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    Just got this in e-mail - excuse if it has already been posted....

    Contact: Frank Blythe – (402) 472-3522
    Syd Beane – (763) 545-1626
    Thunder Mountain Media Productions
    11684 Ventura Blvd., Box #804
    Studio City, CA 91604
    (310) 466-4026
    Email: [email protected]

    Hollywood CA – March 25, 2005 -- Thunder Mountain Media in association with
    BannerCaswell Productions is developing various projects in the television and home
    video marketplace. The first project is a reality-type show that features the outdoors,
    currently being developed subject to a non-disclosure agreement, which is entertainment
    speak for "top secret.”
    The first step – with a deadline of May 13th, 2005 – is a nationwide talent search for
    Native American Men and Women between the ages of 18 and 50 who love the outdoors
    and are comfortable with animals and nature. Most importantly, Thunder Mountain
    Media is looking for Native American people that, as they say in Hollywood, "eat up the
    camera!" The producers are searching for people who look good, can deliver lines on
    camera and have the desire and ability to work hard. Interested applicants should visit
    the website ( for more information.
    Thunder Mountain Media is a partnership between two leaders of the Native American
    community: longtime PBS Executive Producer Frank Blythe (Native American Public
    Telecommunications) and veteran economic development and community consultant,
    Syd Beane (National American Indian Development Corporation). BannerCaswell
    Productions is Chuck Banner and Ben Caswell, television professionals who started
    working together over ten years ago while at Bob Banner Associates (Star Search,
    Showtime at the Apollo, etc.).
    In 2001, Blythe, Beane, Banner and Caswell worked together with actor/singer Floyd
    Red Crow Westerman and two-time Grammy Award-winning music producer/singer
    Tom Bee to produce XIT: Without Reservation, the 30th Anniversary concert special for
    PBS and home video.
    Thunder Mountain Media is part of a larger coalition to help create culturally relevant
    content for mainstream consumption. The Native Media and Technology Network
    (NMTN) has the mission of building media capacity and entertainment job opportunities
    in Native American communities.

    Native Media and Technology Network – Project Introduction
    Native Media and Technology Network (NMTN) is:
    A national Native American media coalition working with film, television, radio and
    multimedia corporations, programs and small businesses across the country to
    build media capacity and entrée’ for Tribes, native media organizations and native
    urban community centers in the entertainment industry.
    NMTN’s mission is:
    To create a national Native Media Intermediary to build media and technology
    capacity, employment and business opportunity among American Indian
    communities through the development, production and ownership of culturally
    relevant content and product for local, national, and international distribution.
    March 2000:
    Originally developed by Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Eyapaha Institute, Red Crow
    Creations), Syd Beane (Center for Community Change, National American Indian
    Development Corporation), Paula Starr (Southern California Indian Center) and
    Chuck Banner (Bob Banner Associates and BannerCaswell Productions). NMTN’s
    pilot project created a job training and employment program and built strong
    alliances with every major diversity program in Hollywood including Fox Studios
    Diversity Development, Workplace Hollywood and the Walter Kaitz Foundation.
    January 2001:
    NMTN partnered with American Indian Grammy producer Tom Bee (The SOAR
    Corporation) and PBS television executive Frank Blythe (Native American Public
    Telecommunications) to produce a 56-minute documentary of legendary 70s
    American Indian rock band XIT, which aired nationally on PBS in 2001.
    Summer 2003:
    BannerCaswell Productions, Southern California Indian Center and SOAR
    collaborated on an audio CD and a feature documentary, Urban Pow Wow, by
    Intertribal Entertainment and Tribal TANF students at the SCIC’s annual Powwow.
    Both projects in national distribution by SOAR records.
    NMTN is now a national coalition that includes the following: the Affiliated Tribes of
    Northwest Indians - EDC; BannerCaswell Productions; Center for Community
    Change; Center for Native American Public Radio; DQ University; Eyapaha
    Institute; Intertribal Entertainment; Koahnic Broadcasting Corporation; MIGIZI
    Communications; National American Indian Development Corporation; Native
    American Public Telecommunications; Native Networking Policy Center; Owens
    Valley Career Development Center; Red Crow Creations; SOAR Records; and
    Southern California Indian Centers. The coalition expects more native media
    groups to join.
    NMTN allies and contributors:
    ABC, CBS, and NBC Diversity; California Community Foundation; Emma Bowen
    Foundation; Fox Studios Diversity Development; Hollywood CPR; NPR’s Next
    Generation Radio; Streetlights; Walter Kaitz Foundation; William Randolph Hearst
    Foundation; and Workplace Hollywood.
    For more information contact: Frank Blythe: (402) 472-3522 Syd Beane (763) 545-1626
    Everything is gonna be alright!

    Be blessed - got love???

    This b me.....

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