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    Check out the trailer, stills and facts. Was disappointed that such a young girl had been cast in the movie (especially since she didn't live in Alaska).
    Yet the stills and trailer have convinced me the young actress has done a fine job, despite her detractors (myself included, though I didn't make it as personal as some). I guess I should be happy that Q'Orianka's grandparents have Alaska roots.

    There's who appears to be Wes Studi looking at the ships in the river.

    Interested to hear what people think. Do you want to see the movie?

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    I'd go see it. I don't know how I feel about it. The trailer is of course over dramatic, and I saw a few pics in the gallery photos that got me questioning just how acurate they think they are portraying things... but it looks good enough to go see. As for the girl being so young though.. Pocahontas was only 13 when John Smith came to that area.
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      id have to go see then voice my opinion about it... It looks interesting enough to see...

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        I'd probably go see it, before I'd want to give an opinion. I hope it's accurate, unlike other stories on this subject.


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          Dang Now I wanna see this one!!!
          Nuwa-nu!!..Look at the Yummy Yaha's!!mmmm..mmm Real injun food!!
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