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2005 AISES Convention

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  • 2005 AISES Convention

    Who's attending the 2005 AISES Convention in Charlotte, NC. It is the first time in the history of the organization that the convention will be held on the east coast!!!!
    What might have been will never be...

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    What are the dates on this?
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      The convention will be held November 3-5 2005.
      What might have been will never be...


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        AISES 27th Annual National Conference

        Pathways to Stronger Communities
        Charlotte, North Carolina
        November 3-5, 2005
        Charlotte Convention Center

        * The 3-Day event includes a Career Fair, dynamic speakers, panel discussions, and workshops for students, teachers, and professionals.
        * A Traditional Honors Banquet recognizes hundreds of AISES scholarship winners and their benefactors.
        * Conference sessions are provided by top trainers and are designed to benefit students and professionals alike.
        * The Conference brings together 2,000 highly qualified American Indian students and professionals from all areas of science, engineering, and technology fields.
        * The Career Fair is an unequalled diversity recruitment opportunity.
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          Hey - the pow-wow is on Sat night - and they need vendors, drums and dancers - who all is coming!!! This is an exciting time....

          PSSSTTTTT....for Vendors - There are over 1,400+ folks who have registered for this conference....and the fee is cheap!!!!! There are plenty of spots available...
          Everything is gonna be alright!

          Be blessed - got love???

          This b me.....


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            Hey folks. I got more details about the powwow. It's going to be held at the Charlotte Convention Center this Saturday, Nov 5th at 9:30pm. The Head Staff is as follows:

            Host Drum: Southern Sun Singers
            MC: Sandon Jacobs
            Head Dancers: Jason and Kristy Evans
            Arena Director: John "Stickboy" Oxendine
            Invited: EVERYONE.......VENDORS, DRUMMERS, & DANCERS!!!!!

            Folks tell all your friends. I hope this turns out to be a good one. Vendors once again we don't have many vendors. If you want to come please call me at 910-736-1210. Vendor fee is $50 and you pay on site. ~2000 people registered and we only have 2 vendors so far!!!!!!!
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