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"Powwows are the biggest killer of eagles"

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  • Please, roll up and read...

    Dear Joe's Dad, --Jan 18, 2008. -Tenochtitlan.

    Hope you are having a great time at Home!
    Please roll up and read what I just wrote to BlackBear...
    Receive a bunch of hugs from the Great Tenochtitlan.
    Cuetzpallincihuatl, the Aztec Indian.


    • Originally posted by Joe's Dad View Post
      BB...I'm not sure they deal with feathers in Mexico as they do here. Not even sure there is a repository. From what I've learned from my friends from Tacuba, Mexico, eagles don't have the same significance to them as they do up here. If i'm not mistaken, the tailfeather of the 'Quetzal' bird is a prized possesion. I was once given four tailfeathers from an eagle found in Mexico called an 'aguila real'. Pretty feathers. I put them on my dancestick. At a lineup for GE once (Cali casino pdub), a couple of those high dollar (lol) dancers saw them and asked if they could see them up close. I still have them on my stick.
      Ahh.. I did'nt realize she was actually in Mexico. Kinda hurts my eyes to read direct posts to me from her becuase of the way I'm addressed like she's my penpal or something.... so I overlooked where her location was LOL!
      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


      • More Fodder for Eagle Thread

        Golden eagle, injured in conibear trap, euthanized

        A golden eagle caught in a steel leg trap near Missoula was euthanized

        Golden and bald eagles are a federally protected species and using
        traps to catch birds is illegal.

        For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:

        Missoulian: Golden eagle, injured in conibear trap, euthanized


        • Originally posted by Cuetzpallincihuatl View Post
          Dear Joe's Dad, --Jan 18, 2008. -Tenochtitlan.

          Hope you are having a great time at Home!
          Please roll up and read what I just wrote to BlackBear...
          Receive a bunch of hugs from the Great Tenochtitlan.
          I had a chance to visit your great city for December 12, 1992. There were at least 4,000 dancers in 'La Villa', along with the 'cozmicos' out in the street. We were invited guests to the group led by Negro Pineda. Also had a chance to vist a place called Ixtapalapa (sp). Had a wonderful time.

          Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

          "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

          Mr. Rossie Freeman


          • Lmao!

            Now thats a good one. But to a certain extent is true. But there is a big difference between goin out jus shooting a random eagle with all the wrong entensions than too obtaining legally in which the process takes a really long time. But jus goin out shooting some kind of random bird for sport or watever isnt right.


            • What about asking the eagle for feathers?

              Quite a few years back, I saw an eagle way up in a tree. I asked if I could have a feather, he dropped some small fluffy feathers on the ground. I thanked him for them and went on my way. The following year my son, Eagle Heart, passed away and I put a few of the fluffy feathers on his heart to take with him. Every now and then I see an eagle and think of my son, you see he was severely disabled, couldn't walk, talk, was completely wheelchair bound. Now he soars as an Eagle.


              • ...and when we dance and sing...

                Stands Alone,

                ...Eagle Heart watches over us up in the sky, and I thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with me, with us..! -- Blessed be your Son wherever He´s flying now. Truly yours,
                Cuetzpallincihuatl, the Aztec Indian.


                • hello everybody,havent bee here in a long time.Well here is my take on it.A man from Canada was passing through my town and just his luck broke down.I offered my home and food as we natives do.After about 4 days him and his family were on there way.Not once did I ask for any kind of payment. Before this family left I was given some things.Now was it wrong of me to take them or should I have dissrespected this family and said no.I left a plate of food out for the spirits and took the gift.It has been several years since I have seen my friend and I still have the things I was gifted.But now with all the envy and hate at contest powwows I don't even want to dance anymore.yea I am a traditional dancer,have been for many years.I have seen what the green paper has done to our people,turning familys against eachother for money.I have a job and don't need to contest.It's what my pops preached,you want nice things? Then you need to work.Thats the way its is....It's been a year since my moms passing and it is so very hard. pray for me....peace and fry bread grease
                  1CALI NDN


                  • ...looking at you...!

                    Dear msanchezjr,

                    Hello, my Beloved Brother! - Here and there you will find envy, you will see wrong things for the darn money... Here and there, trust me! -- But also, here and there you´ll find great people, wonderful hearts and warm smiles...! We, each one of us have bad and good moments, sadness and happiness and we need to learn from all these things... Such is Life! as my Dad says... -- We, the First People have the Heritage of Great Teachings, Great Stories from the Ones in the past and we shouldn´t never forget that! -We never give up!-- I ask you to keep dancing and singing because that´s our way of life... and while doing so, somebody so precious will share with you the Joy of Life...!! -- You might find bad manners and ugly expressions, you might find bitter faces but for sure you will find a beautiful little face looking at you with
                    respect and admiration: a kid. -- A kid, boy or girl, the future of us! -- Love you from The Great Tenochtitlan (Mexico City),
                    Cuetzpallincihuatl, the Aztec Indian.


                    • Originally posted by timmy tiger View Post
                      I have had quit a few friends order Eagles from the Repository. Most of them tell me the same thing. It takes about 4 years for the full Eagle. And many of them got the same phone call in three years saying that there was a bald Eagle available for them if they wanted that instead of the Golden, it depends on which one that you want. Some did, other's did not. I know that if you go to the BIA office on your res. that they will give you the paperwork and I believe that they will help you fill it out, or fill it out for you and then you just sign it. I know someone who did this at least they did for the person that I know. I have another friend about to order theirs and they are asking me to help them. Not that I can do all that much, but that's okay.LOL

                      ROFLMAO--this is funny. I haven't posted this in a while and someone just left me a red bead for it with no name. DANG GROW UP.
                      Don't ask if you can't handle the answer.LOL


                      • Oops, almost a double post.LMAO


                        • Deleted
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                          • Originally posted by trob226 View Post
                            Indian Barbie at Powwow! High-heeled moccasins! It'll sell! But probably not to Indian kids.
                            yea...the barbie would need big black sweaters and baggy pants to appeal to native kids


                            • I dont know if powwows are the biggest killers of eagles but I'm sure its right up there. to say that people dont know at least one person who sells feathers or hunts them is BS. Hell every powwow I go to, there is someone looking to buy black tips or on sunday night when some people are hurting for money to get home, there's always a seller. you have to be suspicious about certain people who have a triple layer blacktip bustle, blacktip shoulder wings, black tip fan, black tip visor, black tip spinners, and black tip feathers hangin off there staff.
                              I will say this though. there is alot of people out there who keep it "TRADISH" and TRADE for those feathers through beadwork and what not. But, there is more people that will shell out a good 500 to a grad for a blacktip fan than trade...thats just the cold hard facts.
                              Up here in can send in your name to wild life canada and receive an eagle...waiting list is huge though and could be waiting 10 years to get one.
                              I know of a couple of other people that got feathers through a university. Classes there were doing studies on eagle bones and what not and basically were throwing feathers away. Someone caught wind of that and then was recieving like 5-6 full birds a month. most of them golden eagles.
                              I also know a couple of well known dancers get busted right at a powwow for paoching eagles...they served like 7 years or something like that.
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                              • I want to share what I know to be true to me

                                I personally know an eagle killer and in all honesty this person is not who they claim to be. This person is facing charges in the near future and I am doing my best to protest against eagle poaching. Eagle poaching is not part of the culture I was taught or any of the cultures extended across turtle island. I will have a flyer/ poster availible soon to inform all about this fraud. It is my job and those who share my same belief to protest against this unacceptable truth and honour the eagle's spirit. May the "Creator" hear our prayers to protect the eagle.

                                Amazing Grace


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