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Red Earth Vs. others and giving back to NDN community

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  • Red Earth Vs. others and giving back to NDN community

    What's your thoughts on Red Earth? How has it changed over the 20 years its been goin on? I heard someone say that they didin't like it since it didn't give any money back to NDN community. Do any of the big ones? What about Gathering of the Nations? Do they give back to NDN community?

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    Originally posted by powwowngirl
    What's your thoughts on Red Earth? How has it changed over the 20 years its been goin on? I heard someone say that they didin't like it since it didn't give any money back to NDN community. Do any of the big ones? What about Gathering of the Nations? Do they give back to NDN community?


    Check out GON's Academic Scholarship Foundation.
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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      Thank you for responding to my question. I was beginning to wonder if anyone knew the answer. I heard some "negative" about Red Earth not giving back to NDN community. The people who said it should check out this information too. It is great this HUGE Gathering provides 1 scholarship to 1 person Enrolled in the University there. That is a good thing. It was presented to me that most large dances gave $'s in some other way? In my opinion, Red Earth provides a place to dance, see friends and family, make some $, sell some art, have some good eatin' and it doesn't cost alot of money to stay in Oklahoma for hotels, food, etc.
      So are you going to Red Earth this year? It is the 20 year anniversary and Jim Anque is heavily involved in maintaining the standards for the dancing he thinks is right for this event this year. Not that anything has been wrong with it in the past but, I know it will be good if he is MORE involved. Anque has followed some of the ideas like his brother Kenneth taught him when Kenneth started the Tulsa Powwow. In the 50s Kenneth said he was going to have head man and head lady dancers. You know you young ones probably thought powwows just came that way? Then Jim brought it here. Any how, Kenneth would choose people you never really heard of, someone you knew it would mean alot, to be chosen and after filling that position--you were on the circuit.
      I believe that is a good thing. If all we do is choose the very best for these positions, how does this look when it comes to the competition and how then do we encourage others to get and stay involved? I am glad he has this idea in mind and appreciate his humbleness. I went to Norman last night for OU dance and many said they were going. I wish he would be honored somehow this year for all he has done for powwows. Jim, his brother Kenneth and his father were all about giving us a place to come together.
      Let me know how you think Red Earth has changed over the years. It has been goin on so long, I am sure it's had peeks and valleys. Thanks for responding to me!


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        I think Red Earth gives back the Native community in several ways, not just competition dancing as some or most people believe.
        Red Earth is an original idea that began in the 70's with the Oklahoma City Arts and Craft Guild...they wanted to present Oklahoma artists with the opportunity to promote their art at one designated festival. Red Earth honors the artists, not only in this area, but throughout Native America. They have an excellent art show, with art competition different age groups, the youth art show and competition is awesome. If you get the chance, check out their exhibitions.
        This festival promotes Native culture in the fact that they do their pow wow in an informative manner(which upsets the old pow wow veterans, but this is to promote "Red Earth" which is Oklahoma's "indian" name, so to speak). People get a chance to see different kinds of dancing and hear different kinds of singing as well as experience the food vendors. It is not as big as GON, but it also not as cluttered and it offers cultural experinces in the art field as well as dancing and singing.
        Red Earth is also based in the Red Earth offices and museum, which promote culture awareness year around with their presentations, educational opportunities, etc. It is not just a pow wow, but a museum based educational business.
        So, Red Earth gives back to the Native community more than we realize. As a granddaughter to one of the OKC Arts and Crafts Guild from the 70's(ha ha), and a daughter in law to one of the Honored One's at the Red Earth Art Show..I understand where the Red Earth committee has set its goals and what it strives to accomplish in both singing, dancing and art promotion for the community.
        I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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          Very well put.


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            Red Earth

            Thanks for the message. I am glad to hear someone else think it is a good thing and good for our state.
            What will you do at it this year?


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