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Congress tells Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma: No Funding

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    [QUOTE=John Cornsilk;1070825]
    Originally posted by John Cornsilk View Post

    Well Josiah how do you rate your treatment at John's place??

    Hey, Have you been to the Tulsa World this morning, and read the babblings of the DUD white man/supposed Cherokee, Mike Miller's Babblings...BTW have you been keeping up with my Publications on Anyway I responded to the dumbut Miller, following link to TW is my response:

    Tulsa World: Black caucus reignites freedmen dispute

    Folks, the babbling by the Pokes-Person for the leader of (CNOT) Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Traitors, (Traitors) added for the traitorous acts by them against Cherokee People, no different than the Treaty party of 1835 that signed away the eastern homeland of the Cherokee and were executed, is exactly that, nothing but ignorant babbling:.

    Therefore the Name becomes “Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Traitors” acronym-(CNOT) and they are NOT the Cherokee Nation, but that is another Saga, and if anyone is interested, documentation of the Bogusness of CNOT can be found at, also there at the top of the page you will find Congresswoman’s Bill and within the website you will find documentation that corroborates the facts of historical law in Watson’s Bill.

    Now back to the ignorant babble of CNOT Spokesman Miller! First lets begin with a little history of the of the Cherokee Freedmen, and so as not to make this post so long I will reference my writings that are published on the news website of (OEN) the First article at The Cherokee Freedmen Story the Material explains the Title. The next Article at is a continuation of the first with much documentation for corroboration.

    With these publications from a reader came an all important question which was “How does Chad Smith justify what he does to the Cherokee Freedmen with Logic?" So I went to the CNOT website and on the Page of CNOT for material of NON INDIANS I found what is most likely the justifying material, on the right side of the website, click non indian link, along with other totally disgusting materials, a 16 point list of supposed logic, so I took this 16 point Item and De-bunked it for the answer to the Question, you can See Article Titled LOGIC AND JUSTIFICATION "NOT“!!

    John “The Elder” Cornsilk
    Cherokee Member of CNOT!
    Purveyor of Simple Truth
    Pretty good John, no pole axing...
    I am doing alot of reading though, must say some very interesting reading...
    ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
    Till I Die!


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      Cherokee House Bill introduced
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      Again, I just got this in and was asked to post it. Whatcha' think???


      Cherokee Citizens, please be on alert. The Tribe will, likely, need your assistance as we protect ourselves from another attack.

      THOMAS (Library of Congr...
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      oklahoma and hawaii are alot closer than you might think
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      The Cherokee Freedmen, Native American Blood Quantum and the Akaka Bill
      By Don Newman, 10/17/2007 5:16:50 PM
      The controversy over the Cherokee freedmen is a perfect example of what could happen in Hawaii should the Akaka bill pass.

      The Cherokee freedmen were black slaves...
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      Freedmen are Cherokee Citizens...
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      Cherokee Nation accepts Freedmen citizenship ruling
      Thursday, March 9, 2006

      The Cherokee Nation will abide by a court ruling that reaffirmed the citizenship rights of the Freedmen, the tribe's top legal official said on Wednesday.

      In court, the tribe argued that...
      03-09-2006, 11:48 AM
    • Josiah
      Cherokees Should Decide Who is Cherokee, Not Congress
      by Josiah
      June 21, 2007

      Cherokees Should Decide Who is Cherokee, Not Congress

      The following is the official response to a bill introduced on behalf of six Freedmen descendants to cut federal funding to the Cherokee Nation

      TAHLEQUAH, OK — The Cherokee...
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    • Josiah
      BIA Approves Cherokee Nation Constitutional Amendment
      by Josiah
      I posted this as a follow up to the other posts that have been going around.
      Very interesting Position the BIA is taking in all this!!!

      TAHLEQUAH, Oka. — The Bureau of Indian Affairs has acknowledged that the federal government no longer has the authority to approve...
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