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2007 and racism is alive and thriving..

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  • 2007 and racism is alive and thriving..

    Okay, so I haven't been around for a while- my dad is getting very frail and it's difficult to find me time.
    I have been having some health issues and went to the local community clinic (no IHS here). They sent me for blood work and forgot to give me some paperwork. So I went back and the lady in charge was filling it out again and go to race. So she says I don't need to ask about that- and writes "W". SO I said, no sorry I'm a member of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, you know Native American. So she says there is no such catagory. I pointed out that on every application I have ever seen they always had a American Indian/Alaskan Native section. And she says- Well I don't mark Italian. I have NO idea what my facial expression was BUT she pats me on the arm and says "now don't get offended, I'm a social worker".
    So this charming experience is going up there with the history teacher from High School who informed the class that "real indians don't exsist anymore".
    These people. Sheez.

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    hope your dad is doing ok.

    unfortunatley the world isn't going ot run out of ignorance anytime soon. Educating the general public is a full time job....
    There is only one success; to be able to live your life in your own way.


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      Mrs. Ignorance and Mr. Racism...

      Beloved Seaotter...
      Hope your Dad is doing great by now...! - - -Ignorance is the Mother of all evil stuff... Discrimination is the first child from Ignorance... then it comes Injustice, the so evil sister of Discrimination... the Father is Mr. Racism.... so these two parents have been destroying since the Creation of the World, all Human Dignity... I could give you more names of all children from this evil couple, but there is a book about this issue coming up. -Meanwhile, our duty is to let the World out there that we exist, that we are not inferior -no one is-, that no one is superior... Let´s stand all together, we, The First People, with Pride and Dignity... Let´s walk along with Honor and Respect... Let´s work together with the Great Legacy from Our Sacred Ancestors... Receive all the Love from the Brothers and Sisters of the Aztec Lands. -Truly yours, ---Cuetzpallincihuatl.
      Cuetzpallincihuatl, the Aztec Indian.


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