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i don't dance @ powwows---am i indian????

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    Originally posted by bettles
    I grew up in an area; where some people would actually believe your not a real "indian" if you didn't drink, I occasionally hear that screwed up mentality here too...
    There are people like that here too. I suppose they would be almost anywhere there's Indians.
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      ya know my ma and i were having this same discussion yesterday cuz i brought it up...but wut she sayd which i totally agree with dancing doesnt make ya ndn...wut makes ya ndn is if ya follow tradishions,follow the faith, having the
      blood in ya, taking part in yar community....but with the drinking comment technically natives aren't suppose to drink because its against our faith...but those who do drink and still practice our faith (not talking about christianity etc..) have a serious to be true native actually requires ya not to drink..another thing to think about some nations don't attend powwows or dance at one because it's not within their tribes culture but their still native...ii know im jumping around in the conversation here but those who dont follow our faith well its sad...i know ppl on here are gonna be jumping down my throat about this but that is the way i was taught...that our faith is theee most important aspect of being native..


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        Originally posted by bettles
        Geronimo, you know what's worse than this; and yes there are things worse that not dancing. I grew up in an area; where some people would actually believe your not a real "indian" if you didn't drink, I occasionally hear that screwed up mentality here too...

        What constitues a "Real Indian?" Is it the way one appears? (ex...stereotypical physical attributes, braids, brown skin, high cheekbones etc.), Is it the way one protrays themselves? Is it a piece of paper from the federal government stating that your bloodline is in order?

        Was there any mention of the language and culture?? *not sure, I didn't read the earlier posts, I just had to respond to the real "indian" if you drink* There are very few speakers of native languages, and if we don't take the initiative to learn the language from the elders...soon we won't have any elders left and the language and culture will be vanished.

        As for the comment that you are not indian if you don't drink...well thats just plain stupidity. Thats all part of the tactics of the white settlers to wipe out the native population.
        yeah, yeah, yeah...

        ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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          Originally posted by Kool Breeze
          Yep hazel eyes and dark blonde hair automatically preclude you from doing any powwow dancing. And you should admonish any of your friends who try to invite you into the circle cuz friends dont let friends look white and dance.
          Whew! Kool Breeze is a goot injun name for you.....

          You just make me laugh and laugh. My coworkers are just giving me weird looks


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            Nah, you don't have to dance to be an indian... You can always sing at the drum, be an M.C. or A.D. kidding...

            I am Navajo and traditionally Navajo's didn't powwow. We have our own ceremonies, but you will see Navajos at almost any powwow now a days.

            "You can dance if you want, you can leave your friends behind.
            Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine
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              Not Indian enough

              my baby is 8th Mi'kmaq, dark skin and hair, but he got my blue eyes. Does that mean he's not Indian enough to dance like his dad wants him too as soon as he can walk


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                it happens

                to all people...i've been away from da house for like 7-8 yrs now, spend a lot of time visiting, sometimes i get the hating, mostly I odn't....i think it depends alot on how you convey yourself, don't give em the chance and htey can't criticize you or your 'white" ways....

                I don't know you or the people you deal with, but sometimes you have to be the better person and believe me i know how hard that is...but realizing how fortunate you are is just one have to keep your head up and still hold it down for lumbonics, powwows and whatever else your community needs you to...

                At least that's the advice i got when i was getting greif from my peers in Allenton.....

                NOw i'm not saying go along with the crowd in some ignorant stuff, but lumbonics ain't ignorant cuz....and neither are some of the other thing that we are taught to look down on by white society....knowing what's plain ignorant (ie you aint' lumbee if you don't love harley davidson) and what is a serious community factor (Lumbeeonics as you call it, but what many people have called the LUmbee dialect of English) is the kind of thing that will determine whether you're lumbee enough in the eyes of our community.....

                Originally posted by geronimo
                ya'll , this is funny and everything , but does anyone want to reply @ what i was really getting at?

                has any of this ever happened to ya'll?

                how about if you live away from your rez or homeland or go away to the city for college?

                are you resented or called a sell-out/white????? or are you resented for working for your own people?
                is this universal or just a lumbee thing?


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                  lumbee phrases and nouns/verbs disagreeing are 2 totally diff. things

                  i have been away for 15 years now.......and i go
                  [email protected] least once a month-- sure, we say things that you won't hear anyone anywhere else saying & that all my non-indian friends were amazed @ when they used to go home with me (rump, aggravatin' yurker, youngin,gal,sh*tnas* as one cuss word, fixin' to, i reckon, eat up wid it, he's in the church, ruint, referring to pembroke as "going home" even after i'd been gone for years)--
                  my grandfather is 80, has lived in pembroke all his life, is a well-respected business owner known all over rob. co, and he never talks in "lumbonics"....NEVER.........he says certain LUM phrases like those mentioned above but he sees the importance of speaking correct english.... & he'd never value someone's lumbeeness on how they spoke------he'd base it on who their families were--.....which u already know b/c you're from home, is not an unheard thing....everybody knows everybody's people:)

                  no disrespect to people who speak that way.......both sides of my families live down i get the pembroke, chapel, and saddletree's all good, but it's still important to speak [email protected] least that's the point my families have always tried to drill into us

                  lumbonics may be what determines lumbeeness for a lot of people down home, but that doesn't make it right...........
                  p.s., i bond with you over the fact that you agree one doesn't have to wear harley davidson to be a lum!!!! :) yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though i must admit, i do want (1) vintage harley t-shirt.....only 1 though (and plus, it's vintage)
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                    Originally posted by TakodasMum
                    my baby is 8th Mi'kmaq, dark skin and hair, but he got my blue eyes. Does that mean he's not Indian enough to dance like his dad wants him too as soon as he can walk
                    i say just let him go out their and dance and to hell with wut other ppl might say...its like at first i was really thinking of leaving jingle dancing all toghether because i heard ppl say well ya aint full blood, or because ya aint anishnabe/ojibway so ya shouldn't dance jingle and i even got the response well ya dont got the black hair and dark skin so ya shouldn't dance jingle hell even got it on awhile i was very very upset and then i gave up until i got some very good advice from my ma and relatives and some friends that i should say to hell with them and go out their and dance...ppl will say wut they wanna say but they got a stick up in their butt or something...everywhere ya go ya got some sour ppl that ruin it for that person so its just best to let it go through one ear out the other or to ignore them..


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                      We have to remember that although powwow has become pan-Indian, it is still a Northern and Southern plains tradition. Those of us who are not Plains people usually have our own dances, songs and traditions. Therefore, how can anyone deny someone's indianness because they don't powwow? Many plains folks get perturbed when non Plains folks change powwow traditions with the claim that powwow is pan Indian, it's their region (or casino, hint hint) and they can run the powwow the way they fit. I say if you know your ways and follow them, you're Indian whether you're in the arena or not.
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                        Thank you Homalosa! Alot of poeple forget this and say there ndn just because they pow-wow. I know what the difference between tribal dances and pow-wow dances but alot of wannabes who pow-wow and brag about how much ndnd they are have no clue as to tribal dances and tribal songs!
                        Hello, there is more to being an ndn than dancing intertribals at a local hobbyist pow-wow!
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                          Originally posted by Mato Winyan
                          For a lot of natives the powwow is the only time they either are allowed or allow themselves to be native. Meaning that if they work in a society that demands they act and work accordingly to their standards they lose that in their day to day living for the most part. They may do certain things at home to help keep in touch, like burb mentioned about teaching their children their language and things, but that is not like being out in the open and free to do and go where they want. Like "closet indins" I guess. And as we know .. society is all too comfortable with natives being behind the scenes.... causes too much trouble to have them "outted" .. .hell they might have to have a working conscience then. ;)

                          You are so right on! Have you ever noticed that the big cities have more powwows than the rezes? We use powwows to connect with each other. After all, where's the Indian neighborhood off rez? Still we can't hate on folks who don't dance. There are scores of folks who attend every weekend just to be around their "folks".

                          Oh and thanks Fancy Star for the props.
                          Poetry is life in print.




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                            ppl also tend to forget that there are tribes that dont dance at powwows ....i tend to believe that a person is only truly native by following tradishion and such...well also think about this that before there were powwows many communities had their own tradish dances and such...powwows only came into being for many reasons such as natives being proud of who they are because at that time being native wasnt a race to be...and to have fun while visiting family,friends and ppl from other communities...this one gurl came up to me once and asked me to teach her how to dance...this was at the international village expo ... and i was asked to dance there...but yay i asked her well ya know which nation(s) yar frem she said naw (which was more respectful than saying uhh i think im cherokee) i told her naw i wouldn't teach her and i told her because being native is not about powwowing..what makes ya native is following yar nations tradish. and making sure that they're passed on...and a cdib card doesnt make ya native ...i told her that there are many many many natives that are full blood who are raised it who will tell ya the same thing...well she wasnt to thrilled but i think she respected wut i sayd because she came to our office and was done with her research on her she actually is glad she didnt just jump in without knowing her family and such...


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                              Originally posted by WocusWoman
                              Geronimo, you know what's worse than this; and yes there are things worse that not dancing. I grew up in an area; where some people would actually believe your not a real "indian" if you didn't drink, I occasionally hear that screwed up mentality here too...
                              you know what is sad, is that there are times that i do not feel like part of my siblings if i do not drink, they are all drinkers and all close, and they were all drunk durring our fathers funeral. it is a sad thing really, but sooo true.
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                                To be honest,ive experienced more of the opposite..skepticism towards people who pow-wow because its cheesy,fake indian whatever. There are always going to be people in your community who have a certain standard for what is the epitome of lumbee-ness,but i think it depends on what u want for yourself,and what the older,wiser people of ur tribe can guide u to. The problem im having lately is living in a white world and trying to balance..damn! It can be frustrating. Plus i live in the racist south which im sure makes it that much harder,people just assume ur one of them 'mex-i-cans'..we feel for u lum,hang in there aye?

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