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Louis Farrakhan visits Dine Nation

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  • Louis Farrakhan visits Dine Nation

    Farrakhan meets Dine
    Nation of Islam leader visits Navajoland
    By Natasha Kaye Johnson
    Dine Bureau
    July 19, 2006
    WINDOW ROCK -- One of the most controversial religious figures in the
    country, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, met with Navajo Nation President
    Joe Shirley, Jr. Tuesday, although tribal officials were vague on the reasons
    for the visit.

    When questioned about the purpose of the visit, Shirley said that the visit
    was to try to do something about unmet needs on the reservation and to
    address issues of economic development; though Farrakhan is not well known for
    having expertise in the area.

    When asked why the President's Office opened an invitation to such a
    contentious figure, especially one that many leaders decline to meet, Shirley stated
    that he honestly did not know much about him, but knew that he was a "figure
    of notoriety."

    Farrakhan has been branded by critics for being a racist, separatist,
    sexist, and an anti-Semite. Under Farrakhan's leadership, the Nation of Islam has
    been compared by some to be equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan, since the group
    has been known for its tirades against Jews, whites and Catholics.

    He is also infamous for referring to Jews, Palestinian Arabs, and Asians
    collectively as "bloodsuckers", though he maintains that he is neither racist
    nor anti-Semitic.

    One of the most controversial quotes attributed to Farrakhan, which led to
    him being censored by the United States Senate, was "Hitler was a very great
    man." Farrakhan is also known for the infamous quote in 1994 when he said,
    "Murder and lying comes easy for white people."

    Though Farrakhan convened a broad coalition of black men in what has been
    said to be the largest march in American history, the Million Man March, he
    came under criticism from some groups because black women were eliminated from
    participating in the march.

    Although Farrakhan's visit was kept secret from the press, media
    representatives went to the Window Rock Airport early Tuesday after getting a tip that
    Farrakhan was coming.

    He was not at the airport, but Shirley showed up two hours after Farrakhan
    was supposed to fly in. He didn't explain why he had come to the airport, but
    he did answer questions about Farrakhan's reported visit.

    Tribal officials said later that Farrakhan did make it to Window Rock, but
    his itinerary was not released at his request. He attended a private dinner at
    the Navajo Nation Inn Tuesday night, but the press was not allowed in. Local
    news photographers were not allowed to take photos at the dinner or as
    Farrakhan was leaving.

    George Hardeen, Communications Director for the Navajo Nation President's
    Office, said Farrakhan met with nine council delegates for two hours, where
    Hardeen said they got to know him.

    Farrakhan was scheduled to leave the reservation today.

    Though Shirley was not familiar with Farrakhan's history or background, he
    did point out that he knew that Farrakhan has worked closely with people like
    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and he maintained that Farrakhan's visit was to
    begin to make contacts, though he did not specify with whom or for what

    Shirley was asked if he felt Farrakhan's visit could be harmful or possibly
    convince others leaders not to associate with the tribe.

    "I don't believe that," said Shirley.

    When questioned about what specific advice or insight Farrakhan provided in
    his visit, Shirley said, "they haven't gone that far." Shirley also said
    there are no other planned visits.

    When asked whether Farrakhan was there to provide guidance surrounding the
    racial incidents or tension in Farmington, Shirley said the visit had nothing
    to do with incidents.

    In the brief, unplanned press conference at the Window Airport, Shirley was
    adamant that the Navajo Nation needs assistance in addressing social ills and
    conditions on the reservation, although he didn't directly answer questions
    on how Farrakhan's visit could help to do that.

    "We need help big time," said Shirley. "The crime rate is up here in

    Shirley said he was not aware of any social groups or council delegates that
    Farrakhan met up with. Farrakhan also did not meet with any economic
    development groups, although his visit supposedly surrounded these issues.

    Initially, Hardeen, stated that Farrakhan came to visit to the Navajo
    Nation, and that he had dinner and a meeting with the President.

    "This has been a long-standing invitation of the President," said Hardeen.

    Hardeen stated that Farrakhan will be at the tribal council meeting on
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    Farrakahn, is a racist and separtist of the worse kind. He preaches that Blacks should be a part from other races. His group doesn't even except a black child who is of mixed race and calls them mongrels. He spews hatred everywhere he goes. He is not a mild minded Islamist, he is a radical Muslim, who by the very nature of what he preaches, preaches that Blacks are the chosen people of God. Directly or in directly he preachs violence as a means of accomplishing this end. He doesn't believe that Blacks should intermarry or mix with any other race, calling those that do an adbomination.
    He for years has included Indians as an example of people that have been victims of whites. Although true, in many aspects, he wants to use that feeling, fuel the fire, and convert Indians into the Muslim faith. He will offer protection, help with social needs, the value of education and family,etc. to win over the people. He will promote the hatred of whites and Jews, and any others who don't fit into his ideology. He will talk of strength in numbers and how all of the injustice done to our people can be be changed by following him. This may not happen all at once, but as soon as this Devil is welcomed into the fold, don't be decieved! He is as evil as it comes! If people are suffering, poor, uneducated, have no real hope, have substance abuse problems and then has someone come a long, promising an end to that, and helps financially. Some people will be convinced that he is a good and Godly man and the seeds of Islam will be planted forever in our nations. If you look around the world, it is the poor, uneducated, people that have no real hope, of things getting better that have flocked to Islam with the false promise of hope. They have in fact enslaved millions of people around the world especially women and girls. This world is in a fight one way or another with the Muslim ideology and Farrakahn has been on a mission to build a nation of Muslims to over throw the government of the United States. Although the Indian people have legitimate feelings against the whites, please don't let Farrakahn fuel that hatred into the desired outcome that he seeks! His ideology will enslave the people all over again, but into a much worse situation, than any of us have ever known. Think especially of the women and girls who would have all of their rights removed. This is a man who has a smile on his face and a knife in his hand!


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      Yeah, I wonder what the heck he is up to by this visit?
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        Yeah I wonder what is up too. I know that about a year or so ago he supposedly took a stand for redblack mixedbloods, but it never received large press and the support seemed to be just a sound bite. Despite all the other things he has said/done, it's hard to believe, let alone respect someone who takes an interview with Barbara Walters and some 40 years after the assasination of Malcolm X, Farrakhan halfway admitted to being involved. Either man up or punk all the way out and keep hiding.
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          Check out this site.

          This is what I was talking about. He wants to stir hatred amongest the people by using some of our issues and joining him as a Muslim who's down for our people!
          Just like I said before, he wants us to be his tools, and become one with the Muslim Nation!
          He's doesn't support us, he wants to separate us from our culture because the two aren't compatible! This is blatant racism that he wants our nations to become involved in, along with hatred for whites, Jews and others he condems! The Muslim faith is not aligned with whats good in our culture! Notice how you have to be filled with hate to be with him? Notice how he uses legitimate issues Natives have with whites and wants to turn us into a more hateful people?
          This needs to end, because if anything, it will only bring more harm to our people everywhere if we are aligned with such a hatemonger. We will lose respect from non Indians and they will only see him, when Native issues are addressed!


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            This is also a man that has aligned himself with the terrorists we are fighting around the world. He champions their causes and spreads that ideology. When we have our soldiers in harms way fighting the people that he embraces, many being Native Americans as well, what is he to say about them if they die? They voluntered to go, as there is no draft! They are fighting to keep people free, they are fighting for this country and against those that Farrakahn supports, that bombed the twin towers. Those are his friends!
            If we give him a foothold in any nation, we will be siding with those we are fighting against!
            Can you see native women wearing Burkas or having to be covered, not allowed an education, being put back into the stone age?
            Under Muslim rule we as Indians would disapear completely from the face of the earth and be enslaved and told what we could have or not have. Just like in other countries, the people have no voice and are threatened with death or murdered because they dissent. This is just the next group trying to kill off what makes us special!


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              I agree with you guys... this has a definite stink to it. He's probably not out to "help" the nation but recruit only young men. Young men in their twenties and teens.
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                I was thinking the same thing. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. I remember as a child thinking that he was viperish.
                SHAKE IT!!!!


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                  I am very, very, VERY leery of the man as he has done no good whatsoever. I still remember the BS comments he made about New Orleans and Katrina last year. NONE OF IT WAS FACTUAL, ALL PURE BS.

                  I hope the Dine' do NOT have anymore contact with this rascist extremist.


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                    Indian Country Today reports on Farrakhan/Dine meeting

                    Here's what ICT reported: Turns out his granddaughter is half Oglala Lakota. Read through.

                    WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. - Minister Louis Farrakhan, speaking to the Navajo Nation
                    Council, received applause and a standing ovation as he challenged Navajos
                    toward self-reliance based on their wisdom, talents and the wealth of their

                    ''Your ancestors were not fearful,'' Farrakhan told the council during its
                    recent summer session.

                    Farrakhan said the Navajo Nation has the opportunity to reveal how a true
                    democracy works. He said when productive activities begin in earnest, criminal
                    and gang activities will cease.

                    ''Rise up and show the world that the Navajo Nation is on the march,'' said
                    Farrakhan, leader of the 1995 Million Man March in Washington.

                    Stressing the unity of blacks and indigenous peoples, Farrakhan urged
                    Navajos to think of themselves as one nation with other Native tribes, without
                    divisions, pointing out that there are indigenous in Asia, Central America and
                    other nations.

                    Farrakhan said if Navajos think of themselves as only a small part of that
                    nation, then they become a minority. The solution, he said, is to come together
                    in unity.

                    He also pointed out that Christopher Columbus never asked the people what
                    they called themselves when he arrived in this hemisphere. Recognizing Navajos
                    as Dine', he said blacks and American Indians share common histories of

                    But he said Navajos are surrounded by the wealth of their land. While the
                    dollar fades, the Earth endures and takes care of the people of the Earth, he
                    said. If people are not producers, they are consumers of what others produce.
                    In the latter case, it is natural for producers to look down on people, he

                    ''We feel that we are suffering because of government neglect. The real
                    truth is we are suffering from self-neglect.''

                    Referring to Navajos' origins on this land, Farrakhan said the people were
                    creative as they learned to survive in this harsh region. But, he added, today
                    people are dependent on federal dollars.

                    He said now only 5 percent of the businesses on the Navajo Nation are owned
                    by Navajos. Non-Navajos, he said, are taking the money away from tribal land.
                    He said people are not respected by others if they are not productive.

                    Farrakhan said he did not come to address the issue of bordertown racism,
                    but had read in the newspaper about the racism and violence in nearby
                    Farmington, N.M.

                    He questioned what Navajos could do to change the situation.

                    ''You cannot defeat racism by picketing,'' he said. ''Marching will never
                    win the respect of the people who are looking down on us as a people.''

                    The way to win respect, he said, is for people to acquire knowledge and then
                    look to the environment to see what the Creator has given them.

                    Both the black and the red man have fallen down, he said. But, he added,
                    Navajos are a rich people because of their land.

                    After Farrakhan's address and during comments, Fort Defiance Councilman
                    Larry Anderson told Farrakhan that Navajos are still being put down by the
                    majority who will not let Navajos move forward.

                    ''It is not what they will allow us, it is what we permit,'' Farrakhan said,
                    attracting applause from those in the council chambers.

                    Farrakhan said the goal is to free the Navajo Nation, black people and
                    oppressed people everywhere from thinking that ''we are less and we are

                    Navajos have land and can provide their own food, rather than relying on
                    supermarkets, he said. He added that diseases are the result of the food and
                    water that people consume.

                    Stressing development, he said if the United States does not want to loan
                    money to the Navajo Nation, there are nations outside the United States that
                    would loan the tribe money for development.

                    He also urged Navajos not to depend on casinos, but rather to rely on the
                    skills and expertise of their tribal members. He said Rex Lee Jim, councilman
                    from Rock Point and among the Navajos he spent time with during several days on
                    the Navajo Nation, is an example of Navajos with great education, vision and

                    Urging Navajos to control their own resources, Farrakhan said the United
                    States has taken the land where gas is coming through, while keeping indigenous
                    people without heat and water.

                    ''This is criminal,'' he said.

                    Farrakhan said he is the product of a great wife and thanked the Navajo
                    Nation for its gifts. He also presented a pen, handmade by Wayne Mohammad,
                    encouraging Navajos to use it to sign new treaties and documents.

                    Among Farrakhan's gifts to the Navajo Nation was the documentary the
                    ''Unmasking of New Orleans,'' showing the horror of Hurricane Katrina and the
                    response. Urging Navajos to prepare for disasters, he said the United States cannot
                    be depended on in times of disaster.

                    Before his address, Farrakhan greeted the council with a remembrance of
                    Moses, the Koran and Mohammad and the Arabic phrase that translates to ''peace be
                    unto you.'' Then, Farrakhan expressed appreciation for the wise among
                    indigenous who can provide unity and self-respect.

                    Traveling with his family and own security, Farrakhan introduced his
                    granddaughter, Yo'NasDa LoneWolf Muhammad, national director of the Indigenous
                    Nations Alliance of the Millions More Movement. He said her late mother was
                    full-blood Oglala Sioux from Pine Ridge, S.D.

                    Farrakhan said Muhammad grew up with her mother's teaching and both always
                    wanted to see the black and the red peoples come together. Although her mother
                    passed away two years ago, Farrakhan said her mother was present with great
                    joy to facilitate the effort of bringing together the black and red peoples.

                    Muhammad arranged the trip and contacted the Navajo Nation and President Joe
                    Shirley Jr., who had previously reached out to him. After meeting in Phoenix
                    with Shirley and staff members, the president invited Farrakhan to come to
                    Navajo's sacred land, he said.

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                      He said everything that I knew he would say. This guy is out to do away with our culture as any of us know it! He wants the Nation Of Islam to be the leader of our people! He wants to be our new massiah! He wants us to be under him, not equal to him!
                      Nations outside the United States will give the Dine money for development? What??? Muslim Nations, terrorists, people killing our troops??? Hello!
                      He wants the various Nations to come together as one in a different way than we always do. He wants to convert us into the Muslim faith, because there is power in numbers and he wants us to go against the United States Government after joining with him and blacks! Welcome to Burka's ladies and having to be covered and you won't get to get an education anyway. You'll be to busy serving Muslim men!
                      This guy isn't even slick about what he's doing if you know anything about him. Just tell the people who have been oppressed that he wants to give them the money and the power to stand up and TAKE what they want, he just doesn't tell you what he will expect you to do for him at least at this point in time! This is nothing but pure unadulterated hate in the making and if the Indian Nations take up with him, we will know hatred as we have never known it before! This guy is no different than those who strap bombs to their young or carry out terrorism in the name of Allah and their teachers! He will call due what he thinks the Indians owe him and those outside countries will as well! A standing ovation? Why is it going so easy for him???


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                        Louis Farrakhan

                        I agree strongly with the opinions posted here. When I first read about Farrakhans visit to the Navajo Nation I was very concerned and immediately attempted to contact President Joe Shirley or another member in his executive office, this turned out to be quite difficult. I was finally able to get the email address of a lower level staff member and contacted them stressing my concerns and encouraging President Shirley to become more informed about Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam before agreeing to enter into any type of partnership with this man. It is mind boggling to me that President Shirley could be so uninformed about the background of Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam is tracked as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and there is clear documentation of their involvement with Islamic fundamentalists and (believe it or not) white supremacist groups. It seems that hate, supremacist ideology, and separatist beliefs is what Farrakhan respects above all. Farrakhan and the individuals most closely alligned with him are venomous and they can do nothing positive for Indian people. His speech did not inform Indian people of anything we did not already know and we do not need to be taken in by the lies of yet another imposter speaking pretty words that have only evil intent behind them.
                        "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible"
                        "You cannot give the people who have wronged you so much power that they take away your dreams"


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                          FROM: INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY NEWSPAPER


                          Navajos riveted by Farrakhan's words

                          (javascript:PrintWindow();) Posted: July 28, 2006 by: _Brenda Norrell_
                          ( / Indian Country Today
                          WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. - In the evolution of dismantling the forces of racism
                          and oppression, Minister Louis Farrakhan's visit to the Navajo Nation has
                          claimed a place in history, say Navajos empowered by his visit.

                          When Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr. placed a Pendleton Navajo code talker
                          blanket around the shoulders of Farrakhan, Farrakhan's thoughts returned to
                          South Africa.

                          Farrakhan said no one had placed a blanket over his shoulders in this manner
                          since Winnie Mandela presented him with a blanket in South Africa.

                          After Shirley presented Farrakhan with a lapel pin of the Navajo Nation
                          seal, Farrakhan said he would wear the tribe's seal because it represents the
                          fulfillment of prophecy of the coming together of the black and red nations.

                          Cora Maxx Phillips, executive director of Navajo Social Services, is among
                          Navajos empowered by Farrakhan's words during his three-day visit to the
                          Navajo Nation. Phillips said it was his focus on human rights that cemented her
                          own beliefs.

                          ''Minister Farrakhan has greatly inspired me and reinforced my thoughts on
                          'human needs as a human right,''' Phillips told Indian Country Today after
                          accompanying Farrakhan, his family and staff.

                          ''Having spent two days with the minister, I've learned that he is a man of
                          great wisdom that is reaching out to other indigenous nations establishing a
                          path of unity.

                          ''Through the kinship that has been established with Minister Farrakhan, I
                          foresee a great partnership with a great humanitarian that will take us on a
                          sacred journey with one mind, one heart and one spirit.''

                          Phillips said this effort reflected the Million Man March that Minister
                          Farrakhan organized in 1995.

                          ''The Million Man March gave birth to the Millions More Movement to unite
                          the human family - black, red, yellow, brown and white - to work together to
                          raise the awareness of the conditions of the poor and oppressed in America and
                          throughout the world.

                          ''This is urgently needed as the gap between the rich and the poor gets
                          wider. Sometimes it takes an outsider to remind us of who we are; this happened
                          when the minister paved the way for hope, when he shared with the Navajo
                          people that we have not fully discovered our riches yet and that we must invest
                          more into educating our youths.''

                          Phillips said it was inspiration sorely needed. Praising his speech to the
                          Navajo Nation Council and pointing out the standing ovation, she said, ''He
                          has tremendously uplifted the spirit of Navajo Nation. Wow! Indian country
                          could sure use this uplifting every now and then.''

                          Earl Tulley, Navajo activist for environmental and human rights issues, was
                          also inspired by Farrakhan's visit.

                          Tulley said Farrakhan's presence in Dine' country was of great value to lay
                          the foundation for networking and collaboration for the greater good for both

                          While Navajos continue to battle ongoing bordertown racism and violence,
                          Farrakhan said he did not come to the Navajo Nation to address this issue.
                          Farrakhan said he learned of the recent violence toward Navajos in the bordertown
                          of Farmington, N.M., after arriving here.

                          Tulley, however, said he is hopeful that Farrakhan's presence will be

                          ''With his presence in Window Rock, I am certain the city fathers of
                          Farmington have raised their eyebrows, in light of our current human rights
                          issue,'' Tulley told ICT.

                          During his meetings with Shirley, Farrakhan explained that his desire to see
                          the black and indigenous people unite and form bonds is not new but was
                          passed to him from his own teacher and spiritual guide, the Honorable Elijah

                          ''From the very day that I met him, his aim was always to unite the black
                          and the red and the Latino family,'' Farrakhan said, adding that ''Indians''
                          was a misnomer of Christopher Columbus.

                          Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, wife of the late Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was a
                          member of the delegation to the Navajo Nation.

                          Farrakhan said he wanted to learn a Native prayer to show his audiences that
                          prayer is universal. He said Navajos are a great people who have a great
                          deal to teach the world.

                          ''What can we do to ease the suffering for the people? The plight of the
                          indigenous people needs to be made known to the people of the United States and
                          the world.''

                          Following Farrakhan's visit, Shirley said he extended the invitation to
                          Farrakhan during March in Phoenix, as part of his outreach to people of all
                          creeds, colors, ethnicities and nationalities.

                          Shirley said Farrakhan's visit was a part of the Nation of Islam's outreach
                          to the indigenous nations of North America. Farrakhan offered his assistance
                          in the areas of economics, culture, social justice, moral development and
                          political advancement, Shirley said in a written statement.

                          During his visit, Farrakhan joined Shirley, first lady Vikki Shirley and
                          tribal staff members on July 17. The following day, eight members of the Navajo
                          Nation Council met with Farrakhan in the tribal president's office,
                          including Councilmen Ervin Keeswood, Ben Shelly, Raymond Max, Rex Lee Jim, LoRenzo
                          Bates, Pete Ken Atcitty and Thomas Walker Jr. On July 19, Farrakhan addressed
                          the Navajo council for 45 minutes.

                          Traveling with Farrakhan to the Navajo Nation were his granddaughter,
                          Yo'NasDa LoneWolf Muhammad, national director of the Indigenous Nations Alliance of
                          the Millions More Movement; his wife Kadijah; and his daughter Maria.

                          During his meetings with Shirley, Farrakhan inquired about Navajo life,
                          government, politics, culture and beliefs.

                          Farrakhan's first question was about the meaning of the Navajo Nation seal.
                          Shirley explained that in the center of the tribal seal are a horse, sheep
                          and cow representing the traditional means of livelihood. Embracing them are
                          stalks of sacred white and yellow corn, representing the balance between the
                          female and male. Above is a rainbow symbolizing the sovereignty of the Navajo
                          Nation. Surrounding these images are 50 arrowheads pointed outward as
                          protection of the Navajo Nation and its people.

                          Shirley presented Farrakhan with a wooden seal of the Navajo Nation, its
                          flag and a copy of the book, ''The Enduring Navajo.''

                          Shirley said while the United States is described as a superpower, there
                          continues to be poverty and hunger in Navajoland. The unmet need is estimated to
                          be around $500 million, and the federal government's budgeting process
                          historically has come up short for Native people, he said.

                          Shirley explained that at one time before the foreigner arrived with more
                          powerful weapons, the Navajo people were known as fierce, strong and
                          independent. He said that something happened to cause them to become dependent on the
                          federal government, but now what the government provides is not enough to
                          meet the needs of the people.

                          ''If we're going to lift up the Navajo Nation, we're going to need help big
                          time,'' Shirley said. ''I'm continuing to reach out. I'm losing people every
                          day. I lost five elderly the other day to drunk driving.

                          I'm reaching out to kin wherever I can.''

                          Shirley said the real culprits are monsters that go around devouring people
                          irrespective of their color, creed, gender, age or wealth.

                          ''Those are the real culprits,'' Shirley said. ''My elderly and medicine
                          people tell me that we're all members of the five-fingered, intelligent Earth
                          dwellers called Dine', or homo sapiens. The true enemies are the monsters of
                          greed, thirst, jealousy, apathy, ignorance and all manner of diseases. These
                          monsters don't say, 'This is a baby, this is an elderly, let's leave it
                          alone.' These are the culprits we should all be united against and make war

                          During the past two years, Shirley has met with leaders of Latino, Jewish,
                          Christian and indigenous organizations. Last year, the Indigenous Steering
                          Committee of the World Summit on the Information Society asked him to represent
                          the 370 million indigenous people of the world as spokesman before the U.N.
                          General Assembly meeting in Tunisia, Africa.

                          In June, he spoke at the national conference of the League of United Latin
                          American Citizens in Milwaukee. In mid-July, he met with officials of the
                          Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the church's headquarters in Salt
                          Lake City, according to Shirley's written statement.
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                            With all due respect, this is nuts! If Native people are linked with Farrakhan, we will be like public enemy #1 and we will lose any support outside, that we have gathered over the years! We are at war with the monsters he supports! How does President Shirley not see this? How do you join with Muslims? The Nation of Islam is working hard to recruite the illegals in this country to become Muslims, to once again get a large group of people to dictate to. These Muslims enslave people, they aren't the ones to free anyone! Freedom is not hate! The web site that I posted tells the truth. Look at the nightly news, do you see rich Muslims or are they poor people? Most are not educated, they are enslaved! What happens when they dissent, that's easy they are killed! As I see it, if Farrakhan, denies the holocaust, as he does, and applauds the killing of Jews around the world, HE'S the devil! He has ties to every known terrorist state that there is, and considers those leaders to be great men! Our people, Americans are serving right now to defeat, what he stands for! 3,000 Americans killed on 911 and he stands with their killers! Moral teaching to him is the Muslim faith, community to him is the Muslim faith, unity, is the Muslim faith, every thing begins and ends with the Muslim faith! The Dine will be in name only if Farrakhan gets his way, because this monster is set to steal away their culture and life as they know it! Farrakhan will not stop with just the Dine, he wants all Nations to come under him! Can you imagine what's at stake if on the national evening news, the Native people of this country are forever linked with this evil? I still say that we will know hate like we have never known, and the only solution that will be offered by Farrakhan is going to be the advocation of anarchy against the United States of America and the resulting violence that causes! Those that are close to Pres. Shirley need to make him understand that evil can never bring anything good! Farrakhan needs to be beamed up to the flying saucer that he preached about! Ya know he believes in those too! Sorry if I am rambling, I just feel very strongly about this, for the sake of all of us, our culture and our children! I am a proud, educated Native woman, and I will never submit to the likes of the Muslims period!


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                              Just be aware of wolves in sheeps clothing. Everything that glitters is not always gold. I hope that President Shirley will wake up before it's too late.
                              Through the good times and bad times, always pray.


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