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    This is a new documentry movie about the native issue many native americans and native american mixed bloods are facing on the East coast.

    The East Coast was one of the first hit on the North America land....many of them attempted various survival methods....this is one of the Survival methods you seldom hear about in mainstream.

    YouTube - Melungeon Voices

    I guess since this is about many East Coast native mixed blood's heritage issues....I guess it would make it a native's also a good teaching video to learn about what was going on along the East coast during the 1500-1800's....and how many mixed bloods decided to band together for survival. one of the less told native american history stories....and these native's descendants current life today. It may also help people understand how many natives on the East coast was able to stay there without being removed. I think it would be interesting to have other people's views on this.

    Since I'm on the East coast native subject... I figured I would add this video also. It's a video about how virginia's native descendants still have no Federal recognition. Video may help people understand why I feel like I do about some tribes in NC not accepting some descendants.

    YouTube - We Are Free - trailer

    Another video....some of this guy's info is right but some of it is so so truth....but still it deals with the east coast native tribes as well.

    YouTube - Melungeons: Crucial Info About Your Ancestors
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