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6 weeks to a new you

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  • 6 weeks to a new you

    Hoping this thread can be some motivation for me to stick with a healthy way of eating and exercising for 6 weeks.

    Already had 6 cups of water, and am still strangely thirsty (SCARY!!).

    Planning on Chef Salad for brunch and Chili Rellanos for a late lunch. And an "I can't believe it's not an NDN taco" for dinner.

    Missed my 2 mile walk this morning, but will get it in over lunch time since it's an overcast day.

    CCXIX is what it is...

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    remember it all starts the moment you have your mind made up to do it! then it's all uphill from are already there, you just have to go through the motions lol...keep us updated...


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      Thanks! I want to make you proud! is what it is...


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        I should have said "6 Weeks to a New ME"!!

        Anyway, I have a simple program:

        Drinking 80+ ounces of water per day.
        Multivitamin plus Vit. C, calcium, fish oil, Osteo BiFlex
        Walking 2 miles (or more)
        No sugar or starch
        Eating more veggies
        Daily weigh-in

        I know it can work. I have to get my mindset to STICK WITH IT. That ice cream (noodle, egg roll, doughnut, cookie, potato, rice bowl, frybread) is NOT WORTH IT.

        I wanna be skinny again, in shape, and HEALTHY!!

        CCXVIII is what it is...


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          I am so psyched after watching the Yavapai-Apache family on Losing It with Jillian.

          I'm doing my walks, drinking like a fish and eating right. I think I'll add a new rule for no eating after 8PM. For the past 2 days I was able to resist eating after my "after work nap" and just drank water instead.

          I'm probably drinking a gallon of water a day (or more), but it's going down easy. Doesn't hurt that our Top 10 best tasting water in the country is back to normal after the spring flooding. Me and Charmin are becoming BFFs.

          The pounds are dropping off, but a lot of it may be water weight. The fat burning should start kicking in soon and I'm off and running (or at least power walking).

 is what it is...


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            I'm knocking on wood, but I think this is actually working. 7 pounds can't be all water weight.

            Much thanks to G&B for pushing the 80 ounces of water. Actually I'm very thirsty so I'm drinking more than that I'm sure.

            And I'm staying so busy that I don't have time to sit around and munch on junk. We went to the gym last night and I did about 1/2 hour on the treadmill...bored to tears but hung in there. Walked on the track this morning and I think that's where I want to put in my time. It's so nice in the morning, the scenery is beautiful and I get a lot of thinking done.

   is what it is...


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              that's the way to go!

              all you need is water! if you like tea as i do, use cinnamon(boosts metabolism). Stay away from anything with sugar because sugar becomes stored fat.

              keep rice cakes and almonds on hand if you do get the munchies. no potato chips! lol


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                Well, I've been TRYING to stick with it. Saturday night I fell off the wagon and ate a tortilla, some chicken nuggets and a few potato oles. Plus I couldn't drink as much water over the weekend.

                But I'm back on track yesterday...still walking and trying to stay busy.

                CCXIV :(
       is what it is...


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                  Doing good on drinking water and eating right. Keep forgetting my vitamins. Been working hard outside

                  CCXIII :I
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                    I've been an absolute sloth since coming back to work after hitting 3 pow-wows in 10 days. We went to Sisseton, Red Lake & Whiteshield. The last go-round at Whiteshield we danced 4 songs. lol

                    I have been trying to stick with the 80 oz of water since coming back to work, that's alot of fricking water. lol Tonight I'll go back to the gym to workout.

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                      start early with the water, drink 30 ounces right away and drink 8 ounces every hour after that. it really helps with weight loss, i swear!


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                        K I am failing badly with the water, but I was drinking 2L of pop, now I am at 30 oz of water and no pop. Does anyone know if housework is exersize cuz I sure work up a sweat sometimes scrubing floors and walls?


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                          yes, it's exercise if you do it like mr. miyagi. stand with your feet square with your shoulders, bend your knees a little. now show me wax on wax off!


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                            I took a walk with my dog last night.


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                              I try to go hiking 2 or 3 times a week--there are mountains behind where I live
                              and lots of hiking trails. I had to stop for about 6 weeks because of an arthritic
                              flare up in my right knee (arthritis runs in my family) but have started up again.
                              Much better than a treadmill. Twice in the last week I hiked up to a waterfall
                              in a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains (near Los Angeles) and once, I
                              climbed up one side of a ridge and down the other. The waterfall has only a
                              trickle of water at this time of year. It's hot here so I usually go early evenings
                              when it starts to cool off. The other big L.A. range, the San Gabriels, has been
                              closed due to damage from an arson fire last fall. You can do more uphill in the
                              San Gabriels (burns the calories)--they are higher. (highest peak, Mt. San
                              Antonio, 10,064', as opposed to Sandstone Peak, 3111' in the Santa Monicas.)
                              If anyone is interested, I can send a private email with more information about
                              the two mountain ranges.


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