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    My 3 year old granddaughter has been having growing pains lately. At least I think that's what it is. She wakes up in the middle of the night and whimpers. When I asked her what was wrong and if she hurt, she told me her feet hurt, so I kept rubbing her feet, body and legs for her throughout the night. I've never gone through this before and didn't realize they started so young at having this pain. My son is 27 and 6'5" and I never heard him complain once about growing pains. I asked him about it the other day and he says that he doesn't even remember having them. I called a nurse today and she recommended me giving my granddaughter children's tylenol before she goes to sleep. Today she is chipper as ever and happy when I took her to daycare, it's just me now being sleep deprived. Anyone else go through this and how did you handle it?

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    my niece who is 9 years old has always had growing pains in her legs. She would wake up in the middle of the night and need to have her legs rubbed as well.. the good thing is it doesnt last long and then they have them less and less. :)
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      I hope this helps. My son, who is now 10, suffered and still suffers with growing pains. His legs, knees, and even thighs would get hot and swell.

      Pediatrician after pediatrician told me to give him Motrin and he would be fine. They explained that the muscles and ligaments were stretching, etc.

      However, I did not like the idea of giving him that kind of medication on a regular basis.

      After a little research, I found that rubbing the affected area with lavendar (to calm him while he was hurting) and rosemany oils mixed together really alleviated all of his suffering. Just last night I was rubbing his right leg and if really works. You should be able to find the oils online or via many drug stores!


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        My son, 12, is going through it "again"....This go-around is really affecting his knees. We're always rubbing them down. It's making him crabby, but we're dealing with it. He takes a nice, hot shower before bed, and he claims that helps ease the constant ache... :tongue11:. When he was younger, the aches lasted a few weeks and would slowly fade, but it seems as if this round has lasted longer, we're going on a month.

        Poor thing, he enjoyed excercising with me, but the aches are such that he always wants to be sitting. When the aches become too unbearable, I give him Children's Tylenol... a lot of hugs and understanding helps too.... :huddle:... :2:.
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          Thanks everyone! I sure appreciate the replys and suggestions also the much needed support. :huddle: I feel tired today :coffee!: but I'm glad that otherwise my granddaughter is fine and healthy. She sleeps with me so I know if she is suffering and crying, (I sure knew about it all last night! LOL.) Her father is very tall, I am sort of tall, 5'10 so I think my granddaughter will follow in height. Already she is above average in height and weight at only 3, and (I think) intelligence, but I'm her grandma so I'm biased, lol. My son and I are raising her as her mother is going through difficult times. So I feel like a single mom all over again but this time with less energy, but I don't mind at all, just fortunate to know that she is in safe hands. :2:


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            This may seem a bit far fetched....but why of my co-workers said she had her son go through accupuncture when he was experiencing "growing pains". I know my son wouldn't dare go that route....too scared of needles...but have any of you Mammas or Pappa's tried this method? She's Japanese, the my co-worker friend, so she's been using accupuncture as means for a lot of her ailment treatments. Anywho, just thought I'd throw it out there......BTW, hang in there KAKEEYA and the rest of the saying goes,
            "this too shall pass"..... :rofl2:.
            "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

            ~ Ah nech me hewet ~ :49:


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              Accupuncture works. My son had a horrible reaction to any insect bite when he was younger. You can imagine how awful it was - literally one summer he was indoors. After Western medicine failed, a friend suggested accupuncture to assist his immune system. We tried it and it worked. The needles combined with removing all forms of cow's milk changed that situation for the better.


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