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10th Annual Denver March Diet (or maybe 8th/9th)

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  • 10th Annual Denver March Diet (or maybe 8th/9th)

    It's that time again, and to go along with it, a BRAND NEW DIET. to me, but probably not new to my ancestors. The Ketogenic Diet. The Inuit, the Bison people of the plains, and the African cattle herders all ate this way for millenia, along with many other traditional societies.

    This is another approach to Low Carb, which I know WORKS, but based on real SCIENCE. It's the Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF) way of eating.

    Many, many studies are showing how effective the Keto diet is! But is it for everyone? Probably not, but if you are obese or have diabetes, its the TICKET! (AND for those with cancer which thrives on carbs.)

    My HISTORY: I lost a ton about 15 years ago after going low carb, but have gradually put it all back on. WHY? I don't know, but I ate low carb all day, and cheated evenings, and weekends, and holidays, and birthdays. It was kinda out of control, and I'm probably the heaviest that I've ever been.

    BUT now I find that eating enough (good) FAT is the key! I don't feel like cheating and am very motivated by the weight starting to come off. Of course, I've lost this same 5 pounds over and over the past ten years, always gaining it back, with even more. Of course, looking at a lot of the studies, that's typical to many diets.

    The best resource I have found is DIETDOCTOR.COM. I've stumbled upon his youtube videos in the past (didn't like him because of his funny accent) and the website looked strange. But after finding a good INTRO video, I see that he's from Sweden, hence the accent, and he doesn't accept any advertising, hence the strange looking website - NO ADS! Very strange!

    Lot of stuff at dietdoctor is FREE, and I LOVE watching all the videos for motivation, for learning what is happening in the food/digestion/fat storage system, seeing the studies cited that buck the conventional "wisdom", and the recipes.

    THE DIET is pretty simple: Scrambled eggs for breakfast, Dinner is some meat (this is NOT high protein, only moderate), non-starchy veggie, and a high fat sauce or extra butter on a steak, or something to make sure you get enough fat. Lunch is just leftovers from the night before, so it saves a LOT of time. I keep hard boiled eggs and mayo for egg salad at work just in case I can't remember my leftovers.

    The WEBSITE has meal plans, grocery lists, and lots of other resources, but I have my favorite low carb recipes already, so just double checking them to make sure I'm eating enough fat. And they have success stories, and an especially interesting video of a study of NATIVES going low carb at Alert Bay to lose weight and deal with health issues, it's called MY BIG FAT DIET.

    SNACKS are something I have to have while watching a game, or movie, so I have my pork rinds, either the spicy ones, or the plain with a sour cream dip. I tried my hand at making fat bombs - the savory kind, not the sweet (because this diet discourages any sweeteners). I've been getting used to drinking my tea plain and making bullet proof coffee...yum!!

    FITDAY: I plug the food I eat and my weight into which shows a nice graph for weight loss, and a pie chart for % of nutrients: fat, carbs, protein.

    FREE MONTH at I actually "paid" for a free trial month of membership at, so I see ALL the meal plans, scientific videos, Alert Bay movie, etc.... If you're interested in seeing the "intro" video that I found on youtube that led me to, here it is:

    BLOOD PRESSURE: And in closing I guess the reason that I realized that I really need to lose weight is that I'm developing high blood pressure and I don't want to take meds for the rest of my life, and hope to avoid diabetes which plagues my family and community, when there's a more natural approach.

    My stats: Ummm....231 today, I know, it just snuck up on me! Nobody told me I was getting so big! Blood pressure is high 160/100. Glucose is rising - 100-110, when it used to always be 90, and they're starting to talk about my A1C, but I didn't see the number on my labs. Cholesterol is up now, and it wasn't a couple short years ago. Muffin top is Texas muffin size!! Had to break down and buy some size 16 pants and 3X tops in Nov (classic apple shape).

    And here's a pic cuz I know...
    I'm actually motified by this pic, but it give me motivation!
    Attached Files is what it is...

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    Oh, I forgot to mention I'm eating about 75-85% fat according to fitday (125-200g), 15% protein (45-90g), and 3-4% carbohydrates (20g).

    Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, or spinach omelet, or with mushroom/cream sauce today
    Lunch: tuna salad, egg salad, taco salad with sour cream
    Dinner: Hamburger patty with mushroom/cream gravy; shrimp alfredo with veggies instead of noodles; gonna cook chicken with a garlic cream sauce and broccoli/cheddar tots tonight

    Superbowl was jalapeno poppers, pork rinds with queso dip, green chili stew, deviled eggs is what it is...


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      GOOD LUCK To YOU!!!


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        Yes! Good Luck! Post your progress! I'm interested to learn more.


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          Thanks! I will keep you all posted. Of course, I fell off the wagon right away. I picked up whatever sickness is traveling around the school last week, and I had to eat weird stuff to feel better. LOL Yeah right.

          BUT I must say the broccoli tots recipe was the BOMB!! YUM!!
 is what it is...


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            Howdy for 2017! Yep, you attend your 30 year high school reunion, or
            other event, and go Geez! am I really this old? Ouch! yep, and Less Active.

            Walking, or simple hikes are great. SWIMMING is excellent exercise, but finding a pool, etc. is a challenge for people.

            We are designed to BURN calories thru ACTIVITY.

            Dance all the Inter-tribals, LOL


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              Falling off the wagon seems to be my only exercise, but I keep getting back on!

              I noticed that I have much more energy while dieting and actually felt super crappy while carb binging this past weekend - which is so easy to do while out of town at bball tourneys.
     is what it is...


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                This diet has been extended to the GON diet :)
       is what it is...


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