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Tempe, AZ and Native Americans Attendance record

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  • Tempe, AZ and Native Americans Attendance record

    I was browsing the paper here in AZ yesterday and came across this little article. I'll try to find it online and post a link.

    Anyways, the basis of the article was a call to attention on native americans missing more than 10 days in school year. They are trying to create a program to "help" natives in the Tempe school districts to have better attendance records.

    Some of the solutions in the article were to offer parent-teacher conferences, ALARM clocks, and rides to doctor appts so the student didn't have to miss the WHOLE day.

    I think its alarming that they are going to start singling out native american students.

    Don't you think the general distrust of public run facilities is already strong? Now the natives are going to have worry about being called out by the principal, guidance counselor whatever cuz they miss school?

    Can you imagine other types of problems this creates?

    I'm just concerned since we're moving back to Tempe early next year and although my baby boy doesn't have to go to school now, he will in the future and this affects US.
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    Our school district has a lot of absenteeism of tribal member students. One of the reasons is usually for cultural reasons, feasts, funerals, ceremonies etc. Our district was always graded poorly but largely because of absenteeism. Good thing that the principal understands that there are cultural differences and has advocated that, that particular part of the No Child Left Behind act should be waived for communities with large native populations, and shouldn't apply to our district.


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      Exactly thats why the 10 day absent rule is ridiculous.

      Our funerals last 4 days! Imagine if 3 people in my family die?

      Schools just need to be more tolerant towards other people's traditions/cultures. Not just the dominant culture.
      The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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        Absenteeism is a problem at our rez school too. But it's getting better.

        I hate to say, but we BRIBE 'em!! There's perfect attendance awards and outstanding attendance awards (not quite perfect) sponsored by JOM.

        Also, letting parents know how important it is for their kids to be here is key. Our teachers have phones in their classrooms now and they call and check on kids.

        There are lots of legitimate excuses, but we really focus on unexcused absenses and have notices that go out for those, and even have some parents that have been taken to court.

        One of my own in-laws just didn't think it was important to send her kids to school. The older ones really suffered and of course, didn't even make it in high school. Now they're cracking down on her and the younger kids are benefitting.

        My stepdaughter is getting bad at this - taking her little guy out of school for this and that (and pow-wows!), and checking him out early almost everyday.

        But in that story, if what they're offering helps any, that's a plus. is what it is...


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