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    Blood Percentage

    This is my thoughts. Whether you want to admit it or not this is us, the non full bloods.

    The In-Between People

    The Old Ones, of many paths on this Earth,
    say that the in-between places are those of power,
    the veiling of twilight, the glimmering of dawn,
    the challenge of the river, the crossing of paths.
    Here, they say, is where the greatest Medicine
    can be worked.

    Why then, do some say that we, of in-between blood,
    Walk apart from the power, and are not truly of the People,
    No matter how strongly our heartbeat matches the drum?
    We are the in-between places of the heart,
    We are the power of that which is not only two,
    but also the horizon of things yet unseen.

    Bring your hearts to us, for ours are seared with waiting,
    Bring your dreams to us, for we have long been dreaming,
    We are the gates, woven of willow and thorns, to new worlds
    In ways we ourselves do not understand without you.
    When you come to us, the in-between ones, look beyond
    The traces of more than one People's blood, look!
    And see, see how our souls stretch, and arch to the sky,
    Making a sacred hoop for you, for all our Peoples,
    Woven of our love, our pain, our pride, and our need,
    To know that you, who are the true color of Mother Earth,
    Can accept the other pigments blended into Earth's ochre,
    We pray to hear you call to us, in the old ways,
    with flute and smoke, knowing that we,
    the in-between, dance a new song of power.

    @Patricia Phillips
    Taken from her book "Freddie Came Home and Other Coyote Tales"
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      I understand

      I myself am not Native American,but i can understand where you are coming from.When i was younger i had quite a hard time the reason for this is i am part romanian gypsey.I've grown to be proud of my heritage now,it's just annoying that other people (some) can't accept that,maybe never will!!But who cares eh..You have the luck and oppertunity to be part of two different cultures so enjoy!!!Chin up and look forward sweets.....
      keep what you got
      by givin' it all away
      remember where you came from
      nobody or anythin' gonna get in your way

      'Ian Brown'


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