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Chief of the United Lumbee Nation Redwolf band of Arkansas

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  • Chief of the United Lumbee Nation Redwolf band of Arkansas

    Remember this thread:
    Planning a Pow Wow

    This was posted due to the remarks from so called “Chief Kodiak”, Mize's

    An Inside Look at A Wannabe Chief Defending His Flock

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    As something a little different, readers might be interested in a look at the lack of intelligence, ability, and rational thought of wannabe “tribe” leaders when they attempt to counter any exposure of their so-called “tribe” as being fake. Unable to present a rational counter-argument and with the knowledge that they have been caught playing Indian, the only recourse left to them is to present an argumentum ad hominem.The following excerpts are from a series of three e-mails I received this week from Cyril Scott Mize III, “Chief” of the Redwolf Band of the United Lumbee of North Carolina and America.
    Mize calls himself “Chief Kodiak”, and has replaced his middle name with that term. The word “Kodiak” comes from the Alutiq (Aleut) word meaning “island” and has no relationship with the Lumbees. I guess this just sounds like a “cool” Indian name to him.
    First, a short background on the Redwolf Band - located at Hot Springs, Arkansas - and the United Lumbee.
    Mize’s parent organization, the United Lumbee of North Carolina and America, was first started by the same Malcolm Webber of the recent Kaweah Indian Nation scam. “Chief Silver Star” Eva Reed, her late husband John, and Ruby Boyer, took over the United Lumbee after a disagreement over funds, and begin selling “chiefdoms’, charters, and memberships in at least 17 states. When Reed attempted to gain federal recognition for her United Lumbee in the 1980‘s, the group received the unique distinction of passing only two of the seven requirements. The two that they did pass were the least restrictive: it submitted it’s governing document and membership criteria (38.7.d); and it was not subject of congressional legislation that has expressly terminated or forbidden the federal relationship (83.7.g).
    Recently, Reed has been pretending that the United Lumbee of North Carolina and America is really called the United Lumbee of North California. However, B.I.A. and State of California documentation show otherwise. Mize has followed suit, plus claims that the group is a California state recognized tribe. This latter is based on erroneous tribal lists. California Senator Barbara Boxer even has them listed as a federally recognized tribe (she continues to do so despite earlier complaints). According to the California Attorney General’s Office, California has no “state recognized tribes”.
    On to the e-mails wherein “Chief Kodiak” defends the honor of his wannabe Indian Band. The first e-mail was copied to one of his followers. I suppose that he then felt bolder since I didn’t bother to respond, and his second e-mail was copied to 16 of his followers. I didn’t respond to that either. I guess he thought he had me on the run and really puffed out his chest by copying his third e-mail to around thirty-three followers. Needless to say, I haven’t responded to that either. I’m waiting to see just how far he will go to demean himself and his group with his tirades.

    Excerpt from Mize’s e-mail dated 12/06/07 12:06 AM.
    “you need to get your head out of your backside so you can breath clean air you live in the past and so far in it you can’t get up to the future go find a list of Calif tribes and read it .and do not put Weber in the mix he’s old news with’ us and is branded a renegade for life from the time we caught him your old news bunk and is as lame as you and your story about Eldorado is so full of holes a nat would look like a b 52 flying through a window without any-view of glass to be seen and the hole was made by a BB you talk like a man with a toilet asshole made with wet toilet paper that is wet can’t hold air much and the s#%t you put out about, us your brain must look like a BB rolling down a 8 lane hwy and the hwy is the cutting edge of a razor blade oh and by the way i will let the others you call fakes have your e-mail add. as i know some of those B.I.A. guys want to see you about your B.S. as they are men i know and do the have their cards people who live in glass house’e should not throw stones.”

    Excerpt from Mize’s e-mail dated 12/06/07 01:06 PM
    “so just where the hell were you when this fake tribe (as you say)was bringing food ,clothes,toys and other needs to cut throat res in the Dakota’s and several others. all i ever see or hear from you is b/s about people you do not know or have ever even met in your life your like a old women crying all the time about things you know nothing about as in ElDorado AR. you were not there but to ask you you know all about it, why did i do the interview well maybe the good woman who was to do it could not get there in time to do it so there smart guy now you know a very small part of the story and i don’t owe you a answer anyway so grow up and learn to keep out of things you know nothing about your as bad as a two year old into everything, but you also are like the snake (split tongue)”

    Excerpt from Mize’s e-mail 12/07/07 07:59 PM
    “you sir are the ms0t arrogant jackass i have had the misfortune in reading about you don’t know the first thing about the people you right about and act as thou you have known them all your miserable life if you don’t have your facts right then keep your trash mouth shut there is a time coming you will wish you had things are going to happen for the Indian that you will wish you had kept you dirty mouth shut as these things come to pass and they will go right past you without once looking back and no one will miss you even children will turn away from you as they will know what a snake tongue you have you are in the same group as the people you put down we who know ourselves don’t have to explain ourselves to a piece of trash like you my god tells me to turn away from the likes of you but he also says to teach you at the same time but i do not think you can be changed as you are to far gone to help so good by … will pray that the great one will show you the true path to walk as you are truly lost and no one else can help you are like standing bear (lee moore) and walker dunn (white eagle) lost in your on pile of dung and pulling everone you can in with you remember one day you will stand before him change your ways before you are lost forever oh also learn to read ….you talk like a man with a paper asshole a wet one at that one of these days you are going to blow yourself apart “
    There you have it. A genuine wannabe “chief” defending his wannabe “Redwolf Indian Band”.

    Please feel free to comment since this wannabe is watching.

    On The Wings Of Eagles

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    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    This dude is unbelievable.


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        Wow, now that was funny. Why does he keep going? And what's this S*** about "My god", I was always taught that there is only one Creator, is he someone special to have his "own" private one? Must be nice. Reminds me of Ray Steven's song: would Jesus wear a Rolex.LMAO--I do like that song.ROFLMAO
        Hey Kat--you must be something really special for someone to work so darn hard to prove something to you.LOL
        Shoot, if someone doesn't like me and I know it, I just move on to other friends and my family, I sure don't have to prove anything to anyone else. I just don't get it.


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          Yeah - he's showing his true colors - talk about some nasty language. Not even offering up a rational, intellectual argument. Nothing but defensive posturing. Too bad that some folks think guys like this are legit.


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            What is this guy's e-mail, anyway? I have some ?'s for him...

            Does his twinkie tribe have a website? Does that website have a guestbook? *grins evilly*


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              rings a bell....... TOM N wannabe, help a friend with cases like this. expose them and let people know. that is all we can do.


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                Originally posted by Nishnawbe10 View Post
                rings a bell....... TOM N wannabe, help a friend with cases like this. expose them and let people know. that is all we can do.
                Originally posted by Ahinawake View Post
                What is this guy's e-mail, anyway? I have some ?'s for him...

                Does his twinkie tribe have a website? Does that website have a guestbook? *grins evilly*


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                  Originally posted by kiowakat View Post
                  Thank you very much!


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                    Ok, their guestbook has been officially signed.

                    Entry #: 4
                    Date: 2007-12-10 23:04:45

                    Name: Lindsey
                    Site Rating: 10
                    Comments: I proudly award you and your tribe this (BearVisions :: Rainbow Certificate) certificate in honor of all your efforts.

                    You might be a twinkie if...

                    you don't know what a 'twinkie' is.

                    you think 'twinkie' is a name brand of golden sponge cake.

                    you're a shaman, and all your friends are shamans too.

                    your Indian Spirit Guide is someone famous.

                    you think Native Americans should put up with your crap because after all "we're all related."

                    you write in a stilted, poetic, formal English that sounds like a Victorian author putting words into the mouth of a Noble Savage character in a dime novel.

                    you believe that 'freedom of expression' gives you the right to poke your nose into matters that don't concern you.

                    you're only interested in the 'good parts' of being Native.

                    you've been studying Native American spirituality for three months and are now ready to lead a sweat.

                    you feel sorry for the poor Native Americans who are so benighted they can't understand that you're right.

                    you ask the Internet to tell you who you're related to instead of asking your relatives

                    your great grandmother was a Cherokee princess.

                    your great grandfather was a Cherokee princess, too.

                    you have to have the last word every single time.

                    your mother gave you a poster with a picture of a scantily clad “indian maiden” petting a wolf for your birthday.

                    you think militant Indians are a disgrace to the red race, but you just adore Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.

                    you think all Native Americans spend their days communing with Mother Nature.

                    you own many Indian art objects, but you have never met a real Indian.

                    last year you were into Buddhism, the year before that you were a witch, and the year before that you were a member of Green Peace.

                    you want to know what tribe you're related to, but have no intention of actually doing the genealogy to figure it out.

                    you desperately want to date a Native American person.

                    you use words like 'squaw’ and 'shaman,' and wonder why people are mad at you.

                    you built a sweat lodge from instructions you found on the Web.

                    you think Dances with Wolves is a great movie.

                    you don't know who Leonard Peltier is.

                    you want to know where to apply to get your Indian name.

                    you send greeting cards with images of Noble Red Men on them.

                    you have never stood next to a dancer after five hours of powwow in the hot sun, and therefore think 'Native American scent' is something you want to have in your car.

                    you don't know what a CDIB card is, and wouldn't qualify for one even if you did.

                    you want to get a cool Native American tattoo.

                    you've never woken up with a houseful strangers fixing themselves breakfast, eating your bacon, and calling you 'cousin'.

                    you have no idea if the headband you're wearing is intended for men or women.

                    you interrupt an elder to tell them they're wrong, because a book you read said so.

                    you get annoyed if people are late.

                    you willingly pay $300 for an “authentic” sweat with a plastic shaman.

                    you ask a question, then argue with the answer.

                    you think the Black Hills are the only sacred site in America.

                    you wear plastic chokers to honor Native Americans.

                    you've never used an outhouse.

                    road kill makes you go, 'Ew!' instead of, 'Hey, new regalia!'

                    you think a powwow sounds like a great place to work on your tan, so you wore your swimsuit.

                    if you don't know what a "rez rocket" is

                    if you say, "You don't look like an Indian" to an Indian (or if you think all Indians look like Sitting Bull)

                    the framed picture of your great-great-great-granddaddy is really of a "chief" that you tore out of your high school history book.

                    you get defensive and evasive if anybody questions your Native credentials.

                    you are ‘(enter percentage here) Native American’

                    you've never been to a 49.

                    you were an Indian princess in a former life.

                    you just adore Mary Summer Rain, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Hyemeyohsts Storm, or Carlos Castaneda.

                    you don't have at least 4 feet of bailin' wire in the trunk of your car.

                    somebody asks a question about Native American culture, and you make up your own answer.

                    you gave all your dogs authentic Native American names.

                    you wear the purple suede fringed miniskirt with knee high moccasins to a pow wow and wonder why no one likes it.

                    your car is not made out of equal parts Bondo and duct tape.

                    you selected wallpaper with Indians, horses, and tipis for your bedroom.

                    you think apples are for eating.

                    you've never eaten commodity cheese.

                    you won't eat fry bread because it has too much fat in it.

                    you think Indians have no sense of humor.

                    • can't see that you are funny. •

                    you think this list isn't funny.
                    I thought the certificate was a nice touch.


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                      Oh now that really was funny.LMAO Thanks for sharing that Ahinawake.


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                        Originally posted by Ahinawake View Post
                        Ok, their guestbook has been officially signed.

                        I thought the certificate was a nice touch.
                        I saw your name on the guest book. I signed it too.
                        Asema Is Sacred
                        Traditional Use, Not Misuse
                        Wakan Tanka please have compassion on me.
                        OK Niji we are running a train with red over yellow at this powwow.


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                          please leave comment for "chief Kodiak" here On The Wings Of Eagles


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                            Thanks for sharing that post, Ahina - pretty funny!

                            I especially liked this one: Road kill makes you go, 'Ew!' instead of, 'Hey, new regalia!'


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                              thank you guys for checking this guy out, we appreciate the comments, and helping with keeping these kind of people from getting any recognition, wether it be thru consumers or federal....


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