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  • MsWolf49.... In need of prayer post... moved....

    She will be added to our prayers.If you like I will do a Pipe ceremony for her tonite

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    Now is the most uncertain time for our Native Brothers, Sisters, and Children.

    We must band together,

    To form one Great Nation of American Indians.

    Let no other Nation stand in our way.

    We were once a Great People.

    We can be again.

    As there is strength in great numbers.

    We need to stand up and be counted once again.

    Only this time as ONE Nation of American Indians, Not let the "Governmental Powers" divide us; as they have done in our past history.

    Our Elders have foretold, us of this time coming.

    We must come together NOW.

    As we are becoming stronger every day.

    Our Peoples have realized; we had been lead to self destruction;

    by drugs,alcohol and poverty.

    Let our teachings be known to our little ones.

    Show them our ways have been proven to stand against time and


    We are still strong, and we can be even stronger now.

    We must listen and take head to this,before the Powers that be lead us against

    war and poverty. Yet still they lead us to destruction of our world as we know it.

    All of our resources are vanishing: waterways, animals,fish,land and trees(these are just examples).

    They do not care for those, whom are need of help and are destitute.They do not care of those, whom are

    ill and possibly; they were the cause of the illnesses.

    Nor do they care for those who freeze to death on the reservations, and in the mountains during the cold.

    They do not care for those of Our people whom are hungry and starving.

    They care only for this great Evil of Power and Death, by large weapons of mass destruction.

    They try to stray our children and teenagers by computers, movies, heroes of evil, and violence.

    They stray our children with the "golden promise" of money and prosperity.

    Our children leave the reservations in poverty to discover; they can either make it, or get deeper into

    poverty or drugs.

    If our Prayers are to be heard, we must come together as ONE Nation of American Indians.

    We must realize that WE are a Great Nation of ONE.

    We must realize our time is at hand, and we need to cooperate within our Clans and Tribes to

    be better than the white man.

    We MUST STOP the bickering among ourselves and learn to agree, even if it is to disagree.

    We must use our old ways to help us discover new, and better ways to work together among us.

    The Governmental powers want us to fail and fall apart; so they can control us even more with the

    "hand-outs" given to us.

    They" tricked" our Ancestors into believing; they were helping us by putting us on "reservations" ;

    to "protect us", from the others whom invaded our lands and stripped us of our homes.

    We must stop the false prophecy by those whom pretend to be a Shaman or American Indian.

    This is to protect us and to show who is real and can actually do these things.

    No more "side shows by false prophets."

    We must continue our Pow Wows, and reach those whom cannot travel to us.

    We must continue to travel; as we are the ones whom can make the difference in this issue.

    We must continue to teach our ; and ways to our children and families whom did not learn.

    Those whom have "just Awakened" must be shown, and taught our ways as well.

    We must stop the Government from taking our Indian children!! Our Children are the ones whom will lead when we are passed; as they are OUR Future.

    Please speak of this to your people in your Clans, Tribes ,Nations.

    We must regain our PRIDE , momentum and Children ; by becoming the biggest number of Peoples in the

    United States of America.

    Please, it is imperative we take action NOW!

    You know that our Futures have already started according to our Legends , Story-tellers and Prophecy.

    Talk your differences out among your people. DO not let this divide, and conquer as the Governmental

    powers want us to do this to ourselves.That way they do not have to "do more" to us.

    It is time to get your People into the Sweat Lodges and prepare for our future.

    Get your Prayers into the smoke to the Creator.

    Let Creator hear ,we are becoming a stronger People and NO MORE disagreeing or disatisfaction.

    We must continue to pray and help each other in our ways. Or eventually; just like the extinct animals

    we shall become, and the only thing left of our Peoples will be in a Museum under a glass case or in a book.

    The Government steals our children everyday in the name of "Protection".

    They have done this for years,look at the abuse in the schools and sending our children away from their families and villages.They forbade them their religious freedom and culture. They cut their hair; dressed them in white mans clothing and sometimes beat , or abused them.

    Now they do the same thing.Again under the disguise of "Protection of Abuse".

    They work around our own Indian Laws which are Federal.

    Which are supposed to be Our way of doing things.

    They place our children in Non-Indian homes; and not allow them to even see their families.;not even their own grandparents.

    Two States(Florida and Indiana) worked together to kill my husband; by breaking his heart.

    I came home from work to find him cold and stiff on the floor; never to be able to see, or hear his grandchild

    sweet voice again in this walk of Life.I hear her cries every night in my sleep. I hear the beat of the of the drums and our Indian ancestors singing all day long. It is time to make this situation right to prove our children are OUR FUTURE.

    Do not allow these White Governmental bureaucrats to desecrate my husband grave and his honor; by keeping this child away from her American Indian Family.

    They stole my grandchild in the name of a state Law; and ignored the Indian Child Welfare Act.

    The Courts stated "there were no Indians residing" in the county. They called us" alleged Indian Tribe".

    This Court system has not only stolen an Indian child; but dishonored the Chief of the Wea Indian Tribe of Indiana( whom is directly related to me by blood and to the late Chief "Jacco" Godfrey.

    My ancestors would be very shocked and insulted by this.Chief "Jacco" Godfrey would be angry by this.

    His Indian brothers in the Miami, the Piankashaw,Shawnee and Peoria would definitely not take this laying down.Nor would the relatives of the Crow,the Cheyenne,Lakota,Metis, and Cherokee wish any harm to this little child whom cannot defend herself at the age of 2 and 1/2 years old.

    We all need to Band together to Help this child be returned to her people; and be returned to the American Indian family whom love her very much.Her family is very saddened by all this. Please do not have me to mourn the loss of another family member by Governmental Dictators ;whose greed for money for this.Remember they get money for adopting these children out to the State, from the Federal Government. It is time to stop the illegal sale of our Children.Let alone that one of a Child whom cannot defend herself and doesn't understand where her heritage has gone.

    This child is one of our Rainbow Warriors. It is time we take up for a good cause and help get her back.

    It is time for the Nations to unite in the name of Honor and Heritage.

    It is time for the Nations to become ONE Nation.

    This is what our People are about. Helping one another and becoming a Great Nation.

    I; Thank-you for taking the time to read this.

    Our Children are OUR Future.


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      These posts were moved from the original thread because it was distracting from the purpose of the thread. It is best suited here.

      Thank you .
      "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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        Thank-you my Sister.have worked many hours this and was a little tired when I posted this.


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