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  • Dancing with SHORT hair

    What does everyone think about a female dancer w/ short hair. This actually pertains to me. I am a jingler as a lot of you know and I am also a hair stylist. It is my job to always look good. It is also my tradition to have long hair. I LOVE dancing and I LOVE my heritage. I first cut my hair froma death in the family, and now, I like it better short. It has been a year since I cut it. So I know about the year before you dance tradition.

    I want to dance so bad but I am afraid that people will not respect me in the circle because of it. There is a powwow this weekend that I am going to and I am torn on this situation.

    I am just asking for feedback. No mean comments please.

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    I Think Its Koolerz U Want To Stay W Ur Traditions And Think About Long Hair But So What What Others Think. When I See U Pretty Jingle Dancers Dance You All Look Pretty And Hair Shoudln't Matter. I'm Sure U Look Pretty With Long Or Short Hair.


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      I've danced with lots of guys with short hair - many with totally shaved heads. Guess its different with women though...many have collar length and can still wear hairties and barrettes.

      I've traveled all over and have seen women dance with short hair and they didn't seem to be getting flack over it. I've even seen several girls dance with really short hair - buzzed - and they seemed to be getting along fine. Your hair should be your personal preference and don't let others make your decisions for you.
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        I know what you mean. My hair was real short (remember old school Halle Berry?) when I first came to the arena. I waited a year while I learned how to dance and how to carry myself. My hair was long enough to braid when I was finally dressed, but I kept thinking that if I hadn't cut it in the first place my braids would've been longer.

        I wouldn't worry about it if you're already established as a dancer. Continue to be respectful and dance your heart out.
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          Well thanks everyone... People know me in the community and they know my career... But the woment that mentored me in dancing was very dissapointed. Oh well.. I guess i will be me and that is it.

          If you lose the drum beat of the creator, you are lost in life - Aanishnabe

          You say I don't look indian? Well you don't look stupid, but looks can be deceiving!


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            I say if you want to have your hair short - then go ahead!

            I cut my waist length hair off because I felt like I didn't have it for the right reasons and felt a lot of pressure to keep it - I chose not to and felt so much better for the next few years that I had short hair.

            My hair is back to my waist and I am loving and appreciating it more then I did back then.


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              i was always taught that traditionally we should always keep our hair long...i guess it has to do with a womans hair is her beauty...unfortunately my hair is short but it grows fast so in no time my hair will be back to being long again....cant wait!


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                there's a lot of people who have short hair. Shoulder length especially. If you want to dance get out there!
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