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What would you do without IHS????

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  • What would you do without IHS????

    Okay, so I hope everyone's heard about legislation that's been brought up about making EVERYONE carry insurance at work. I guess they're starting that in Mass. and hoping to make it a national policy in the upcoming future. Just curious as to how you as native people feel about it? I being native feel it's an ultimate attempt to phase out IHS (this could be me reaching, but they're already cutting funding for it). I'm thinking about those who don't make the money to pay out of pocket for insurance. Also the small business owners who could really be put out of business if this comes to pass, how would they make it work? I know they say they would help cover differences if not all of the policy could be paid by the worker. But are they factoring in child support, alimony, house expenses (also those who's house payments are based on income).

    Curious to other thoughts or ideas or comments.

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    I for one feel they are phasing my IHS benefits out. Our clinic here had to get rid of 22 employees last Fall, this Spring they have limited the ways to actually be seen and treated, which again they say "lack of funding." They are cutting back on some of the medications they will pay for. I, as a homemaker and student do not have any health insurance and so I fully rely on IHS. I hate them and I love them; but I'm really starting to hate them more and more these days and I just tell my kids not to get hurt or sick. That's ok; I'm the one who created the IHS Native Clinic Guinea Pig thread, and I still stand by all my posts there. The US govt. is trying to get out of the business of funding these programs, afterall they don't feel they did anything wrong by taking from us!
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