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  • Hunting

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this but I was just wondering about how Indians hunt. Not what they hunt or what tools, but if there is any ethics involved. I would assume so, since I've always thought Indians (American Indians?) were very good about things like that, respect for the earth etc. (Perhaps I'm naiive)

    Please if there are any Native hunters on here could you give me some info?

    I am from Ireland and have recently gotten into rabbit hunting with dogs. (because I'm not allowed an air rifle and I enjoy working with dogs)
    I don't come from a hunting family, I just got into it myself because I like wild food and healthy eating and I think wild food is a lot better that farmed meat and battery meat. The recent Irish pork scare, BSE and others, not to mention cruelty and exploitation are reason for my thinking. Thats not to say I never eat farmed meat though.
    I do lamping which basically is going out at night with a light and looking for rabbits, slipping the dog and letting it catch and (hopefully) retrieve the rabbit live to hand for you to then kill.

    I am on a few hunting forums and the attitude of hunters is generally one of dispespect and "kill everything in sight". They also don't have much respect for the animals because they have names like bunnybasher. I don't like that. I was wondering if Native Americans have a different view of hunting than British, Irish and American white people.

    Heres the codes I try to follow -

    Don't hunt anything you can't use
    Don't hunt just for fun or for the sake of it
    Respect the animal
    Don't cause unneccesary pain or stress
    Use everything that you can from the animal
    Only hunt where the animal is plentiful
    Don't take more than you need
    Thank the earth for the animal.

    I don't know anyone else who follows the same codes. I see pics of people with 20 + rabbits for example, which no one can practically use, unless you freeze them, but these guys catch this amount like once to twice a week, more in some cases. I cant stand the thought of an animal being wasted.
    When I bring up the idea not hunting in Spring/Summer when the rabbits have babies all I get is attitude, and I was accused of being an "anti" for not supporting such things as fur farms and bull baiting!

    Can any hunting Natives tell me whether or not they follow a similar code of ethics? Or is it a thing of the past or something that never existed?


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