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  • anishtradish
    Well I think that for every bird they save, and send out, could possibly mean one more bird survives being possibly poached. When the repository stopped giving out hawks, owls, flickers... and so on, some people did have to go out and get thier own.

    and I know places like animal rehabilitation clinics, like the raptor center, have to euthanize thousands of birds a year, becuase their injuries are beyond repair. By law, they have to destroy the carccasses. I've talked to a few placed becuase, and they are willing to donate them, but they simply can't. The highway crews who are responsible for cleaning up roadkill, also destroy thousands of birds a year as well, i've seen pictures of thier dumps, and they just have mounds of hawks and owls and so on, and they just let them rot and pile up until they have soo many piles, they bury them. Why waste all these birds, when we could use them.

    the local DNR offices also, they have freezers, they keep birds that have been confiscated, or turned in by people, or roadkill and so on, and when thier freezers and evidence lockers get full, they simply go and dump the birds and feathers back into the woods, and let nature take them back. So I'm glad the issue is back on the table, becuase they need to do something, these birds are just as sacred to our people as eagles are, and they shouldn't tell us we can't use them anymore, or let rehab centers and highway cleanup simply waste all these sacred birds.

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  • Rolling Thunder
    started a topic Migratory Bird Feathers

    Migratory Bird Feathers

    Do your part as an online Native!
    Check out the Website and reply to the FWS about setting up a repository for other Migratory Bird Feathers!

    Website: Service Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Environmental Assessment on Distribution of Migratory Bird Feathers to Native Americans

    Email: [email protected]

    Rolling Thunder

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