years. If mom got creative it was scary. Peanut butter and tomato, peanut butter and lettuce, peanut butter and prunes, peanut butter and dates.... But, there was the birthday treat lunch - a can of Underwood deviled ham.

      Starkist has some seasoned tuna in bag, which are good. (I keep them in the storm supplies.) Envelops of instant oatmeal, grits, you just need to be able to heat water in a microwave. Velveta mini blocks. Apple sauce cups. Canned soup and veggies which can be heated in the microwave.


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        Peanut butter/almond butter and any type of crackers or pretzels. Dried fruit if you can get them in bulk or not super expensive...maybe those little packs of raisins for snacks?

        Nuts are good, lots of protein. Fruit roll? That was always my favorite.

        Those instant soups, if they have access to a kitchen or microwave.

        A little teeny toy or sticker or something to make the kid feel special :)

        If you have a Costco handy that's a great place to find stuff...actually just take the kids there and feed them the free samples!


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          There are also the little grape tomatoes. They are better if not refrigerated and are easy to snack on any time. The little clementine or halo mandarin oranges/tangerines (never sure which they are). Easy to peel and eat. Crackers or pretzels in the little sealed cup or bags. (like the gold fish or cheese-its)
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            I am sorry I forgot to say in my last append that I think what you are doing is so very thoughtful, kind & generous. It's hard being a hungry kid with so many days off! I know what it's like to go to bed hungry & have to wait for school breakfast to get something to eat. I'm sure anything you pack up & give will be greatly appreciated. May good blessings come back to you.

            So, I added a recipe today that isn't specifically NDN related/derived (comes courtesy of PBS), but I thought might be helpful to your efforts. Total cost is around $10 bucks for the meal & it makes a lot. (I've stretched it out by cooking extra pasta on the side than the recipe calls for & adding that to the dish to feed more, too.)

            I save & reuse the plastic containers that lunch meat comes in. I've gotten in the habit that when I make meals like this, I syphon some off to the side in these containers & freeze them.

            So I've got ready-made meals stored up that can be easily microwaved. Plus it's good cuz we get tired of eating the same leftovers for some many times in a row. When I lived back home we kinda had a little network/circle of friends & family that we all would make extra food & drop by/go visit & share meals with each other.

            Anyway, I thought this recipe might help out.

            p.s. I've got a Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe that I make to go with this skillet pasta. I'll add it when I get a chance.


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              Thanks everybody for all the suggestions. Last week I was trying to plan, but freaked out and ended up spending more that I thought. This coming weekend won't be too bad, since it's just 2 days. Gotta gear up and start planning for the 11 day Christmas break from school.

              I'm going to use a lot of your suggestions, especially regarding fresh fruit and veggies.
     is what it is...


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