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American Indians celebrate white buffalo's birthday

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  • American Indians celebrate white buffalo's birthday

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    (The Herald Standard - American Indians celebrate white buffalo's birthday View White Buffalo video)

    American Indians celebrate white buffalo's birthday

    By Rebekah Sungala, Herald-Standard

    Updated 11/13/2007 12:06:04 AM EST

    (The Herald Standard - News - 11/12/2007 - American Indians celebrate white buffalo's birthday <font color=red><font size=-1>View White Buffalo video</font color></font size>)

    View White Buffalo video
    _ 480247&rfi=6_
    (The Herald Standard - American Indians celebrate white buffalo's birthday View White Buffalo video)

    FARMINGTON - For American Indians, the white buffalo represents unity.

    Kenahkihinen, whose name means "watch over us," was born at Woodland Zoo
    last year on Nov. 12.

    In celebration of his first birthday, tribes from across the United States
    came together Sunday to pay reverence to the white buffalo.

    Kenahkihinen, joined by his mother and two other buffalos, came out of their
    shelter and trotted around the enclosure to the rhythmic beat of drums.

    Approximately 200 people were in attendance for the celebration.

    Running Bear, a member of the Lakota tribe who lives at the zoo and helps
    care for the buffalo and other animals, said Kenahkihinen enjoys the attention.

    "He was out dancing around to the beat," Running Bear said.

    According to Running Bear, the white buffalo is a sacred animal that
    represents unity and peace.

    Kenahkihinen has brought unity to people, Running Bear said, noting the
    different tribes -Lakota, Cherokee and Blackfoot - represented at Sunday's

    Running Bear said at one point in time the tribes were warring and at odds
    with each other, but the birth of a white buffalo, throughout the centuries,
    has brought them together in peace.

    The belief of the sacred white buffalo comes from the American Indian legend
    of the White Buffalo Woman, a prophetess sent to her people by the Creator
    to teach them how to communicate with the deity through the prayer pipe.

    Running Bear said the White Buffalo Woman appeared to two brothers, Sioux
    Indian scouts, who saw the beautiful woman walking in the distance.

    One of the brothers approached her, wanting to marry her, but was
    transformed into a pile of bones from which snakes evolved after being wrapped in the
    woman's cloak.

    Running Bear said the man died because he did not show respect to the woman.

    The woman told the other brother, who behaved rightly, that he was to return
    to his tribe and tell his people she would return with a message from the
    buffalo nation.

    The Sioux were to prepare a lodge with a door facing to the east for her
    arrival, which they did, Running Bear said.

    When the White Buffalo Woman returned, she brought with her a prayer pipe
    and taught the people how to use it, teaching them how to respect and behave
    toward those things that are sacred.

    Running Bear said that when the woman left, walking off in the same
    direction from which she came, she stopped and rolled over several times and a white
    buffalo calf appeared in the dust.

    American Indians still wait for the return of the White Buffalo Woman,
    Running Bear said, noting that a white buffalo is the most sacred living thing a
    person can encounter.

    Running Bear said several thousand people have visited the zoo and paid
    their respect to Kenahkihinen.

    Sonny Herring, zoo owner, said the white buffalo is doing well and weighs
    between 700 and 800 pounds. He will be considered a mature adult at the age of
    2, he said.

    The birth of a white buffalo occurs in about one in 10 million births.

    Herring said Kenahkihinen will continue to live in the same enclosure with
    his mother and another female buffalo, who recently gave birth.

    Despite the recent addition to the buffalo herd, Kenahkihinen continues to
    attract the most attention from zoo visitors.

    Running Bear said people of all nationalities and religions are welcome at
    the zoo to observe, with respect, the white buffalo.

    "All people are welcome to come here, sit on Mother Earth and pray. To know
    peace," he said. "It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. The
    white buffalo brings unity."
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    Happy Birthday Kenahkihinen, may you continue to bring peace to our nation and others for a very long time!!


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      From: NDN News
      Date: Nov 15, 2007 9:23 AM

      Please visit our website for additional details and to read more statements.

      Re: Urgent Message of the Virgin Births of White Buffalo and Black Buffalo in Pennsylvania

      From: Chief Arvol Looking Horse,
      19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
      Of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations

      Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations),

      Another great message has come to us from the animal nation. This time, it is more urgent then ever! It has come to my attention of another birth of a white buffalo, this time it is more different then any other sign.

      So far since 1994, the same time that Global Warming was being announced; there have been at least 4-6 every year of these sacred buffalo calves that have stood upon the earth. Not only the buffalo have showed these signs to tell us of this great urgency that is upon us, but in many parts of the world, there have been other animal nations showing this sacred color.

      This color represents the south, the direction in which we pass through to the spirit world, a completed cycle. This interpretation has to do with the Bundle I take care of that carries a prophesy from the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She told of a time when her spirit would stand upon the earth, a time of great changes were about to come to us all. A time when the two legged would have to make a decision to change their ways to heal the damage that they have created. Boundaries in respecting life and spirit will have become violated.

      This birth is yet another sign, but brings more awareness of this urgency. This new birth has to do with 2 female buffalo kept in captivity, with no male buffalo present. It would be hard to believe, but in this instance, the place they live has kept this quiet, because they did not want to be accused of artificially inseminating the female buffalo. There have been these types of instances that have been done in the past, concerning publicity in owning a white buffalo calf.

      The Woodland Zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania decided to bring in two female buffalo to their facility. One of the females was pregnant when she arrived. After she had the calf, it was sold, 6 months later, she gave birth to another calf, this time it was white. Buffalo carry for 9 months as humans do. The other female she lived with, gave birth 9 months later to a black buffalo after the white calf stood upon the earth, again no male buffalo present.

      This was brought to my attention a while back. I did not want to state anything till I took this through ceremony, to understand the truth and the message.

      Since 1994, these kinds of signs have been coming, but it seems that people do not listen or want to see anything important from the animal nation’s messages. This has a lot to do with faith.

      What was told is as follows: This is a very dangerous time we are in! The minds of the people on Unc’i Maka (Grandmother Earth) are choosing to focus on a new way of life that is hurting us all in the global community. This way of life chooses war, hurting one another physically and verbally, and continued desecration to Unc’i Maka in taking more then what we truly need in her resources. These decisions not only hurt our own People, but the animal nations are dying in large numbers to extinction by this new way of life we are accepting. Unc’i Maka is going to have a hard time to continue to bring food to all life. These decisions need to be changed very soon and are in each and every one of your hands more then ever. Respect to the spirit of life needs to be brought back; boundaries need to put back into place and faith needs to be present in everyone’s life once again.

      We have no choice but to listen!

      May Peace Prevail on Earth! In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning!

      Chief Arvol Looking Horse,
      19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

      In peace & solidarity,


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