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  • Dishonest behavior

    I have a question concerning Native American custom and the related behavior. Let me explain the situation. I worked with a woman who was very involved with the Red Nation. She was caught telling several lies at work and was asked not to do it again. Nothing but a slap on the wrist but this was not the first time she was caught telling lies to gain control over other workers. Very manipulative to say the least. Since I was her least favorite person she insisted all "gifted" items be returned to her. This was a baggie of cigarette tobacco and a strand of her hair. I returned them. I asked that all gifted items be returned to me. She returned 2 and refused the rest. Her explination she claimed was centered in Native American Customs that when severing a relationship ALL items given were returned. My first question is this. Why would she insist on doing things the Native way when she had no intention of keeping her side of things? I have met her parents and they are good people who try to keep the old ways participating in Red Nation activities on a local level. I know they did not raise her to be dishonest and a liar. Her sister also participates and seems to be a nice person. I am friendly with many Native Americans that feel honesty and truth are so important. When I asked the Headlady who also worked with us to intervene on my behalf she refused due to her explosive temper and nasty ways. My second question is this. Why do the local Native Americans allow her to participate in dances considered sacred when they know how dishonest she is?

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    You said she's "very involved with" the Red Nation ways - does that mean she's not Indian?

    JMHO - You're well rid of this person - she sounds like bad news.


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      It is a shame that one would be this way. It seems that others may fear her. If and when she dances in a blessed circle she will be dealt with by the Creator in the mysterious ways.


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        Holy schmoley! d'ya mean there's no honest Injuns ober der?


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          Originally posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
          Holy schmoley! d'ya mean there's no honest Injuns ober der?
          : Not only that, but an Indian giver too????

          I have never encountered anything like this before. Sounds fishy.
          Niin sa, Chi anung


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            sounds fishy and smells worse. lol, still do not know if this woman is native or not, guess it does not matter in that she is still being a female dog. take care


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              She claims to have Native American blood and even goes as far as to claim she is "imprissioned by white mans laws". Her parents are very involved with the local pow wows as well as her sister. She wears t- shirts declaring Native Americans are the first POW's and such daily and decorates her Jeep to the same theme. It is one of the first things she tells you when you meet. I guess I was looking for a reason within the customs of Native Americans to explain her behavior in a logical way and the tolerance she is shown for her actions. I think I have found it. The Native Americans had a special place for anyone "touched" and according to research she has been "touched" on several levels. Which still does not answer the question as to why she is allowed to participate in things such as dances during her moon time when this is clearly a no no and she makes no bones about ridiculing that belief. Does this not defile the circle and the dancers also?


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                I have never encountered anyone of Native American Heritage that acts as dishonestly as she does. I was just wondering why the things she does are tolerated. Like dancing in the sacred circle during her moon time. You can look on the faces of those present and tell they are upset but no one says anything to her. One woman was offering sage and requested a dance for her son who is in Iraq. It was really sad to see her cry. Apparently she had been waiting for this for several months. Cruelty of this nature be you red, yellow, black or white is intolerable.


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                  "The Native Americans had a special place for anyone "touched" and according to research she has been "touched" on several levels."

                  Huh? I don't think this has anything to do with her.

                  Sounds like this woman is angry and hateful - and uses her rage to intimidate everyone around her. As I said before - you are well rid of her.

                  Take this as a learning experience for yourself and quit trying to find a solution for her. She won't want it and will be even more angry were you to offer it to her!

                  As for why others put up with it - I don't like hearing that this is going on - would I do anything? What could I do except keep myself away from her. You can't force anyone to change.


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                    I am positive you are correct. I was just wondering why she is tolerated. That womans face will never leave me. All she asked for was the vets to dance on her behalf for the safety of her son. The anguish she felt was so undeniable. Although I am not Native American I offered sage for her and her son. She did not enter the circle due to her moon time so could not dance herself. To see someone so mean to someone so much in need bothered me.


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                      What "Red nation" is she from? If she's talking about generic Native American custom I have a hard time believing she's native because there isn't one Native American culture there are many cultures. Who said she has been "touched"? Sorry this sounds too weird. And is anyone else freaked out about the strand of hair? I don't even know where to start with that one.


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                        Red Nation is an organization...

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                        I'd stay away from her... I know of another like her and they are unstable to say the least. Trust me, this woman will likely self destruct.
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                          Originally posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
                          Holy schmoley! d'ya mean there's no honest Injuns ober der?

                          You nailed it Kiwehnzii

                          Well of course there are dishonest Indians. Dishonesty knows no boundaries. Sounds like that woman is Bad Medicine or is trying and or has succeeded in creating a rift at your job. And making other non-Indians believe in the stereo-types about us.

                          That woman will be dealt with in due time...


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                            I was pretty freaked out myself about that one. I didn't know how to react at all! As well as when I was handed cigarette tobacco in a baggie. I put the hair in the baggie and put it in my glove box. Good thing I did as she DEMANDED it back with clenched fist and thru clenched teeth! She claims to be Cherokee. The job is no longer a problem as when I discovered the management had little control over her maladaptive behavior I quit. She was sneaky. She was the last one out of the building so she would really mess up work areas as well as steal things like radios from people. Once she took home every personal heater in the place for her dogs. Everyone was too afraid to tell management as you will pay dearly if you do. SHE told them they all broke. And yes someday she will get hers. I just hate to think of all the unsuspecting people who will be crushed during the waiting period. But as for the hair thing if anyone has any information as to the giving of hair and what it symbolizes please let me know. I had known her about 2 weeks when she did this. She made quite a big deal about it.


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                              Sounds like someone with a big chip on their shoulder and using "Native Americanism" as a fence and daring the world to say something about it. But people are not afraid to offend us, there is no political correctness when it comes to us; she needs to learn that and stop using her (real or imagined) Native identity as a bully stick.

                              The heck with "we are all related". I'm NOT related to some people and it sounds like she's one of them.
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