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    Drink your daily cup of performance wisdom!
    ”HEADGAMES” on Sirius Satellite
    *weekdays at 10 am Pacific*
    Nick Lowery, NFL Hall of Fame Nominee, Brings Unique Program to Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 122
    Join Us For Headgames' Unsurpassed Guests
    All -Star Lineup!
    Friday, Nov 18th: NFL Hall of Fame Coach Marv Levy and Sports performance expert Jim Fannin ~ The weekend's key matchups and the challenge of leadership on today's playing field and in the locker room
    Monday, Nov 21st: Len Dawson, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback
    ~ This week's NFL's matchups , playing David to the NFL's Goliath, and getting the competitive edge, plus correspondent Randy Covitz, KC Star. And Al Saunders, Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Tuesday, Nov. 22nd: Golf's best TV announcer (we grade for accuracy, wisdom and humor) Senior PGA Star Gary McCord ~ Concentration and peak performance in the big time PGA competitions and ESPN’s NFL Prime Time’s Tom Jackson with our regular co-host Peter Roby from the Center for the Study of Sport in Society ~ Continuing our series on Harmony in the locker room and Performance on the field.

    Wednesday, November 23rd: Charles Barkley, the NBA's most dynamic and entertaining ambassador (we grade for leadership, laughter and honesty)! ~ on which teams and stars will endure this NBA season
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________
    Each day, you have the opportunity to gain world-class knowledge and cutting edge insight into human technology. Parents, future leaders and young athletes NATIONWIDE can take advantage of this unique, world class treasure: Headgames regularly hosts Hall of Fame coaches, players, Astronauts, CEO’s, performers from the landscape of human endeavor. In addition, the Headgames performance family works with experts Dr. Andy Jacobs, Jim Fannin, and Professor John Eliot of Rice University and his colleagues from NASA, the US Olympic Committee and the Texas Health System at the National Center for Human Performance. Along with West Point’s Center for Enhanced Performance, we will harness the latest performance research and apply it to the every day challenges all of us confront. Each week, we will demonstrate convincing decision and action technologies that are every day improving not only our performance on the playing field, but even our economic capacity, and our actual capacity for daily excellence in performance psychology, leadership and decision making contexts.

    Nick Lowery will profile nationally, if not world-renowned guests from the Headgames Performance Academy that provide succinct, dynamic, entertaining and practical wisdom that benefits all of us in confronting a complex, constantly changing environment.

    LISTEN: Every weekday from 10-11AM P.S.T. on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 122. Nick brings a truly new kind of radio show that combines the URGENCY of news talk with the RELEVANCY of Sports ~ leadership and performance under pressure.
    Nick Lowery’s Headgames show is about performance excellence –
    · how you can be at your best when it matters most
    · how you can confront pressure and anxiety and make it work for you
    · how you can help children learn the fundamental lessons of life on the playing field - and off
    Youth Sports Too many parents today are worried about where their kids will play, so worried that they will be safe that their children are deprived of the free time to dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan, to explore who they are, to discover what they are about. Everything is organized and controlled. No one is left to develop and own their own character, their own initiative, their own destiny and vision. They are coached and consulted to the point of burnout. Headgames will ask, Where do we find the fusion of practical performance, shared success and passion that brings lasting values and fulfillment for young people?
    Performance on the stage, on the playing field and the battle field of life! Headgames shares the insights of world champions like Dan O’Brien and Charles Barkley, thoughtful gladiators like ESPN’s Tom Jackson and Michael Wilbon, owners, team executives, and record setters from many fields - experts and heroes who have come through the fire of adversity to achieve success in sports, politics, the media, the arts ~ even former prisoners of war and war heroes from the Special Forces - performance on the stage, on the playing field and the battle field of life. NFL Head Coaches, Astronauts, top media story-tellers: winners in the real sense. As you drive in your car and go about your day confronting the messiness and chaos that is life, tune in to drink your daily cup of performance wisdom. This one isn’t $5…. It’s worth a whole lot more, and it’s free!
    You’ll listen to three of the top performance experts in the country:
    · Dr. Andrew Jacobs ~ The Winning Edge
    · Dr. John Eliot ~ Overachievement
    · Jim Fannin ~
    The latest information and insight from the stories of real people.
    It’s fun, and it’s true reality radio!
    OUR GOAL: to raise the bar! To drink your daily cup of performance wisdom & raise the quality of usable information for you right now, the young athlete or the parent, working Mom or Dad, in how you solve the problems and kick the game-winning field goal in your own life.
    Nick Lowery serves as the Executive Producer as well as host. It is a successful marriage of his national youth development work (see, including his recent Masters and Fellowship at Harvard in community building and leadership, with his 20 year NFL Hall of Fame nominated career playing in a position of the highest pressure, in the most public of arenas.
    In conclusion, the show uses the spotlight that plays out at the Olympics and Pro sports levels to provoke discussion - and reveal truth- about subjects that affect us all in the human game.

    About Nick Lowery

    "Today, athletes have a remarkable spotlight on them. We can encourage, enlighten and empower people to ask better questions, solve their own problems, and tell their own stories of triumph. That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of Headgames!"
    From All-Pro athlete to White House aide, Nick Lowery is a true Renaissance man. Nick was nominated this year to the NFL Hall of Fame after a record-setting career as a place-kicker with the Kansas City Chiefs. Nick set all-time NFL records for accuracy and most field goals, was chosen to seven All-NFL teams and kicked the game-winning points in three NFL Pro Bowls and 15 NFL games. The Kansas City Star has listed Nick as one of the most popular Chiefs of all-time. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Nick is also the first pro athlete to graduate with a Masters from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, is the only person to work for both President George H W Bush and Bill Clinton in the White House Office of National Service, and was a legislative aide for two US Senators before making in the NFL. Before becoming a record-setter in the NFL, Nick was cut by eight NFL teams eleven times! Nick won the NFL Players Association's most prestigious award, the Byron R. "Whizzer" White Award. Persistence and mentorship are philosophical underpinnings for his nationally recognized youth development work. Nick is the founder of Native Vision and Nation Building for Native Youth, two nationally recognized leadership programs, and is Vice Chair of the prestigious new National Fund for Excellence in American Indian Education.
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