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  • Controversial Gun video game

    Boozhoo niji,

    I am really going out on a limb with starting this thread, because I myself have some mixed issues on this subject. This is about a video game called Gun, its available on PS2, and Xbox, that I know of. I bought the game expecting it to be like a Old Western version of Grand Theft Auto, and it sorta is.

    What is controversial about this game, is that in one part you have to shoot and kill a bunch of "renegade" Apache. You are protecting a group of Chinese workers building a tressle bridge for a railroad. I played this part, and I found it distateful as well.

    In a later part of the game you ambush a train and free a bunch of Apache held prisoner in a boxcar. And further on in the story your character finds out that he has Apache ancestory.

    I found a link to boycott the game...


    but some of the things they state in the game dont jive. One remark in particular is that in the bridge mission, you have to "Scalp" the apache. It is true you can go to a general store in the game and purchase a scalping knife, and perform this act of violence. But you dont have to, its not required to succeed in the mission. And once you purchase the knife, its just as easy to scalp white men as it is Apache.

    This is a game of killing, just like Grand Theft Auto, or Medal of Honor, or any other game where your character collects weapons and shoots other people. In Vice city, there are just as many Haitians and Cubans as there are whites, and you can kill them all, in this game you play a white person. In San Andreas, you deal with whites, blacks and some Japanese, and you can kill them all, in this game you play a black person.

    The point is, in games like these, you are gonna be killing somebody. For those people that would rather not, there is a range of other games available, from sports, to racing, and other things having to do with music.

    Like I said, I felt uncomfortable with the part of protecting the bridge and killing the Apache, but I dont feel that the game is racist. I didnt remember hearing any kind of remarks of the sort, although the killing is very graphic.

    Before you make your own conclusions about this or any game, please dont base them on my comments or the comments of any other reviews. As I said, I logged onto the above link and found mistakes in what they were saying. I have no idea who wrote the petition. But if you are going to make comments about something you have to witness it first hand. I own a copy of the game, so I can give accounts based on my observations. I have tried to be unbiased about this. It cost me about $25 for my PS2, and I think you can rent it for a couple of days for around $3-4.

    All of that being said, post what you feel, ask around if anyone else has played it. I will keep playing it, have only gotten about halfway though the story. I will also post anything else that I find in there remarkable in here.

    I believe in something I want to believe, not what someone wants me to believe.

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    How many people are going to post about this game? This is like thread number 4 about the same game? Check them out Crazy cause there's a link to an online petition on one of them.....
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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      Had heard about this over my way. Contacted Activision bout a month ago. Games promoting sterotypes and violence against any people, especially First Nation people are in bad taste. Scalping, come on. Wouldn't want children to be exposed to more hate than is already here in reality....
      A sun dance leader told me of another game called "revenge of Custer" anyone hear of this??Guess when you "win" you get to have your way w/ a Native girl. Very sad


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        Well, I told my bfren about what I read here and in other posts about this game. He is still dying to get it. And he IS APACHE!!! is what it is...


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