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i don't dance @ powwows---am i indian????

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    I would totally have to disagree with the notion that one isn't Indun if they don't powwow. In fact, it could quite possibly be the most outlandish statement to have ever entered my ear canal. Besides that one time that my mom said she was giving up younger men forever. Anyhoots...

    My family was never a "powwow family". I mean, I remember my mom pimpin me off at powwows and pageants when I was very young, but she soon realized that my penchant for reading and exploring was much more important to me.

    My family is extremely political. My grandfather was fundamental in the repatriation of land and language in our area and the integration of Indian kids to public schools. ALL of my uncles and aunties and mom are actively involved in SOMETHING that serves for the greater good of our people.

    Then there are those who prefer to devote their time and energy to ceremonies. And teaching. And learning. And passing on our ways.

    I don't take powwows seriously. I mean, more than one of you can say you've seen me dance in my running shoes (hey man, it rains alot in NY haha), miss GE and walk off during contest (don't ask Kiwehnzii about that ;)). But I can't front and say I haven't hopped on a Greyhound to get to one .. but it's mostly to connect with my peeps.

    Then there are those who don't powwow, don't politick and don't attend ceremonies .. but are just as greasy, loud, and pro mullet rockers as the rest of us. Case closed.
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      Originally posted by Jibby™
      and walk off during contest (don't ask Kiwehnzii about that ;)).
      Would Kiwehnzii PM me the full story on this - I'm writing Jibby's memoirs for her.................she's too busy having adventures to do the writing herself.


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        Originally posted by Singing Eagle
        Would Kiwehnzii PM me the full story on this - I'm writing Jibby's memoirs for her.................she's too busy having adventures to do the writing herself.
        Yeah. You could call it "Ménage à Squaw: The Jibby King Experience"
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          Originally posted by Jibby™
          Yeah. You could call it "Ménage à Squaw: The Jibby King Experience"

          Thanks for the laugh! :rofl2:


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            Okay, I think this is a ridiculous question. I mean, come on now, you can't seriously take it like that and who are you hanging out with..."you're not Indian enough if you don't powwow"? And Journey....just STOP, STOP, right now, don't post anything anymore because I can tell from the 3rd or 4th word that your A** is lily white and that other little cyber cronie too, rose something or other. Overall I got a really good laugh out of this thread, thanks for starting it Livid Lumbee. I don't have any elder quotes or ancient Indian secrets to cure this burning question but I can say this...when you go to a powwow just have fun even if all you do is help the vendors out and clap on cue.
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              i sincerely hope you get the reasoning behind my post--it really has nothing to do with me thinking i'm not indian, powwows, etc......

              of course, the question is ridiculous and merits nothing....but i started the thread w/it to get people's attention and bring to light how stupid it is that these thoughts actually run through certain indian folks' heads

              it's about breaking down this mentality of people wrongly defining what they think constitutes a real indian---if that could happen, that would be the cure-all to my "burning question"
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