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2004 Thanksgiving

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  • 2004 Thanksgiving

    As we all know we will have to "endure" the stangeness of how people want to remember Thanksgiving yet again upon our hearts and minds.

    But here is a good way to think of it and tell others:

    Remember that the Thanksgiving we celebrate has nothing to do with Puritan Faith, the Mayflower or the year 1620! I write that again - the Thanksgiving we celebrate has nothing to do with the Puritans, the Mayflower or the year 1620! Those times were anything but Thanksgiving.

    The Thankgiving we celebrate was first introduced by General George Washington during the American Revolution. At the height of the War and when things did not look good for the Colonies, he asked for a day of Prayer and Thanksgiving from the 13 Colonies This was celebrated annually and then simi-annually by most of the 13 States for a while. But as time went on it fell out of flavor and was only celebrated in some New England States by the mid-19th Century.

    But with another War comes another Proclamation. This time right in the middle of the American Civil War as things were very bleak for the Country and the Union, President Abraham Lincoln called upon the Country for a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving. He chosed the 4th Thursday in November.

    So do your best to really Educate and hopefully by giving people this information we can stir farther and farther away from the Myths of the Year 1620. Then take the time to Educate the same people on the Realities of the Year 1620 and let them know the full truth of the Dutch and Puritans and English and French and German and Spanish and Russian and Italian, and so forth and so forth!

    And most of all please Have a Safe and Happy Holiday regardless of what you do or don't Celebrate.
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    As a rule of thumb i'll keep in mind "Thanksgiving" takes place 365 days a year....I do get what your saying though and appreciate the history you shared...
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      If nobody's doing anything special, come on down to Atmore AL. This powwow will be thursday only. Drum and Dance Contest, winner take all specials in Men's and Women's fancy. See the calendar for more info


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        Well I know my family celebrate it. We give thanks that they did not sluaghter us all, and we also pray for those who did not make it!
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          Coyote you are very right. Thanksgiving is an ongoing continuous thing and should be for all. I thank you for sharing that moment here for us all.

          Sadly, many in our Society in the U.S. see only a Day in November and they see that all wrong.

          I am coming at this from an Educators' perspective. As an Educator myself I loathed the many references to "Thanksgiving" with the Puritans, and such from teachers all across the country.

          This is why I make a point to let all know that the Holiday itself really had nothing to do with the happenings of 1620.


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            I'm glad you posted this ,Tom. It was a good reminder that there are a variety of spins on "Thanksgiving Day" and not just the 'downer' one we usually associate with it.
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              Thank You

              Thanks SOS and everyone else for reponding. Hope you have a Good Day whatever you do!


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                shoot i only "shellybrate" this day cuz i get to eat siouxpurr good...turkey n mashed potatoes n candied yams..rolls n stuffing..then dutch apple pie with strawberry ice cream..YUM!!...then sleep it off on black friday!!
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                  Originally posted by wannabeUrNo1Snag
                  shoot i only "shellybrate" this day cuz i get to eat siouxpurr good...turkey n mashed potatoes n candied yams..rolls n stuffing..then dutch apple pie with strawberry ice cream..YUM!!...then sleep it off on black friday!!

                  I hear ya. im in it for the food!!! :D
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                    Our family always celebrated "Thanksgiving" at mom's and dad's house. No big deal, just all the relation on mom's side usually. Now she and he are both gone. I remember all the relatives sitting around waiting for mom's chow. It was GOOD. The pie's superior. I remember them this holiday in Germany and at Ft. Bragg. My buddies I'm speaking ABOUT.I took photos several time of our cooks in their dress cook's whites.This on Thanksgiving day. I still have the pic's. I'll keep them forever, Good Lord Willing. Christmas never got much recognition in our outfit. Most of guys were gone or on pass, in womderful Germany. Hitting the bars, and honeying up to ladies, that plied their trade, W/ out any discrimination. But you better have the bucks for a quickie.New years was a big deal, if you had an airforce sgt, W/ the right liqueor stamp.Once we celebrated w/ a Magnum of Champange. That's a grossa bottle. German for big. We got Big drunk!! Oh what a night!! Understatement. Then the holidays were gone for a while. Back to the old routine. Waiting for the next holiday, that came down the pike.!!Such is life in the slow lane.!!IMO GES


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