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What Cardio Workout Burns the Most Calories?

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  • What Cardio Workout Burns the Most Calories?

    What Cardio Workout Burns The Most Calories? | LIVESTRONG.COM

    The Mayo Clinic recommends 30 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day. This can help control and lose weight, prevent heart disease, build strength and increase fitness. With so many choices, many people wonder which exercises burn the most calories. Below is a listing of the top exercises and the amount of calories burned in 1 hour by an average 160-lb. person (people who weigh less will burn fewer calories and those who weigh more will burn more).


    Running is the best exercise you can do to burn the most calories. If you are running at an 8 mph pace (7 1/2-minute miles), you can burn 986 calories in 1 hour. If you add hills or sprints, you can burn even more calories.
    50 Fat-Burning Exercises Burn fat & get ripped fast with these extreme


    While rollerblading became popular in the 1980s, it still ranks among the highest calorie burners. A 1-hour session can burn 913 calories.

    Tae Kwon Do

    This is a total body workout, building cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, movement, coordination and muscular strength. A 1-hour session burns 730 calories.

    Jump Rope

    Many people jumped rope as a kid, but incorporating it into your regular fitness routine can burn 730 calories in 1 hour. One hour may be too much jumping, so you can break this down to 10 minutes and still burn 122 calories.

    Stair Climber

    If you have enough resistance on the machine, using a stair climber can burn 657 calories in 1 hour, as well as build your lower-body strength.


    While running fast burns more calories, a slower jog at a 5 mph pace (12-minute miles) can still burn 584 calories in an hour. Long, slow runs are great for burning fat, too.

    Basketball and Football

    A friendly game with friends can burn up to 584 calories an hour. Exercising with friends tends to make the time go by faster and motivate you to work harder, too.


    Swimming is a great total body workout because it uses nearly all muscles in the body. Virtually all strokes will increase your cardio and muscular fitness, while burning up to 511 calories an hour. It's also non-impact, so it's safe and effective for your joints.

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    I didn't know Basketball burned that many calories. No wonder I use to be so fit. Lol. All of them are good exercises.
    Lately I've been doing the treadmill.
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      Interesting...Thanks for the info...I like Zumba myself!

      This is one of my favorite Zumba songs...I love to dance and Zumba is a great workout!!

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        My routines are so simple, anyone can do them with no problems:

        1. Jumping to conclutions
        2. Sidestepping issues
        3. Bending the rules
        4. Breaking the laws
        5. Stretching the truth
        6. Pulling pranks


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          Mountain hiking/climbing

          I live in (greater) Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles is the only
          city to have two mountain ranges--The Santa Monica Mountains and
          the Verdugo Mountains--within the city limits and several more,
          including the San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Susana Mountains--on
          the periphery. Hiking in the mountains--going up steep trais and
          firebreaks; and sometimes scrambling on boulders, is excellent
          exercise. No special equipment is needed except shoes or boots
          with good tread (hiking boots strongly recomended), a bottle
          of cold water, and, for longer hikes, a snack.


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            Hiking is GOOT....Walking is also Goot, even window shopping at a mall, or walking every aisle at WalMart


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              Very well written,Cardio is undoubtedly very effective.And what you have posted is the finest ones in cardio.
              Running,swimming,jogging are very good for strength and gaining stamina.Expecting more good info from you ahead.
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                Yup,Cardio work is the best workout for burn the calories and keep
                fitness of the body.Cardio workouts control the cholesterol level which lead to healthy heart.So we should do the cardio work for
                keep fitness of the body.....
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                  I was wondering if there were any good upper body cardio workouts, rowing came to mind...Any info on that? :)


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                    High Intensity Interval Training and TABATA are both good for weightloss and endurance conditioning. I combine with Martial arts, lifting heavy weights, Yoga, and running. Just remember, no amount of exercise is going to work if you aren't combining it with a good diet regimen.
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                      doing treadmill for 6 days in a week, reducing 2400 calories per week. Targeting to 3000 calories!! When i over do, i feel like unhealthy. So i reduce to 3000!!


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                        All cardio exercise are very helpful for health and fitness but i think swimming and bicycling are best to burn calories . I am doing these two exercise from last two months and am satisfied from these.
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                          Originally posted by xTekno View Post
                          My routines are so simple, anyone can do them with no problems:

                          1. Jumping to conclutions
                          2. Sidestepping issues
                          3. Bending the rules
                          4. Breaking the laws
                          5. Stretching the truth
                          6. Pulling pranks
                          still the best routines


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