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    Native Voice One Set to Launch

    Native Voice One Set to Launch Date: 26/06/2006 10:33:34 PM Eastern
    Standard Time (mailto:[email protected])

    P R E S S R E L E A S E

    For immediate release: June 26, 2006
    Contact: Susan Braine, Koahnic Broadcast Corporation: 505 401 3533

    Native Voice One Set to Launch
    Public radio’s new Native network hits the airways July 1
    Albuquerque, NM: Public radio gets a new radio network this week with the
    July 1 kick-off of Native Voice One (NV1), an Albuquerque-based group
    comprised primarily of Native American radio stations located across the United
    States. NV1, a division of the Koahnic Broadcast Corporation (KBC), will
    service affiliates with a 24x7 programming stream and reach listeners across the
    world with streaming and on-demand audio via its on-line program service, NV1 will replace AIROS (American Indian Radio on Satellite) as the
    primary distributor of daily, weekly and special Native programming created by
    independent producers, stations, and KBC.
    The formation of NV1 was first announced in April at a Native Radio Summit
    convened in Portland, OR with news of a significant start-up investment from
    the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the support of NPR
    Distribution which is providing a 24x7 satellite channel for NV1 programs. NV1 is
    working with SchardtMEDIA to lay the organizational foundation of the new
    network, including an on-going collaboration with PRI and Public Interactive to
    provide service and support to Native stations and producers.
    In April, NV1 brought on Burt Poley who will lead the initiative as NV1’s
    Network Manager. Poley is a veteran of Native radio, having served as Manager
    of Station and Audience Relations for KBC, station manager of Hopi Radio/KUYI
    and in technical operations at KNAU in Flagstaff, AZ before stepping up to
    his new post. KBC tapped Nola Daves Moses to serve as Program Manager of NV1.
    Also a veteran of Native radio, she has worked behind the scenes primarily
    on the technical side since 1997. Daves Moses has been an integral member of
    the production team for both Native America Calling and National Native
    News – two of Native radio’s flagship programs – and is co-founder of the
    Albuquerque non-profit group, Southwest Stages.
    NV1 has inherited from AIROS an existing affiliate base of approximately
    35 public radio stations and a dozen producers. NV1 is developing new
    policies designed to encourage production opportunities for a wide range of
    producers and assure a strong and growing roster of content offerings. NV1 has
    formed a unique partnership with the Center for Native American Public Radio
    (CNAPR) and its advisory council who will help guide NV1. Over the course of the
    year, NV1 will also upgrade the live stream which AIROS established as a
    lifeline to Native listeners everywhere. In addition to the higher-quality
    streaming, NV1 plans to offer an on-demand menu of programs to listeners across
    the world, establishing a uniquely branded Native American radio presence on
    the Internet.
    “The support of our affiliates and partners in this new venture has been
    tremendous,” said Jaclyn Sallee, President and CEO of KBC. “We‘re very
    enthused at this opportunity to contribute in important new ways to building and
    expanding the spirit and culture of Native America across the US and the world.”

    In 2007, NV1 will look to reaching across to mainstream public radio
    stations and listeners as it seeks new distribution outlets and develops a new
    generation of Native-themed content serving a broader audience. Gregg McVicar,
    owner of RadioCamp and host of a popular new daily music service,
    UnderCurrents, co-produced with KBC, shares NV1’s desire to reach new listeners on more
    stations. “AIROS gave us a good foothold in public media and now we have a
    golden opportunity to take the enterprise up a great big notch,” said McVicar.
    “We’re especially pleased that folks everywhere will be able to enjoy NV1
    via a higher-quality Web stream.”
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Anchorage, AK based Koahnic Broadcast Corporation < _
    ( > is a leader in bringing Native voices to Alaska and
    the nation. KBC produces Native radio’s daily flagship programs, including
    _National Native News_ ( , _Native America Calling_
    ( , _Earthsongs_
    ( , Stories of Our People, and Native Word of the Day, and also
    operates local station affiliate, KNBA, the first Native radio station located in an
    urban market. Though its training programs, KBC seeks to increase
    Native-minority voices in the media.
    # # #

    SchardtMEDIA Strategies
    11 Rockmere Street
    Boston, MA 02125
    p: 617 436 9024
    c: 617 515 1998
    _http://www.SchardtMEDIA.org_ (

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