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    Some people have asked me why native Americans get to go to college for free. "It's just not fair. What about other minorities?" My answer: "From my understanding, only Fed. recognized tribe got funding to go college. And anyway, It's only fair. Read the real history books about the slaughtering of natives." Can someone educate me on this? There are different tribal governments and I'm not sure. I know Eastern Band of Cherokee (where my family comes from) is both state and fed recognized.

    But, that question irritates me. My things is illegal immigrant come and get all the free benefits they want. No, I'm not bashing immigrants, I'm just saying that natives deserve something to.

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    It is fair. Every person, no matter their race, has the opportunity to receive a full ride to college. It is just a matter of seeking out the scholarships. There are more scholarships benefiting caucasian males now because their numbers are slow dwindling in universities.

    It is necessary to provide excessive scholarships to natives (and maybe this applies to immigrants) because these are some of the most impovrished people and deserve our support.

    I don't know about being federally recognized. Apparently my university will provide scholarships for simply claiming Native American. I found this out when I tried to recruit members for our Native American Student Association based on ethnic claim and was told a number of times "I'm only a tiny percent native... I just did it for the scholarship." In my history, I have seen more non-natives recieve scholarships for being native, than actual natives. Personally, I have never met a native who received a full ride based upon their race... they usually had other scholarships such as academic or scholarships for their major. As for myself, I have a full-ride but not a single one is for being Native American. I believe that only natives who are really in need should get those. I've met a few who were very much in need but worked four jobs instead because those scholarships were going to someone who wasn't even active in the native community.

    I know my friend, vice president of our NASA, gets scholarships for being Kituwah Cherokee and I believe they are from the government. So obviously to get scholarships from the government, you have to be recognized by the government.

    By the way, being that I'm in Horticulture, we actually beg immigrants to come because not enough american is willing to do the hard work involved in landscape etc. These individuals are an intergral part of our community and if they want to learn why should we deny them that... then they'll be better able to contribute to American society.

    I've been writing papers all week... sorry, my mind is stuck in essay mode! lmao. Back to the paper writing.... ugh....
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      First of all it's not free. The gov agreed through Treaties to take care of the Indian people in exchange for taking the land from our ancestors. Now, the gov only gives each Tribe a basic bare minimum and once that is gone, it's gone for the year. I know of several people who are member's of Federally recognized tribes who start college and the funds run out before the end of the year, then they have to find other ways to do it. It's not free, there was a price paid along time ago and it still needs to be honored.

      The funds that you are talking about Jing. is a totally different branch of gov and a different set of "Minority" Grants.


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        ...No NDNs I know ever got a full ride just because they were NDN.Many non-NDNs believe we do,and that causes a lot of resentment towards us from all sides.Also,I can't stand it when people tell me they're looking into their Native heritage,and right after I praise them for their efforts and wish them well, they tell me it's because they want money for school.Whatever happened to learning more about who you are?,and developing a sense of pride in yourself?Too many people are trying to cash in on the NDN thing and it makes me sick.We have enough problems trying to take care of those who have been NDN all their lives without having to deal with those that found out they were NDN ten minutes ago......


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          I know my parents had to pay for me to go to college and I helped pay too. I never got a free ride b/c of my NDN heritage. I wanted to learn about my heritage even though I learned about when I was in my 20's. I became the president of the Native American Society on campus. It was never about the $$$


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            hotgyrl - First requirement to get into college should be good grammar skills. ;)
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              indians dont get free education....they paid for it by loss of land, culture..genocide....and when people say everyone should be treated equal including indians...thats bull **** because most people despise indians...whats not fair is how books, films.... racist people have treated and still treat native people...nobody is going to hire a native person when theres a white person applying for the same job --in most when these little idiots ask you or say "why do indians get free education, etc...say "no they paid for it by loss of land, culture, language"...then ask..howd you pay for yours?...did your parents benefit from the theft? can thieves 'return' stuff they stole?


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                Originally posted by cherokeehotgyrl View Post
                My things is illegal immigrant come and get all the free benefits they want.
                that's not exactly true..... but i bet you can study it now that you are going to college for "free"
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                  GO MOTS!!! true, very true !!!


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                    Where's this "free" education? My girls' still have to apply for the Pell grants, etc... Their tribe pitches in some bucks, but they still have to try to get other "regular" scholarships, work study, etc... Luckily one of my girls got a couple of Native American endowments at the university, otherwise she probably couldn't continue.

                    My bfren's going back to school on a Pell Grant and is fortunate enough that his tribe pitches in. Even though they have a casino, they don't get percaps, but they do help out for education.
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                      What is this free garbage. When people make complaints about the fact that we even get to go to public school in British Columbia; I counter with the fact each Band/enolled member is funded by the Dept. of Indian Affairs in Canada and the federal government provides the school district with between $7,000.00-8,500.00 per year. The money is paid out at the end of September. It is amazing that these same schools wait until the beginning of October to expell many of the Aboriginal children for non-attendance or problematic behaviour. Nobody knows this little tidbit of information. Anyway, our school funding in our tribal area works that we get funding for 40 post-secondary seats per year. Our population is over 2,000. If you figure that out that is less than 2%. Even the funding that is provided is hardly enough to supplement your way through school. That funding has not gone up very much over the last 20 plus years. So how is that for an answer.


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                        Some tribes can help their young people with college alot (all expense paid trips to school), some just a little. I would say they should learn more about the people of which they are commenting before making blanket statements.

                        Our histories and relationships with the feds cannot be lumped together. Each is unique (regardless of how time and again the gov. attempts to legislate us together).

                        I think it is dangerous to equate the programs of the federal gov. for compensation of genocide.
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                          Originally posted by billyjoejimbob View Post
                          hotgyrl - First requirement to get into college should be good grammar skills. ;)




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                            with my scholarship from mille lacs, and my state and federal grant and that handy MN Chippewa Indian Grant, i still had to take out student loans.

                            my tribe does give 1200 at graduation, for all levels of degree.

                            also, if you are working on your masters the band pays all your school costs.
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                              The only college I know that's free just cause you're native is Haskell but that's an indian university and I'm sure there are some fees you have to pay right?
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