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Firm Fighting Diabetes Hires Medicine Man

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  • Firm Fighting Diabetes Hires Medicine Man

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    Firm Fighting Diabetes Hires Medicine Man

    Tis Mal Crow is Cherokee/Hitchiti


    Just because he is a traditionalist does not mean he can´t be a key player
    for a major company.

    The Zann Corporation says they have inked a deal with Tis Mal Crow, an
    internationally known herbalist and Native American Root Doctor (Medicine

    Tis Mal is enhancing the company´s Blue Kiwi product line and has over 200
    "Leaves of Light Plants as Teachers" products in the development pipeline to
    introduced over the next 2-3 years. Blue Kiwi officials say have spent over
    years and millions of dollars performing medical research on the medicinal
    characteristics and effects of natural vitamins, minerals, and herbal

    The next stop for the company is products aimed especially at an illness that

    afflicts thousand of American Indians.

    "We are launching a line of products that includes a new and enhanced
    'Fatigue Pack' and products aimed at joint pain and diabetic problems," said
    C. Simpson, Chairman-CEO of ZANN Corp. "Our approach to product development
    based on Tis Mal's formulae and his knowledge of Native American herbal uses
    combined with modern medical science. We intend to emphasize 'natural and
    organic' to the extent it is practical and probable."

    According to a biography provided by the company, Tis Mal Crow is a Native
    American of Cherokee and Hitchiti descent. Since childhood Tis Mal has worked

    with tribal elders studying the identification and medicinal uses of plants
    native root doctoring techniques. The information was passed down through
    generations of elders for thousands of years. Tis Mal has been called to
    become an
    elder on the on the Medicinal Plant Working Group of the Council of Elders, a

    group of concerned elders working for the protection of endangered plants.
    This group is an off-shoot (ad hoc committee) of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
    U. S. Forestry Services. He has also been asked to speak at the United
    permanent forum on indigenous affairs. In 2003, Tis Mal was a presenter in
    the Industrial Leadership for the Preservation of Medicinal and Aromatic
    Symposium in Philadelphia.

    Tis Mal authored the first book about native remedies by a native person, "
    Native Plants, Native Healing - Traditional Muskogee Way" to be printed and
    widely distributed. The book describes many of the ancient medicines and
    techniques mentioned above. He is also the first native person to record
    information in lecture form on CD´s that have been distributed in 13
    outside the United States.

    Tis Mal has been teaching classes and workshops on herbs for more than 20
    years. He works with other indigenous healers and herb groups internationally
    promote the medicinal uses of these herbs. For most of his adult life he has
    also been working for the conservation of the wild habitat needed to sustain
    the growth of these important plants.

    Among other pursuits, Tis Mal is an advocate of the Children´s Garden,
    located in Kelowna (female grizzly bear), British Columbia, Canada. He
    provides all
    of the educational materials for the children on medicinal and food uses of
    plants as well as preservation and conservation of these plants. He does
    personal presentations for the children in order to pass on the culture of
    indigenous peoples that can be learned and shared with the children of the
    dominant `
    outside world´ culture. He further stresses and teaches them to be conscious
    of others and share this planet together, because we are all "five fingered
    ones" and all related. Tis Mal´s beliefs gleaned from many years of learning

    and his experiences all over the world are that these relationships are not
    for people, but plants, animals and the earth as well, known as the circle of

    life to the indigenous people.

    Tis Mal is also widely recognized as an artist with his beadwork, dolls, and
    jewelry on display in galleries around the globe.

    it is of my opinion that this guy got this job because he is in the public eye... he used to say he was cherokee and united lumbee and other things before. If anyone knows more about him please speak up.
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic

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