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  • Hip Injury

    Ok, I never add threads, but I am hoping that someone might know a little bit about this. Little background..........
    I've been figure skating for about 24 years and after years and years of impact from falling, I finally fractured and sprained my left hip. I stayed off the ice for 4 months and decided that I was going to start skating again - the doctor was not happy about my decision - only to reinjure myself 6 months ago worse than before. I have been through 3 months (again) of physical therapy with no improvement. Of course, I haven't supposed to have been skating and have periodically anyway - dumb, as I fell a month ago and actually popped the bone out of joint - not exactly a positive situation to be honest with you and it was a little bit painful. HOWEVER, the spin that came before it was really nice, so I feel like I accomplished something. LOL
    So, I see my regular orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday to find out if he is going to actually perform hip surgery and I am freaking out. Has anyone had this done? Does anyone know recovery time? Have you returned to sports and regular activities? Pain? What kind of replacement did you have, if you had a replacement? Did you have have arthroscopy?
    Sorry for all the questions. Guess that I'm looking for support as much as answers.
    Thanks everyone!
    Reflect on life, whenever possible; take time to remember, and make time to dream...find your own way; go with confidence and expect good things to happen.

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    Us Native women are stubborn eh :rofl2:
    Well, to be honest with you, I've never had surgery of had to stay in the hospital over night..except going into the ER for stitches:Chatter Ok anyway, I'm sorry I can't help you out, But I wish you all the best, and hope you have a speedy recovery:D
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      Be ready to spend 6 months to a year to recover, in fact you may have longer depending on your diet, if you are prone to eating more vegis then it will take longer. This is where eating red meats helps the healing process, white meats don't do it either. Sodon't even think of poultry at this point. Beef, deer, moose are going to be your main food for a while, the more the faster your bones will mend. The fact that you broke it again means one thing as well lack of calcium in your system. But good luck a lady friend of mine flew down a staricase and shattered a bunch of bones and was in a wheel chair and now is running through the bush again.

      Most of all you will want to be wanting to heal, don't let yourself get into a slump where you start thinking that it is all hopeless. do not get stressed out over this, you will heal!!! Good luck and happy trails.
      Listen to my heart, not just my mouth! The most powerfull thing we can do is,,,share,,, if we don't it dies with us.

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        There is also a report out that arthoscopic surgery is completely useless.

        There is no difference between people who had it done versus people who had physical therapy.

        Be prepared that a recovery may never fully take place if you have the surgery.


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          Have you tried alternative therapies to restore mobitlity in your hip - deep tissue massage, chiropractic, chi-gong - anything else that would prevent you from having to have surgery on your hip at such a young age!

          You must remember that your body won't heal unless you give it time - you've seen that already in the numerous re-injuries that have happened! So take better are of yourself!

          I don't know if you'll be able to restore your hip to health by using any of these methods - I do know that they do help.

          It's worth a shot to do everything you can to heal before going through such a huge surgery!


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            DITTO to what gache and Singing Eagle have said.

            I'll just add, "LISTEN, young'un!" :)


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              Thanks for the fun facts and the support everyone - no surgery, well, not yet anyway. The doctor changed his mind and has decided to do another series of shots (cortisone and antibiotic), because I'm plain stubborn and want to keep skating. Sorry to be graphic, but he actually had to inject the medication directly into the hip joint and I have NEVER seen needles that big!!!! Oye....the things that we do to ourselves just to stay happy and healthy - but it's all worth it, right?
              Reflect on life, whenever possible; take time to remember, and make time to dream...find your own way; go with confidence and expect good things to happen.


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                When you say surgery what kind are you talking about? Some forms of reconstructive surgeries actually replace the socket and recovery time isn't always as long as one might think. My grandmother in her late seventies shattered her hip when she slipped on the ice outside her house. After her surgery she was up and going in a few months. So you never can tell. I guess the only people you can really get a good idea of recovery time would be people around your age with the same type of injury. Even that would be a rough estimate as everyone heals at different rates. Almost broke my sheeit shoveling my hoopty outta the snow we just got here in Boston. Only to have it covered up again. I guess the morale of this story is don't walk on slippery sh!t. :Chatter

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                  hip injury

                  One of my aunties got in to a serious car accident. Reports from her doctor advised her that she was not to walk ever again the rest of her life.
                  We (our family) raised up along the river. We were asked to go swim early in the morning before sun rose up in the morning. The spring water was tough. We did this until our bodies could go into the sweat house or sweat lodge.
                  The moral of the story is that the power is stronger in the morning for you to go pray to Creator or Spiritual heal your body.
                  My auntie swam everyday for three weeks at this spring. She was carried down everyday to the spring to swim and pray. It was a mircle. She walks today in her late 50's.
                  I do not know where I am going with this but it can happen for you if you believe where you come from. Go back to them oral traditions and live it out. Pray for healing your body. It may not be perfect but is belief you have in the One who gave all humans life to live. I pray it helps you.


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