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FDA approves weight-loss drug to treat teenagers

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  • FDA approves weight-loss drug to treat teenagers

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    FDA approves weight-loss drug to treat teenagers
    Tuesday, December 16, 2003

    The Food and Drug Administration has allowed a manufacturer to tell doctors how to use an obesity drug to treat teenagers.

    Two studies showed that Xenical helped some children lose weight, but only in combination with other lifestyle changes, including a low-fat diet. Hoffman-La Roche says it doesn't have plans to market directly to teenagers.

    Some doctors have already been prescribing Xenical for teens. Studies showed that the drug can help adults lost 13 pounds a year.

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    the other day i was reading the newspaper and there was an article where they were talking about a prescription drug for children to help them loose weight. :dontknow: go figure
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      FDA is always coming up with a mircle drug.
      I do not know, unless the teenager is really to obese to control their eating habits.
      Otherwise, it should be a diet oriented to Indian foods or something to that diet.
      We or me get diabetic and just over eat too many sweets.
      Surgery for sewing one side of the stomach to elevate the stomach mass.
      Never, know nowadays. Untill, it happens to you, family or close to friends or relatives.


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        How about eating nutritious foods in moderation, cutting out the junk, turning off the tv and video games and getting involved in some sort of sports or physical activity, and being healthy? We have so many fat ndn's because we eat too much, what we eat usually isn't good for us, and we don't exercise. Well, that's why there's so many fat people in general, and so much diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other illness among us.


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          I agree...poor diets and inactivity...are the main reason...If people made a lifestyle a more traditional processed foods..go and walk a mile or wouldn't need miracle drugs to solve the weight loss problem...
          sigpicWe spend a lifetime worrying about if we make a difference....Marines don't have that problem.


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            I agree with us eating too much, but an elder of mine explained to me a real good reason why us Natives are gettin over weight and the problems that come with it. He said it's because our bodies and metabolism was built to hunt for our food, cultivate our own food, not go up to 7-11 and get a quick bite to eat, and definately not to have it microwaved because we're too tired to cook a full meal.

            as for eating good.. That's what happens in my house, we have all but cut out the junk food. Yea, we have ice cream for dessert, or a piece of chocolate for such, but in general we eat good. My wife has us on a healthy diet.

            I agree with the getting involved with a physical activity, but as you know, there are times when it's just too blasted cold or raining and nasty outside to do it. so that's when you get somethin to put in your garage or bedroom and use it.
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