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Grand Aboriginal gathering in the Outaouais

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  • Grand Aboriginal gathering in the Outaouais

    Attention News Editors:
    Grand Aboriginal gathering in the Outaouais
    Mega-demonstration by the 27 affiliated communities of the Quebec


    GATINEAU, July 13 /CNW Telbec/ - Core members have come to realize that

    as far as recognition of their existence as Aboriginal People of Canada living

    in Quebec, or of their fundamental ancestral rights, recognized and confirmed

    in the Canadian Constitution is concerned, nothing has changed over the past

    35 years.

    After many fruitless attempts at discussion and mediation with both

    federal and provincial governments, the core members of 27 communities

    affiliated to the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Quebec (CPAQ) have

    informed their Grand-Chief, Solange Sansoucy, that enough is enough! For over

    35 years, the Aboriginals living off-reserve in Quebec have been told that

    they never existed and still do not exist today. And, additionally, that they

    have no ancestral rights in Quebec.

    On several occasions, the Quebec government has told various leaders

    representing Aboriginals living off the reserve that "the government has not

    signed the Constitution of Canada," in the hope of rejecting their

    responsibilities towards the Aboriginals who share the Quebec territory with

    its other inhabitants.

    Considering and despite the fact that the definition of the Aboriginal

    Peoples of Canada, as laid out in section 35 of the 1982 Constitution Act

    includes the Indian, Inuit, and Metis peoples as an integral part of section

    35 of the Constitution of Canada, the expression Aboriginal Peoples

    specifically covers Indians, Inuits and Metis of Canada. Moreover section 35.1

    "Recognition of existing aboriginal and treaty rights", recognizes and

    confirms the existing rights (ancestral or derived from treaties) of the

    Aboriginal Peoples.

    Consequently, based on all the preceding, we, the Confederation of

    Aboriginal People of Quebec find ourselves constrained to announce to the

    population at large that the situation has become absolutely intolerable and

    unacceptable. The Aboriginal People of Quebec are amongst the most

    underprivileged citizens of Canada. Quebec has the distinction of the highest

    rate of suicide in Canada. Our people need adapted programs in the fields of

    Education, Health, and Economic Development.

    Despite a number of grievances filed with the Government of Canada, this

    institution takes absolutely no account of its fiduciary accountability or of

    its duty of good governance with regard to Aboriginals who have been

    mistreated and abandoned.

    The new Grand-Chief, Solange Sansoucy has declared that "this

    mistreatment, this ethnocide of the Aboriginal People, whom I represent, and

    who include our children, our senior citizens, and our Aboriginal population

    as a whole, is over and done with..."

    It is because we have nowhere else to turn that I now claim the support

    of all the Aboriginals, and of the clan Grandmother who hear our cry of

    distress, the support of every other ethnic group and, even more, of the

    Quebec and Canadian population coast to coast, and ask them to join with us in

    defending the rights of existence of our non-migrant Canadian Aboriginals now

    settled in Quebec.

    The First off-reserve Grand Aboriginal Gathering will take place in the

    Hull sector of Gatineau, at the corners of Eddy and Duportage. We have plenty

    of space for every size of vehicle (camper, caravan, canvas tents, etc). You

    are cordially invited to come and help us claim respect for the fact of our

    existence and the acknowledgement that we have fundamental rights. To help

    this Gathering pass more pleasantly, we will be offering the attending public

    traditional meat mechouis (moose, deer, bison, elk, etc.). A number of tepees

    will be set up for the duration of the Grand Gathering, and there will be a

    number of mobile toilets and 18-wheelers with trailers to allow those without

    lodgings to stretch out in Aboriginal comfort. Finally, there will also be

    trailers of logs, for lighting our sacred fires and carrying out the

    appropriate ceremonies.

    On this historical occasion, we will be celebrating the official launch

    of the CD produced by National Grand-Chief Guillaume Carle. Profits from the

    sale of the CD will go to combating suicide and diabetics, and to CPAQ

    charities. This "sit-in" will also be the occasion of a number of open-air


    Finally, I would ask for an official intervention by the United Nations,

    with a view to defending our rights in every aspect of this regrettable


    In conclusion, we are please to tell the Canadian public at large that

    our motto is:

    "Proud United and Tenacious"


    For further information: Raymond Bilodeau, Director, Communications,

    (819) 360-8261

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