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    THE HUMAN RACE: Reparation repercussions
    Published on: 4/15/07.


    <UPPERCASE>CANADA IS A NATION</UPPERCASE> <UPPERCASE>OF IMMIGRANTS</UPPERCASE>: the world's most international society. Canada is making huge strides in eliminating racism, and promoting true equality.
    Sadly, one group refuses to accept the reality of Canada. These are the Indians, or Natives, or Aboriginals, or whatever the politically-correct term happens to be. They constitute fewer than four per cent of 30 million Canadians, but they cause great problems.
    They refuse to accept the fact that they are immigrants, too, and that there were no truly original inhabitants of America.
    They came from Asia! Many of them still look Chinese, and they have too little body hair to be able to claim they evolved in the very cold climate of North America. When European explorers and settlers first arrived on the Atlantic coast, the "natives" described them not as "white men" but as "hairy men"!
    The "natives" certainly suffered in competition with the new immigrants who had superior tools and weapons, and inadvertently exposed "natives" to devastating new diseases.
    However, most "natives" had been doing a poor job of stewarding the continent. Tribes regularly made war on each other, often capturing and enslaving each other.
    Their myth is that they lived in harmony with nature, but, in fact, they were merely existing! Most tribes failed to thrive in either agriculture or manufacturing. They simply survived, killing wildlife and gathering wild nuts and berries.
    Even their artworks, such as totem poles and stone carvings, are mainly very simple.
    Canadians, in a collective desire to celebrate all races, go overboard to be sensitive to the "natives" – to the point of making fools of themselves. Canada is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the official symbol is an "inukshuk" – which is just a pile of rough rocks that sort of looks like the shape of a human. How embarrassing to proclaim to the world that Canada considers this to be art that is representative of our society!
    Canada's "natives" may have been mistreated by the early waves of immigrants from Europe, but we are now killing them with kindness.
    Canada allows them to claim vast tracks of land for their exclusive use, but it's never enough. Canada allows them to live a totally subsidised life on their reserves, never having to work if they choose not to.
    Canada gives them every possible opportunity for education. Canada gives them special access to employment. A young man working for my newspaper company was merely adequate as a reporter. He had plenty to say, but little real ambition.
    I was shocked when he suddenly resigned to take a high-paying job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which apparently had not filled its mandated quota for "natives". Until then, I didn't even know he was a "native", but he had the right ID card to qualify him for a cushy job on a basis other than merit.
    I have never heard of him since; he clearly has not distinguished himself!
    Canada's "natives" are a glaring example of why reparations are doomed to failure. No amount of land, no amount of money, and no special privileges will ever satisfy people who are not motivated to advance themselves using their own ambition and ability.
    Despite all the opportunities and handouts, the "natives" are the poorest, least educated, and most unhealthy residents of Canada.
    They are ten times more likely to be in jail for criminal activity than the average Canadian – and that does not include vast numbers of criminals who go unpunished because of special treatment on their private reserves (the ultimate gated communities!).
    For example, Canada allows them to make cheap cigarettes, which are smuggled into mainstream society without paying the usual high taxes. Canada allows them to run gambling casinos without regard to the laws that apply to the rest of the country.
    The "natives" are never satisfied with the reparations they continue to receive, and they regularly denounce all other Canadians as "racist".

    * Bob Verdun is a Canadian; a former editor who resides in Barbados. Email [email protected].
    -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-

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    Unfortunately, this is not just one man's thoughts , it represents the majority of what Canadians are taught through the public education system and the government controlled media. Mr. Verdun's rant is easily identified to be that of Ignorance but that is what all good Canadians are raised from birth to think. I just wish we could send all those ignorant people to a little island in the Atlantic ocean, like Mr. Verdun's choice of residence.

    You can't have a powwow without a drum!


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      I could come back with a long treatise - line for line but turned around (substituting, for instance, the fact that Europeans with their insatiable hunger to take more than they can use have despoiled the earth with their greed in place of the author's assertions of the "native failure to thrive" rant).

      I'm not going to though. Spewing blind generalizations with such vehemance and disdain will only spread the damage further. To speak that way touches not only the listeners/readers with this sickness but also infects the person doing the speaking/writing.

      Bob Verdun appears to be very ill. I hope that he will find peace in himself.


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