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$#^%@$&^$ Bush! -White House Spells Out List of 154 Budget Cuts

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  • $#^%@$&^$ Bush! -White House Spells Out List of 154 Budget Cuts

    White House Spells Out List of 154 Budget Cuts
    Homeland Security, Education Programs Cut
    By Mary Dalrymple, AP


    President Bush has promised to curb spending to reduce future deficits.
    Budget Will Impact Border Patrol
    Bush Discusses Budget Goals


    WASHINGTON (Feb. 12) - More than five days after unveiling his budget, President Bush spelled out in detail for lawmakers his requests to eliminate or sharply reduce spending for 154 programs the administration sees as duplications, failures or inefficiencies.

    With a document detailing the administration's rationale for each proposed cut, the White House fleshed out Bush's State of the Union promise to curb government spending and reduce budget deficits that have been forecast.

    The document was released late Friday, a time that administrations of both parties have picked for years to deliver unpopular news, because of Saturday's newspapers and news broadcasts have the week's smallest audiences.

    Many of the items listed are not widely known, rather very small projects inserted by lawmakers to benefit their districts.

    This list was in addition to $4.7 billion in savings from major proposed reforms already discussed in the budget released Monday, such as beginning to eliminate Amtrak, consolidating job-training programs and moving community development grants to the Commerce Department.

    In the new list, Bush asked lawmakers to eliminate programs worth $4.3 billion from education, $1 billion from health and $1.5 billion from law enforcement.

    Reductions include cuts totaling $2.5 billion from agriculture, $690 million from health and $470 million from housing.

    Bush's budget proposal could mean deep cuts to environmental protection, veterans benefits and other programs, critics say. See Full List of Cuts

    In all, the targeted programs include 99 that the White House wants to eliminate, for a total of $8.8 billion in savings. The president wants to save an additional $6.5 billion by cutting spending on 55 programs.

    More than half of the identified programs had been flagged for cuts or elimination in previous years.

    Last year, the president asked Congress to eliminate 130 federal programs. Four were terminated.

    A few examples of the new recommendations:

    -End the Small Business Administration's $15 million micro-loan program because it costs taxpayers yearly $1 for each $1 lent.

    -Eliminate $496 million in educational technology state grants to free more money for higher priority programs that focus on student achievement and show clearer results.

    -Cut half of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership and move the program closer to self-reliance.

    -Cut one-third of the Children's Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment Program because an assessment determined there was no demonstrated need for the program.

    -Eliminate the National Drug Intelligence Center because it duplicates programs run by a new, multi-agency Drug Intelligence Fusion Center.

    The administration said it paid special attention to overlapping programs that serve the same purpose. By streamlining those programs, the White House suggests the government can save $1.9 billion.

    Some changes identify programs the administration sees as better served by private companies and organizations.

    ''When the federal government focuses on its priorities and limits its claims on resources taken from the private sector, that helps sustain a stronger, more productive economy,'' the report said.

    The list of 154 proposed cuts came from the one-third of federal spending reviewed and directed by Congress every year. That does not include such programs as Social Security and Medicare.

    The president additionally asked lawmakers to review the Pentagon's budget and to consider trimming the vast portion of federal spending that increases automatically each year, such as agriculture payments.

    02-12-05 08:09 EST
    "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume

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    Did you also read where he promised 1000's of new border patrol agents and his budget only allows 250 new agents to be trained and work?
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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      If Bush wants to cut the pork going to congressional districts, I'm all for it. Congressmen usually on push those to help keep them in power. Programs that are repetitous also should go on the chopping block. Limiting the increases from 10% to 3% is also a good idea. HOWEVER, I think that a serious look by EVERYONE into the budget proposal needs to be done AND then letters, email, ad nauseum, sent to our Congressmen with our opinions.
      Just my $.02.


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        Originally posted by Blackbear
        Did you also read where he promised 1000's of new border patrol agents and his budget only allows 250 new agents to be trained and work?
        Yeah I did........ How bout that??

        Ya know what really gets me is sure....things need to be cut. Especially like was mentioned the repetitous ones. But why in the heck do they start at the bottom and go up instead of one time starting at the top and work down. Is good ole' Georgie Dubyah going to take a pay cut? Hell is he just going to keep his income the same?

        Why don't they thin out at the top? What about the fancy smancy dinner parties with the gawd awfully priced catering, flowers, dinner settings? How can they justify that? They ever thought about serving a meal of comods to them? And what the about the $200 hammers the government buys? Let's look into that spending. What about all the unnecessary and un-work related travel? We're paying for that too.

        Until people get sick and tired of this and are willing to do something about it ........then things will never change. What most people look at is the political party..... if it's democratic they the other ones vote. People need to get their voices out there. Most aren't.......because they are apathetic....... what good will it do.....they won't listen......blah blah blah de fricken blah.

        Now........back to beading.
        "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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          I personally think that that all congressman should contribute to the Social Security system instead of their own PLUS htey have to serve a specified amount of time, say 20 years minimum like the military, to get a pension instead of a singe term, either 2 years for a House member or 6 years for senators. Also let's axe the presidential pensions as well. Ford, Carter, Bush I and Clinton, especially since he has the book deal and a working wife, don't need it. That's a few million wasted. what's the old saying, " a million here, a million there...That's REAL money we're talking about."


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            What about Dubya's foreign adventures? As soon as the
            Taliban was out of power in Afghanistan we should have
            decleared we won, and left. As soon as Hussein was out
            of power in Iraq we should have declared we won and left--
            not that Hussein was ever that much of a threat to the
            U.S. The first Gulf War demonstrated that he is pretty much
            of a paper tiger; Bin Laden is far more dangerous, and the
            administration does not seem to know--or care--where he
            is right now.


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              What we should have done with Saddam is kick him out back in 1991 when we had a much larger military, cleaned him out of Kuwait, reached Bagdad within 24 hours of where we stopped, and aided those Kurds and Shias who attempted to overthrow him b/c they thought the world was coming to their aid. As Jim Mora would say "Coulda, shoulda, woulda."
              Concerning bin Ladan, he is still a prime target and they are after his a$$. We will either get him or he will see his maker.


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