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  • white buffalo calf born -Prophesy

    Birth of A white bison

    Quebec: On September 21, 2005, a white bison calf was born in
    Valley-of-Lakes, Quebec, Canada. Named Prophecy, the newborn baby is a
    female. Prophecy was born on an Athabascan buffalo reserve owned by
    Stephan Denis. According to Denis, this is the 7th white buffalo calf
    born in recent years. It all started in 1995 with the birth of a white
    bison female in Wisconsin. Named "Miracle" this baby white bison was
    the first white female to be born in generations. At once, a
    traditional Lakota medicine man, Floyd Hand, said: "For us the
    Indians, it is like the Return of Christ for the white." The
    Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nations (Sioux) were visited several centuries ago
    by a spiritual being, the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She gave the tribes
    their highest spiritual lessons and peace ceremonies. If the new white
    bison, Prophecy, fulfills her prophecy, she will change colors four
    times to reflect the races of the world.

    Read more about White Buffalo Calf Woman:

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