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  • Native American Television Inc. is Coming!

    Native American Television Inc.

    Will you let another year go by without Our own television Network?



    NATV is the acronym for Native American Television, Inc., a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit news and multimedia technology training organization. NATV’s primary focus for day-to-day news and information is its digital website, Native Online, located at This section provides visitors with a more detailed picture of NATV, featuring our Mission Statement, Objectives, Historical Background, and our transition to a Digital future.



    NATV’s mission is to serve Native America by using 21st Century multimedia technology to inform and educate our fellow Americans about Native American issues, history and culture, while providing educational technology training to tribal community students in Digital Studio Production, Web Development, Journalism and Governmental Awareness.
    NATV is committed to achieving the following objectives:
    1. To create a nationwide grassroots network for gathering news and information about and from tribal communities throughout the Nation;
    2. To enhance and strengthen the technological capabilities of all Native American news organizations to report on issues, events and personalities from Washington, D.C.;
    3. To establish a technology training center and institute in Washington, D.C. to offer professional certification to
    Native American students in areas of Digital Studio Production and Web Development, and educational courses in
    Journalism and Governmental Awareness.
    NATV is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, incorporated as Native American Television on June 8, 1990. Founded by the late Charles “Chuck” Kaster, NATV was established for the purpose of training Native American students in news reporting while producing quality television programming about Native American issues, history and culture. For over a decade, NATV operated primarily from Chuck’s basement where he had established a media center to train Native American students in studio production and field work. Off-site and in the field, NATV covered numerous Native American events, such as Native American PowWows held on the national mall in Washington, D.C.; the opening of the Smithsonian Institution’s American Indian Museum; and the American Indian Inaugural Ball of 2001. In 1996 and 1997, NATV worked closely with the Pequot Indian Nation to produce videos of their Schemitzun PowWows, and during the summer of 2005 reported on the National PowWow held at Washington’s MCI Center.

    As a news gathering organization, NATV has covered a multitude of issues of importance to Native America such as Education, Environment, Health Care, and Housing, in addition to the more controversial issues of Gaming, Sovereignty, and Trust Reform. On numerous occasions, the organization has provided video production assistance to other organizations that are also involved with Native Americans such as the American Indian Society and the National Congress of American Indians. There is every expectation that NATV will continue to provide these same quality services in the future, but with a greater emphasis on technology.
    When NATV was formed, television was the predominant communication vehicle for viewing news in American and throughout the world. NATV’s sole mission was to train Native American students in television broadcasting, news reporting and studio production. Today, with more and more news organizations moving toward 24/7 multimedia coverage, NATV will be using the Internet as a major communication tool to provide online video, news and commentary about Native American issues, history and culture as it moves toward establishing America’s first Native American cable television station in the Nation’s capitol.

    Dedicated to keeping founder Chuck Kaster’s dream alive of educating and training Native American students, NATV’s multimedia Washington Semester technology training program in Digital Studio Production, Web Development, Journalism and Governmental Awareness does just that.

    Given the importance of students developing job skills that will enable them to become more competitive in a global job market, NATV is attempting to answer the educational “Call to Arms” articulated by author Thomas L. Friedman in his popular bestseller “The World is Flat.” In terms of technology training, NATV is committed to “No Native American Child Left Behind.”

    Just as acquiring technology skills in Web Development and Digital Studio Production will enhance a student’s ability to obtain technology-related jobs, NATV’s Journalism and Governmental Awareness curriculums will enable students to develop a more thorough understanding of the News Media as well learning how the American federal government works. With studio production and training facilities strategically located in the Hall of States—just across the street from the U.S. Capitol building—NATV is convenient to national newsmakers, policymakers, and other news media.

    The studio, located in Suite 524 of the Hall of States in Washington DC, now bears the name “Chuck Kaster Studio,” to honor the memory of NATV’s founder who died in September 2002. “Chuck always wanted to have a permanent facility to train Native American students in news gathering and studio production. This studio, which will house America’s first Native American cable television station in Washington, D.C. will be a major first step in fulfilling Chuck’s dream and in recognizing his commitment to helping Native Americans” said Executive Director Randy Flood.

    Your Help Is Needed Now!
    Every Dollar Counts, If you and a friend send in just $10.00 and encourage others to do the same. NATV can be up and running across multiple cable networks by October of 2006.
    Are you ready for real Native Television?
    Then here’s what you can do:



    Corporate, Foundation and Individual contributions are greatly appreciated. Donations are crucial to funding NATV’s day to day nonprofit operations in the studio, in our field operations, and for our educational training curriculum.


    All donations will support:
    · Technology training for Native American students in Digital Video Production and Web Development;
    · Journalism and Governmental Awareness Workshops, and Speakers’ Programs;
    · General operations funding for NATV’s news gathering operations and online communications;
    · Film production and editing costs associated with producing educational programs for and about Native Americans
    All donors and sponsors--Corporations, Foundations, Organizations, and Individuals--will receive:
    Acknowledgement of their financial support on NATV’s website;
    Public recognition at all NATV-sponsored events and workshops;
    Citation in all NATV information and marketing materials.
    All contributions to NATV are greatly appreciated. Simply download our donation form and mail it with your check, payable to “NATV, Inc.” at the following address:
    NATV, Inc.
    P.O. Box 16231
    Alexandria Virginia 22302
    NATV is a 501c3 nonprofit multimedia organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

    This message brought to you by The American Indian Injustice Group

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