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    Crossroads – (Article/Speech)

    We as Indian peoples today; stand at a crossroads. We stand at the crossroads between what has been, and what is meant to be. For the first time in recent history; destiny walks beside us. All that is needed, is ours.

    The visionaries speak of signs, symbolic revelations that our time has come. The hidden ones are returning to once again walk the red road beside the ancient ones.

    It is a time for all Indian peoples to stand together. For it will take all of us to reach our destiny. We depend on ancient ones who, hold the stories and remembrances of divine mysteries, who can describe the joy and wrongs of our people, formulas, knowledge of healing, renewal, and cleansing. We also depend on the hidden ones who have walked on both the red road and on the White man’s road. Between us, lies our longing for what should be. Before us lies our long awaited destiny.

    For a time it was meant that the ancient ones and the hidden ones divide. This was all a part of Great Spirit’s plan. As such, we fulfilled our unique purposes to secure Indian survival. Today our destiny calls, now both the ancient ones and hidden ones must answer…

    We cannot walk away from our call of destiny. It is here, it is now. Traveling down the byway of what has been, will bring only further destruction and sadness to our people. From the ancient ones who travel with us, we will remember the sacred instructions, see our medicine and remember our joy and wrongs. From the hidden ones we will have the knowledge to navigate both worlds, and secure what “should be” from those who would otherwise be strangers.

    All Indian peoples have been true to Great Spirit’s purpose. The ancient ones retained that which makes us Indian. The hidden ones lived in seclusion, learning the lessons of the White man’s road, returning to their people when it was safe, and when they received Great Spirit’s call.

    Our time is now! The day for us to walk toward our destiny, is here! It is Great Spirit’s plan that all Indian peoples embrace each other. We must; because our destinies are one. Great Spirit meant for Indian people to reunite. We cannot fulfill Great Spirit’s purpose without it.

    Even so, no man/women should stand in the darkest corner alone. Even in the night, Great Spirit provided the light of the moon and stars. In the darkest corners and shadows of our lives, we should stand as brothers and sisters. In my time, I have walked freely into these dark corners, standing beside my brothers and sisters. We should shine our light in the darkest, of places.

    Today our Brothers and Sisters sit in the darkest of corners, are they alone? No, they are not alone for we are here, to light the way. We are here defending their right, to seek the light of justice. If our Brother or Sister is wronged, we are wronged. If our Brother or Sister sees only darkness, then we see only darkness. Their fight is our fight. Their cause is our cause. Their needs are our needs. We are one in our joy, and suffering.

    We are here because we believe all people, all races, and all creeds, should see the light of justice. No man/women should remain in the darkest of corners, alone. That truth speaks for itself. We should not fear or withhold this light from any person. Now we see the light of justice, being withheld from our people. We are only seeking the truth.

    We will not rest and Indian people will not be at peace, until all our brothers and sisters are allowed to see the light of justice in their corners. We are here, united as Indian people. As brothers and sisters, we stand at the crossroads between what has been, and what is meant to be. Today, let us walk together, towards a brighter tomorrow.

    Gvsgalvhe Saquu
    Hidden One

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    I applaud you for your post, what the writer says is so very true and wish that there were more that could see this vision. I Believe greatly in what he or she speaks of in this writing. Thankyou for posting such a wonderful article.

    ~~~ Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up. ~~~


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      Crossroads - Unity

      How can we get others to see this vision? It is time. Have we forgotten what has been lost? Walking toward our destiny will have great costs, but will cost much less than staying where we are as Indian people.


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        The writer has good words. Is this a prophecy?
        Does the writer have an American name? When and where was this speech given? I have heard a similar speech before.



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          Crossroads - Unity

          This writing is the inspiration or prophecy from the Great Spirit. The author wrote this piece anonymously for a purpose. The purpose is to remove interest in the source; so that the reader might focus on the "truth" of the message. Truth is the property of the Great Spirit, for our Creator is the beginning of all truth.

          This writing was written on 02/16/05. This speech has never been given in a public rally forum. This speech/article is the message that the author would like to speak, if they could have a voice. The author is one of the hidden ones, lost from their ancestral tribe, longing to be reunited with their tribe. The author speaks for all those hidden ones who are longing and waiting to have a voice, place, space and presence in the Indian world.

          It would be a miracle, if someday this speech were heard by both ancient ones and hidden ones. It would be beautiful if this prophecy would be fufilled...



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