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    Mattaponi Indian
    Chief: Webster "Little Eagle" Custalow
    Asistant Chief: Carl "Lone Eagle" Custalow
    A message from Assistant Chief Carl "Lone Eagle" Custalow.

    Annual Powwow


    The Mattaponi Indian Reservation was created from land long held by the Tribe by an act of the Virginia General Assembly in 1658. Being one of the oldest reservations in the country, the Tribe traces its history back to the Great Chief Powhatan, father of Pocahontas, who ruled most of Tidewater Virginia when Europeans arrived in 1607. The story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith begins here.

    Since the Assembly's designation of the Reservation in 1658, the Mattaponi Tribe has maintained its heritage and many of its customs despite strong pressures pushing toward assimilation with the mainstream culture.

    Through the years both the Reservation's physical size and the number of Tribal members have been diminished. The Reservation presently encompasses approximately 150 acres, a portion being wetland. Although the Tribal Roll numbers 450 people, only 60 actually live on the Reservation. The Mattaponi Indian Tribe is State recognized and continues to maintain its own Sovereign government. The Governing Body today is made up of the Chief (pictured above), Assistant Chief, and seven Councilmen.

    Many Mattaponis who live off the Reservation would like to return to their traditional homeland to continue the Tribe's culture and traditions. To do so will require expansion of the land holdings of the Mattaponi Tribe.

    The Reservation today sits on the banks of the Mattaponi River, one of the most pristine rivers in the Eastern United States. Facilities on the Reservation today include living quarters, a small church, a museum, a Fish Hatchery and Marine Science Center, and a community Tribal building that was formerly the Reservation school.

    While some of the residents pursue their endeavors on the Reservation, many of the younger members seek work in other areas.


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      We are recognized...


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        Shirley Little Dove McGowan is the one who modeled for the Disneys version of Pochahontas :)


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          Originally posted by NativeGentleFeather
          I am asking how I would get the info on filling out for a status card. My daughters father needs the info so he can apply up in Canada or she will only be considered half native by the government.
          I think the first thing you would probably need to find out is what proof Canada requires of a US person of native descent. You may be directed to contact the Tribal council of your people.



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            Thank You,

            My mother-n-law went and picked up the form for my husband to fill out. He is going to put her down as Mohawk on the Tribal Card. I am just worried that I won't be able to prove my background. She will only be considered 1/2 Native. And when she remarries she will lose that status I heard unless I have a card that proves I am native. I forget how it works.


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