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Obama adopted into the Crow nation: now he's 'Barack Black Eagle'

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  • Obama adopted into the Crow nation: now he's 'Barack Black Eagle'



    Do you really believe he will remember this moment after he is brokered in as the democratic nominee by party bosses at the end of this month and and wins the white house this fall?

    Highly unlikely since we ndn's will have to get in line behind some pretty powerful people who have helped him get to where he is now like oprah, rev. wright and the rest of the higher profile endorsees he has made big promises too and remind him we still exist.

    Montana is one of the last primaries. Wake up people we are the last group of people he has sought an endorsement from. Clearly for political gain. As usual "indians" are the after thought.

    His currrent actions speak loudly how interested he really is in addressing the problems facing indian country let alone finding the solutions. Ask yourselves this, "where was he in January or during the Florida and Michigan primaries?" Was he getting adopted by tribes in those states and seeking the native endorsment? Hell NO! He arogantly wasn't even on some of the early primary ballots because he thought he didn't need the votes. Well, he needs the indian endorsment now to expand his percieved popularity base with party bosses before the end of the month. He is romancing the largest minority group in the state of Montana -"Indians" to make himself look good and clinch the deal.

    Please don't be fooled by his ridiculas attempt to look like he appeals to a broader base of voters or think that he will do us any favors when he gets in office. After all when has Washington EVER kept a promise to an indian or truly simpathized with our situation? NEVER!!!

    "Barack Black Eagle" - give me a break!!!
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    Hey, I voted for Clinton and Texas chose Clinton over Obama as well.

    I dunno....I still think he's inexperienced, but we'll see.
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      Thank you for spelling that out. My first thought when I saw the headlines about Obama's adoption was that this is a political move. I've personally seen the corrupt politics in Helena that uses the Native community to obtain grants from funders and to reach out for the NDN vote. When the non-profit organizations claim that they care about the poor downtrodden impoverished Indians and want you to vote for their (usually democrat) candidates, ask questions. Lots of them.


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        y'all stated it perfectly...thank you....if he doesnt win the presidency,im betting he turns up on the powwow circuit or try to open a casino...

        (and no,this isnt zeek)


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          heh heh heheheh....



          I believe in something I want to believe, not what someone wants me to believe.


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            Yeh, what a blatant political maneuver. It's going to be the same as always, a bunch of empty promises that are forgotten as soon as the outsiders get what they want. Honor the treaties, my happy brown azz. White america wouldn't let that happen, even if he really did want to keep his word, because they'd owe us a crapload of money and have to give back some massive chunks of land.
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