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    Re: Re: Re: gross

    Originally posted by ndn_butterfly
    :clap: Well said smeshi
    Yeah and so what if the men do read it, its a natural part of life...

    But yeah thats some good info you ladies are posting here. Personally, I've never used birth control except abstinence and condoms:p I don't think i'd mess with the BC that makes you not have your much as I don't like having it, I still wont take that kinda know what they say. Our moon is what cleanses our body every month...and yeah..ekosi
    That's exactly how I am too. As much as I don't like having it, I feel better having it because there is a reason as to why we were born to get it, and I personally, don't want to do anything to change that purpose. Now this doesn't mean that I don't respect other people's opinion. I'm not narrow-minded like that. But I did have the Depo Prevera shot only because my OB-GYN was all on my case for taking a birth-control before I left the hospital. I didn't need it because in the first place, I am single and I don't intend on having more children within the next 4 years. I have a daughter and I love her very very much, and I do not regret having her. If I were to do it all over again, I would have her all over again. Wow, that was very informative Black Bear, so many things out there that not many people know about and it makes us think twice about the things that we put into our bodies. Scary :Scared :Shocked
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      Been using Depo for a few years now and I love it!!

      I have periods but they are light. I lost all my "baby" fat a few weks after I got the first shot. No headaches. Nothing.

      It all depends on the woman.
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        That's true that it depends on the woman because they say that a side effect is that you can gain weight and I know that because of that a lot of girls don't take the shot, but I didn't even gain a pound. Even after having a baby I didn't even gain a pound.
        If you allow the world to change you, only then can you change the world....


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          i was on shot it no moon, but i was on it 5 months.
          and i never had side effects.


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            a friend of mine got the shot right after her baby was born and was going along with no side effects except for a small weight gain. then low and behold after her third shot (3 month intervals) she goes into labour. she had a bouncing baby girl!!

            i was on the shot no side effects then i read that article about it increasing your cancer risk and i already have a high one in my family so i got off of it. it took me like three months to get back on track.....
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              RE: Blackbear

              Not everyone knows they will have a reaction to the medications. I am suppose to take Lipitor and can't because it makes me very drowsy. Informed my Dr. and he asked if I wanted to use something natural. So, I am trying Cholest-all(sp?). I need to pick some up this payday. Just remember that all medications have warnings, even vitamins and natural medicines. When my grandmother was making medicines for us, she would go through and steep the leaves, and I would ask why she wouldn't us the stems, she'd simply say the whole plant is used but for different illnesses. she would never go into detail. but even at 6, I could see why and paid a little more attention to the world of medicines and always seek advice.

              About Depo Povera, I didn't have my moon until a year. My moon time is 3 days though so that's why it took longer to get back in routine My oldest takes it because her moon is very heavy and painful. It has helped her alot. Hope this helps.

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