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THIRD native woman gets sent fetus remains

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  • THIRD native woman gets sent fetus remains

    Third Native family reports hospital mailed fetus
    Monday, May 24, 2004

    The health minister in Ontario, Canada, ordered an investigation into reports that Native families were mailed the remains of their miscarried fetuses.

    Two families from the North Caribou Lake First Nation and another from the Fort Hope First Nation say they received the remains through the mail. The hospital involved in the first two cases admits some human tissue was mailed but denies they were of a miscarried baby.

    "From our perspective culturally, a fetus is a fetus whether it's blood clot and tissue or not," Charles Fox of the Assembly of First Nations told the Canadian Press.

    Health minister George Smitherman named a doctor to investigate what happened. The hospital in the North Caribou Lake cases says a new employee who didn't follow protocol is responsible for the mailings.

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    Everything is gonna be alright!

    Be blessed - got love???

    This b me.....


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      What's up with that? Were they doing that so the family could have a funeral? What kinda people would mail a fetus? I just don't get it..................


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        totally unacceptable

        gawd, hearing about this the first time was maddening, but 3 times? my goodness, those poor grieving families :(
        Miss Mia :Wave


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          I hope that doctor pays for what he/she's done. :Mad
          "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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            Sue the Ba**ards!! Thats just sick.
            Chi Migwetch, WPD
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            Wakan Tanka please have compassion on me.
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              I'm really sad for the families. Don't they have enuff heatache as is without opening a package and finding your infant fetus!

              It's hard to Fly with the Eagles, when you have to work with TURKEYS!!!!


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                This further prooves the lack of respect that "they" have for life. It's bad enough that the families had to endure the loss of a child, but to have it ignorantly thrown in their face like that! It's a horrible day when a mother has to revisit grief at the hands of "health care professionals".
                Got percap?


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                  why would they mail a fetus in the first place? even by state health standards here in the U.S. they never mail fetuses because thats considered unsanitary...jest thinking about their reaction to the mail (meaning the family) that family is still grieving....i hope they brought it up to the gov't health official...i jest view it as the hospital or mourtician who mailed the fetus was doing it ofcourse outta lack of respect for the family and is just sick in the head...


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                    HoLaY SmAcKeRz 3 times holay chit someone should sue


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                      I was apalled at the first mailing but 3 of them is just ridiculous!
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