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    Last monday I recieved a call about 3am, it was my dad's fiance on the other end telling me that my father had been taken to the hospital and that they were admiting him.... When I got there I had to go up to the 3rd floor to the critical care unit...As I walked in I asked my dad what happened. He told me that when he was at home he started getting hot and felt faint and nausea and his heart felt like it was busting out of his chest....well then the nurse proceded to tell me that when he came in his blood pressure was 170 over 130 and his heart rate was around 190 and he was having atrial fibrillations. They of course had him on medication to stablize his blood pressure and a type of either nitro or calcium blocking medicine to keep the fibrillations at minimal. He was in ccu for two nights...and was given only an asprin a day as well as the heart medicine...on the 3 day he was moved to his own room on the 2nd floor and was started on blood thinners as well as a calcium blocker.. he was then released on the 4th day and was told to come back the following morning to have a tred test as well as the dye test....and then was told that the results won't be told until tuesday! My father since then has been at home and has had another one time episode since then waiting for tuesday to arrive. What pisses me is that he's having atrial fibrillations which isn't always a major problem, but that he's on the blood thinners to keep the blood laying in his heart from clotting. And that the results won't be back until tuesday. I mean the cadiologist that seen him the day after he was admited said that he was a healthy man for being 50 and that he lived a healthy life style. That to me would mean that something serious might be wrong. But they wait almost a week to get the results??? My uncle had the same test and got his results back within hours!(At a different hospital, that is..) I told my father that he could be dead by then! And that one of those little spells as he and his fiance call them could very well give him a heart attack or a stroke. I don't understand this hospital nor these ignorant doctors now adays! My father was put on lipator, then baycholl, then cortasone, and then clarinex. The dr. realized my dad was alergic to lipator about a month later and then baycholl about 3 months later or so, and then put him on cortasone to counter act the side affects from the allergic reaction to both cholesteral medications and then put him on clarinex to counter act the itching and what not side affects of the cortasone. Well since my father went to the ER he has been diagnosed as being allergic to cortasone as well as clarinex! And not to mention if you have Liver Disease, Heart Disease or Lung Disease you shouldn't take clarinex. My father was diagnosed with emphazema 2-3 months ago by the same doctor! Now come on! My father has been more sick in the last 6 months then he has his whole life and it all started with the taking of the lipator. These doctors today are ignorant morons! I have no doubt in my mind that the 6 months taking of the allergic medications hasn't been the cause of the blood pressure as well as the atrial fibrillations. Who knows what else will happen or what other things the doctor will perscribe with time. So I guess I'll wait to hear the news tuesday.
    There should be a law against stupid people being able to breed!

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    Hospitals and doctors

    Aanii Jammer

    In my opinion, MD is a short form for Mental defective.
    I will take my Healing in the Sweat Lodge.

    I would suggest that you take you Father to a Native Healer or a good naturopathic doctor. The Creators Medicines will not hurt him like the white mans drugs will.




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      It might not be the doctor's skill but his/her/their attitudes towards Natives. My mom was a nurse for 30 yrs and through her I learned about hospital culture, which includes ingrained attitudes towards folks based on their race/ethnicity/socio-economic status, and that the quality of care is fashioned from these biases. Yeah, rich white folks will get the best care, if for no other reason than they are the most likely to sue if they don't.

      The attitude towards most Natives is that we are drunks/drug addicts/fat slobs and lack the education and understanding to know what comprises good medical care. In short, most of our health problems are caused by our own bad choices and we're not worth wasting skilled medical care on.

      My mom never let us get 2nd rate treatment, I've refused to let my kids get screwed by the medical establishment, and taught them to speak up and complain when they feel the dr's office isn't giving them quality care.

      Get online and go to medical info sites to check out your dad's symptoms, the research on lipitor, and any other concerns you have. the Journal of the American Medical Association has a really comprehensive website where you can look things up. Also The American Heart Association will have the latest on research and treatments for all sorts of heart problems. They each have links to other pertinent sites.
      I'll keep you dad in my prayers.


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        Thank you both on your advice and opinions. I've tried everyday to talk him into going to someone else other then where he is going. He won't budge. I have no clue why. Today I had notice over at my moms that he has given one of my little brothers a wood lathe that he uses to make his canes and table/chair legs with. It struck me as though he may know a little more then he is letting me or the rest of my brothers know. Last night or this morning around 1am he called me and asked me to come over because he wasn't feeling well. So when I got over there his tempature was at 96.1 and his heart rate was fluxuating between the low 40's to the high 60's and his bp was going from around 120 over 50 to around 165 over 92 and he said it was hard to breathe like he couldn't catch his breathe. I know he has emphasema but I don't know how far along it is or how bad his case is so that could be from that, but if not then I don't know what can be causing his body to be doing what it's doing. And of course he doesn't get his results from the dye test until this coming tuesday I think its the 30th. I had my aunts husband give him a call to try to talk a little bit of sense into him, I figured if he won't listen to me then perhaps he will listen to someone his own age. And then today he went into the ER to get checked to see how everything is, because yesterday afternoon he had a nosebleed which they ruled was from the cudamin he is on, and then they diagnosed him with having an upper respiratory infection...all I thought was this is going to end up as namoina before its done... I don't know if the 6 months of taking the allegic medications might have burned down his immune system or whats going on. I guess all I can do is wait until he heres results this coming tuesday.
        There should be a law against stupid people being able to breed!


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          Man Jammer! That really sucks! I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer, but i don't. I will offer prayers and support though. Good luck to you, I reallyhope your dad gets to feeling better, just spend as much time as possible with him. And tell him you love him, alot.


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            So Jammer how's your pops doing now? Give us an update please :)


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              Sometimes it is because of the lack of GOOD medical insurance. You have to get the cheap tests. Or could be the doctor trying to find out a new cure.

              I had a sinus infection last year. My regular DR. was on vacation so the fill in guy gave me antibiotics. They didnt work so he gave me a different kind. Then he noticed that I was wheezing so he gave me a puffer (steroids basically). I was wheezing because of the sinus infecction!!! Not asthma.

              He also gave me allergy medication and nose spray. After 2 days, (yes, all this in 2 days!) I was at the office before they openned. (that prev nite my head was so hurtin that I was in my car ready to go to the ER, but it subsided) My dr was back and I told him (rather sternly) that I wanted a referral to a ENT (ear nose throat) specialist. He took one look at me and saw that I was in pain, un shaven, dirty, crying and rather pissed off.

              I went to the specilist and he checked it out with a camera and said that the infection was so big that it turned into a fungus! He also said that the prescription the dr gave me was far from enough. Someone of my size needed 5x the dosage!!! And the infection spread to my other sinuses and my inner ear. (sinus infections have also been know to kill people when they eventually spread to the brain)

              I was on the operating table 2 days later.

              That ENT guy was great. He is definity a guy who knows his stuff. ALWAYS GO TO A SPECIALIST!!!
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              Really stupid people who think they are smart
              Really smart people who think they are smart.


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                remember white doctors generally only practice medicine they dont actually know it. :) seriously though most only go to school for 4 years of actuall medical training. Heck most medicine people study it their whole lives before actually dishing out remedies. Typical of white people they know a couple of things and automatically think their experts lol. So if your forced to go to a doctor absolutely try to get a specialist.


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